We, The Serfdom

We, The Serfdom

By Josh Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

“You either get bitter or you get better. It’s that simple. You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to fate. It belongs to you.” – Josh Shipp

Leading up to the COVID crisis, I have been regularly getting Ketamine therapy. I had 4 sessions up until the pandemic. During that time, I have been tracking my mood and how dark or not it is. 1-10, where 1 is terrible and 10 is cloud 9. I float around 7 most days. When the pandemic hit and my kid wasn’t in school but I was still expected to meet my work obligations, the stress and anxiety dropped that to a 4 within that first month.

What would happen, I wonder, if I were at a 5 prior to the crisis? Would I be a 3 or even a 2? Could you survive a 2/10 in mental health and mood? Many could not. Now we are finding out that Dr. Fauci says that masks weren’t pushed in the beginning because we knew we didn’t have enough and our president didn’t want that to hurt his re-election efforts. He told us that he lied to our faces. Why do these doctors lack the balls to take the podium and say that ‘the president is not a dictator and if I am not here to give you medical advice tomorrow, it is because I was fired for telling the truth and it is up to you to demand better?!’

Create public demand for truth and justice. It reminds me of when I yelled in the Salt Lake County DA’s face over his ruling on the Patrick Harmon case. You see, Patrick Harmon was a guy with schizophrenia, minding his own business, but riding a bike while black in Salt Lake City. You can see the problem here, no? Due to this great inherent threat of melanin, 4 cops stopped him because they said he didn’t have a reflective device on the back of his bike. Then they said he was swerving all over the road demanding he get stopped. Like most cops, changing their narrative to cover for their authoritarian and often illegal actions.

So now this innocent guy, minding his own business, has 4 cops standing around him and for no reason they decide that he needs to be arrested. For a bike reflector? Are you kidding me? Patrick grows increasingly agitated and anyone who watches the video can see he is freaking out and needs a comforting hand and tone to calm him down. Instead, since cops are authoritarian cowards, Patrick broke from the police grasp shortly before being cuffed. Within seconds he was shot dead, even though he was literally running away from the cops, posing 0 danger.

Sim Gill, the Salt Lake County DA, said this was justified and case closed based on Utah law. I yelled in his face for the gross atrocity and injustice. He yelled back at me and said he had nothing he could do because he would have been laughed out of court if he attempted to put the cop on trial. This answer blew my mind. These fools do everything they can to maintain the integrity of the current power dynamic of a booted thug on the necks of the American public without question.

“Okay” I yelled back in his face. “Then hold a press conference and talk about the gross injustice done. Build some public support to change it”. He immediately dismissed this idea. It wasn’t until later, working with a co-worker of mine who has floated in the same circles as Sim Gill, and they said he has a win/loss counter in his office. That what guides his sense of morals and ethics is if he thinks he can win the argument in court or not. No sense of right or wrong, but win or loss. And he’s a Democrat. Blue no matter who and all, right?

Does that sound like some sense of ethical integrity? Why do those in positions of power, refuse to use that power to the betterment of others? In the case of Fauci, he was covering for the comb-over Fuhrer. Which, with a comb-over Fuhrer, it makes sense that we have haircut Libertarians that freak out they can’t get a haircut due to pandemic restrictions. So much so they take combat weapons to state capitals and scream in the face of the police. The same police who have exceptional patience with these armed protesters but are excessively aggressive against peaceful protesters not wanting to be murdered. These same cucks (haircut Libertarians) are now saying that while wearing a mask is big government tyranny, curfews and shutting down cities over peaceful protesting is totally legit, called for, and we should just do what we’re told.

Why do you think the haircut Libertarians are so rabidly against science and so-called “learned” politicians or public figures? Could it be, perhaps, just perhaps, that they have been lied to so fucking long that they have no way to tell who is lying and who isn’t? Perhaps it comes down to nothing more than the idea of: why not choose the line of thinking that makes you feel good? They’re going to get lied to either way so may as well feel good about it, no? Makes sense to me.

In my estimation, Dr. Fauci is creating even more haircut Libertarians who, in many cases, prioritize the wrong rights being robbed from U.S. Libertarianism is built around the doctrine of free will. Can you have free will if you can’t pay your medical bills forcing you into bankruptcy? What about if you are in a soulless job but can’t leave or else you’ll lose your benefits your kid relies on for their chemotherapy and then you’re laid off anyway because of automation? What about poverty wage-paying jobs where people are forced to work two or three jobs to turn what should be a single job income?

Then what? Who raises their kids? Do you think someone so stressed from multiple jobs, has the ability to be calm and rational when their kid is messing up as kids do? Does this sound like freedom? Do you think someone who has their overtime robbed from them by their employer because FU, is free? How about a bank foreclosing on their property, like in the case of Steven Mnuchin, our Treasury Secretary, did as the head of One West Bank, and to an elderly lady for 27 cents. Is this freedom?

I suspect that kid in the aforementioned example, gets yelled at since he’s a victim of circumstance, just as their parent is a victim of circumstance, as people like Dr. Fauci, who would rather protect the feelings of Donald Trump and screw the American people. He could have instead called out what he sees/saw as bullshit and suffer the consequences while helping to Paul Revere through the streets the extent of the threat ahead of U.S.

I welcome every single Libertarian to find their way into the leftist camp. Why? How is right-wing authoritarianism in any way receptive to free will? Tell me again, what is the definition of Libertarianism? We are at a fork in the road. The American experiment seems doomed to fail but I don’t think that is the whole story. If it continues down this path of tyranny and kowtowing to the wealthy over uplifting the honor and dignity of its people, we surely are.

Are you strong enough to try and change it? It ain’t easy. It isn’t going to happen overnight. It happens with, unfortunately, political office. Every fight we, as American citizens fight, is fought against the very cuck politicians that are left in place to undermine those wins from day one. Unless we, the people, are legislating, we, the people, will become we, the serfdom.

Surely now more than ever, it is time to rise and shine. Will you shine with me? With U.S.?

“You have to always continue to strive no matter how hard things get, no matter how troubled you feel. No matter how tough things get, no matter how many times you lose, you keep trying to win.” LL Cool J


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