A Contrasting View Of Nina

However, when one examines a politician, it is important to be conscious of words both spoken and unspoken. The plan implemented by Nina relies heavily on a faith in our existing election infrastructure, a belief that — as currently designed and overseen — our election apparatus can deliver a people’s representative to office

Repairing The Progressive Tapestry

Is this it, then ? Well, for the sake of what a single writer can posit, it’s a reasonable start, particularly because it does not rely upon old Rx’s of people having to willfully change what they have been culturally wired to do. That can be a herculean task.

Paid Sick Days Hurt Working People

You may be asking, “Why is this a bad thing?” As I mentioned earlier, PTO is considered part of an employee’s compensation package, PSDs are not. You may only use PSDs when you are sick or by the generosity of your employer. PSD is “use it or lose it” and cannot be cashed out at any time,

Hope For The Future

Don’t buy into the myth of the meritocracy. The playing field is not level. Don’t elect representatives that are funded by the corporate giants. They will not represent you.

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