WHAT IS Our Voice USA?


Our Voice USA  is a nonpartisan organization establishing itself as the central location for collective political reform. We develop tools that assist voters,  activists, and organizations in their efforts to engage the world of politics in a meaningful way.


We continue to help facilitate partnerships and collaborative efforts that benefit the many, not just a few.


Our Services help change the way politics in this country operate by integrating Social Change, Activism, Civic engagement with honest and accurate reporting of events.


We cannot change the nation overnight. Nor can it be changed by focusing on only one of the 3 major indicators of change: Activism, Political change, and Social change. We have to work with all 3 segments in unison to effect change and make it lasting!


Without activism there cannot be social change, and without social change there cannot be political reform.  The reverse is true as well. Without political reform (laws being passed) social change cannot be effective, and if social change cannot be effective then activist efforts will be in vain. That has been our recurring theme in these United States. We must work together in unison from the very beginning to combat the corruption of our systems!


It is not our intention to become another political party or even to endorse any over others. With our unified platform centered around the protection of the American democratic process, we intend to become a shared voice for all parties and political affiliations.



 When we stand united, Our Voice cannot be ignored!


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