The Working Class Needs You As A Friend

The Working Class Needs You As A Friend

The Working Class Needs You As A Friend

By: Josh Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

I am a working class person. I have served in the U.S. Army in the states and abroad. I have worked in factories in Indiana. My very first job out of the Army, was from a company called Bartlett, in their car interior manufacturing plant. I got the job from a temp agency. Only about 3 months into the job, there were rumors the factory was going to close and relocate to Mexico. We were assured by the executive leadership that they would retain our jobs.

In less than two weeks, all but a skeleton crew were fired. They were kept on just to implement the transition. That’s a fine “thank you for your service” if I’ve ever heard one. I was lied to my face, by those who have power over me. I was in a position with no power and they effectively laughed in my face as they instantly gas-lit us into panicking over our livelihoods.

I have driven over the road in a truck. I have driven a logging truck for Halliburton. I have worked as a combat medic, tech support, driver, phlebotomist, medical research study coordinator and many more. I feel I have a great take on the working class. I am, after all, a living product of it.

I notice time and again CEO’s take advantage of the working class for their own agenda. We had the same thing with Wells Fargo. The working class people in the banks all got fired for not meeting quotas driven by illegal behavior, pushing back against that illegal behavior, or simply because they needed a fall guy or girl. GTFO because I said so!

Yet the working class, in any city, are the ones buying things in those local economies. The working class are the drivers of the economy. Consider the economic behavior of the ruling class. Some estimates show that the banking bailout resulted in 1.6 BILLION going to banking execs. The very people who just wrecked the economy were paid, from your taxes, 1.6 billion in bonuses to do so. Think how gross and depraved that is.

1.6 billion would be the annual pay for 53,333 people making $15/hr. Banking execs who make this money, do stock buy backs. This is a process where stocks on the public market, are bought up by executives who drive their own stock price up, while making themselves richer. This also increases their shareholder value, giving them more power within the company. They proceed to hide their money over seas and divorce it from any tax system that benefits the people they take advantage of.

These people stole your money, paid themselves gross sums, 53,333 worth of 30k a year jobs, and then to add insult to injury, they hide their money in tax havens you have no liberty to access for yourselves.

So Consider This:

we could allow bankers unfettered access to do as they please, rob us blind and make themselves richer at our collective expense, or we could inject 10’s of thousands of good paying jobs in the economy, driving entrepreneurs to make discoveries and fill the vacuums in society with goods or services people can actually afford. Because, you know, living wages. This all drives the economy even further. You see, if you invest in the working class, you invest in a kind of equity that pays dividends. If you invest in the business class, you get robbed blind and are expected to tell these very economic cretins some approximation of “thank you for your service”.

Why are we so afraid to demand more?

Why can’t healthcare be a human right? Why can’t we have a federal jobs program? Why can’t we have a federal minimum wage scale with inflation? Why can’t we have publicly financed elections? Oh yeah, executives need to keep their hands in your pockets. When will enough be enough? When will you demand more and run for office yourself? If your ideas aren’t at the table, they aren’t being heard. Put your ideas on the table. Run for office. Save yourselves and your families. There is a mobile app called Our Voice USA that provides free tools for anyone to use, regardless of your party affiliation or income level. It connects you to every elected office within your respective districts, and provides free canvassing tools to save candidates hundreds to thousands on a campaign cycle.

Consider that politicians paid by bankers, based upon these very banker’s behavior, do not have our best interests in mind. Consider that big-money politicians, such as Joe Crowley, who demand unity first, who claims he stands for unity within the Democratic party, would rather risk losing to a Republican than win with a Progressive. Why? He is paid by the very bankers and CEO’s I have spent this time telling you about.

Do you think someone who wants to steal your money for themselves wants you to have free college?

How about ending the military industrial complex where banks make money off illegal cluster bombs and their like? Do you think they have an incentive to not get into illegal wars like Iraq, that has about a 50k price tag for you to pay for, and every other American family household? The same war that netted Halliburton 38 Billion in profits, by the way. Do you think people who want you so busy living hand to mouth to where you can’t question your place in society, want you to start being a legislator to where you can make life better for you and your family?

Lastly, how good would it feel to look these very politicians in the eyes, while all their power they have amassed has turned to ashes in their mouths as you push them out of office and replace them with someone who values humanity over corporate money?

What are you waiting for?

Download the app…

and let the reign of fire begin!

About the author:
Name: Joshua Cameron
Occupation: Pediatric Medical Research Coordinator
Political Office: Candidate for School Board (Granite District 6)
Volunteerism: National Spokesperson & Activator for Our Voice USA
US Army Veteran: Served 12/99-12/03 where he was stationed at Fort Campbell

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  1. Wayne Caswell

    The working class includes blue-collar, grey-collar, pink-collar, and white-collar workers who labor physically and/or mentally for a salary. That contrasts with the investment class that gets most if its income from capital investments or hiring workers for less money than they contribute. And what tax rate do they pay on capital gains? Just 15%.

    CEOs have a legal obligation to serve the investment interests of shareholders above all else. They can reduce expenses and increase profits by offshoring work to countries that pay less, or automating functions to eliminate workers entirely. (See

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