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What We Need Help With

Voter Profile
With advances in technology, the ability to scan any driver’s license barcode would allow us to use the function to auto populate info for online voter registration/verification process. By developing this feature, we can enable such things as push notifications for when your vote is confirmed & allow you to see your voting history (in the states that provide this data for free. (React-Native)
We need help putting together media to engage people to promote what we're doing. #EngageEnableEmpower anyone wanting to get involved in civic engagement. Are you good with photoshop, video editing, social media, memes or even writing content? We have plenty of room!
Phone Banking
We know how to get there and all the back-end bits exist because the data is similar to canvassing; we just need the UI for it designed on the mobile app. (React-Native)
Civic Calendar
Another goal we have is, based on your location, give features like voter registration deadlines, election dates, polling locations, push notifications for your area. (React-Native and/or Node.js)
Canvass For Any Cause At Zero Cost
We need help with writing more campaign manager / admin type functions on the web app with knowledge of React.js. A virtual campaign office that compliments HelloVoter for all things campaigns need and rely on.

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