Unchecked Power: The Intoxication of American Supremacy

Unchecked Power: The Intoxication of American Supremacy

Unchecked Power: The Intoxication of American Supremacy

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

Ever since our assistance in defeating the Axis Powers in World War II, the United States has operated around the world, virtually unchecked – but not unchallenged – by the international community. From the onset of the Cold War through Present Day, the United States has grown into the most powerful military juggernaut in human history, thriving on numerous industries designed for the purpose of Endless War. To question the motives of the American Empire was, and still is to this day, tantamount to societal, professional and political persecution from the Powers-That-Be. The same powers that continue to amass endless wealth and power through a combination of international, corporate and military conquest.


Through a series of clever maneuvering and carefully calculated manipulation, the world’s most stable and sustainable systems have all-but been completely snuffed out by the ruthless American Imperialist powers. Due to the success of the endeavors encompassing this massive undertaking, the U.S. has been able to convince many a nation the world over that American Capitalism is the best system that could possibly exist and the success, combined with the “failure” of every other system, speaks for itself. As of today, nearly every single country, except for Iran and Russia, do business with the United States either willingly, through the honoring of long standing alliances, or through the use of economic and military force. The latter, of course, is reserved for those who did not willingly go along with U.S. interests.

After decades of corroding living conditions across the world, including inside the United States, people are fed up with the life prescriptions forced upon them by the U.S. Empire. They’re looking for ways to turn their situations around. This can’t be easily achieved, as the United States will spare no expense (literally) ensuring that every country in service to the Empire remains at the mercy of U.S. Imperialism.

This scenario has manifested in the halls of power in the U.S. in the form of American Exceptionalism, or American “Supremacy”; the ideas that the United States is above all other nations and everything it does is justified. It doesn’t matter how vicious, inhumane, cold, ruthless, or on whatever scale the actions or the ensuing consequences, it’s the United States of America, therefore it’s right and they’re the good guys by definition.

American soldiers have committed war crimes. The Trump Administration has created numerous humanitarian crises including our own Southern Border, inside Venezuela and Iran. The United States has been at War ILLEGALLY and UNCONSTITUTIONALLY since the onset of the Cold War with the U.S.S.R. in 1945. The most recent examples are the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, in which the U.S. has been engaged in military conflict for 18 years and counting. The powers in Washington have chosen to shred the Constitution and operate under the “Rules of War”, giving the Executive Branch all-but limitless and unchecked power regarding Foreign Policy. Ever since the initiation of the Military Industrial Complex during WWII, America’s chief economic driving force has been the business of War. Every administration post-WWII has operated with impunity and has silenced all efforts to force the U.S. to adhere to International Law and the Geneva Conventions.

Noam Chomsky stated, “If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.” The United States never signed the ICC Accords and is therefore not subject to International Law under the UN charter. Despite this, a wave of American citizens – along with the whole of the international community – are becoming avid advocates for actions being taken to hold the U.S. accountable under international law. The United States Government, however, is having no part of it and refuses to cooperate with International Law and has stated very clearly that it will take on all comers who dare to challenge its unchecked power. When any person, or group of people, amass this much power and influence to the point where they can effectively steamroll over anyone and everyone they choose to just because they can, a line has been crossed that speaks to the dangers and outright ruthlessness of unchecked power.

In order to make sure this power remains unchecked and unchallenged, The Establishment has resorted to such domestic tactics as Mass Surveillance, militarizing of local Law Enforcement, draconian (and unconstitutional) laws that strip more and more personal freedoms and liberties from American citizens, rigging of the nation’s economic infrastructure and the complete manipulation of the nation’s election system. No stone can be left un-turned. Every angle covered. No dissent can be tolerated. Everyone who speaks out against The Establishment is pushed to the margins of society through ruthless persecution on every imaginable level. Free Speech and Freedom of the Press are being rapidly eroded as The Establishment struggles to stay ahead of the changing political and economic paradigm taking place within the public consciousness.

Putting an end to this brand of tyranny and oppression is no easy task. It requires grassroots activism the likes of which this country hasn’t seen since the American Revolution. It may also require cooperation from as many in the international community as can be mustered in order to defeat such an awesome and intimidating force. Many in the U.S. would say this is treasonous or unpatriotic. I say it is the highest form of patriotism there is: To hold your own country to account when it violates international laws and basic human rights. If holding those who defame and besmirch the very principles that one’s country stands for, then there are a lot of traitors in America today. Unless a movement of the people occurs that shifts the balance of power back to the American people, the United States could see its darkest days ahead. It will be the innocent who pay the ultimate price as a result of a way of life propped up by greed, ruthlessness, and out-of-control militarism.

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