Uncharted Territory: Going Beyond Capitalism

Uncharted Territory: Going Beyond Capitalism

Uncharted Territory: Going Beyond Capitalism

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

Recently, Professor Richard Wolff aired a social media segment discussing a very important topic: Fascism. This segment laid out some very insightful details about the history of economics systems in relation to each other; why and how Fascism arises in times of dire economic straits:

When we look at history, we see the tendency of humanity to simply recycle older systems that eventually lead to the same thing happening, all over again. However, there have been various nuances and tweaks within the framework of the systems of the day as solutions to society’s problems. The trouble is that these changes are still done with the underlying systemic issues remaining unaddressed. This can largely be attributed to the collective ignorance of humanity with regard to the environment outside that which is already familiar to them. This mentality has both faded and expanded as the concept of trade came about and people started going farther and farther beyond their tribal borders. The world has become a planetary melting pot of ideologies, ethnic and cultural diversity. But this primitive mindset of immediate tribalism is growing in strength again because the mechanisms of Global Capitalism are beginning to fail, which is why we see the rise of Fascism in developing countries across the world.

Economics is the study of the use and distribution of limited resources. We have always known that this planet is a finite landmass with a finite number of natural resources. But many of those natural resources are organic in nature and they reproduce, which is demonstrated through the various seasons the planet goes through. This proves that certain natural resources such as food and water should not be treated as a limited resource such as Gold, Silver, Diamonds, or Oil. Herein lies the very heart of a rotting system: The belief that Value is determined by a commodity’s scarcity. This is why we have economic systems that lead to a select few gaining all the political and economic power, as they are able to gather and hoard all the resources deemed to be the most valuable because with this mindset comes a sense of leverage that is absent from the mass of people. This is the basis for the power structure inherent in Capitalism. Money equals Power. This is why it is all the more important to go beyond Capitalism and reduce money to what it really is: A tool of trade, and nothing more. But separating money from power is not something that can altogether be accomplished, but it can be greatly reduced by expanding society’s ability to create money on an as-needed basis without resulting in Inflation or Debt. This is also why it is equally important to ensure a fair and just wealth distribution among the mass of people in order to minimize acts of violence and subdue the primitive mindsets of irrational fear based on false narratives that result from working backwards from a conclusion.

While The Package Deal encompasses a number of political and economic issues, it does indirectly highlight the presence of irrational fears that are the root of much of the division and exclusiveness that runs in society today. But is also shows how we can move forward with this Progressive and ambitious proposal while simultaneously easing the tensions that arise from these irrational fears as the institution of the Hydrodollar system is a part of it. This is The Package Deal in detail.

Going beyond Capitalism is not an easy task, as billions of people worldwide are deeply entrenched in its inner workings and aren’t exactly sure how to break free from its destructive nature and influence. But this proposal does present a way in which we can move forward in a more positive direction, though it will no doubt be met with some resistance to a few of its issues for various reasons. The point is that we have created a culture and a legal infrastructure centered around the whims of the Rich and Powerful, and that lends itself to the enormous instability of the political and economic systems in general, as Democracy is really a Socialist ideal and practice, and we have an economic hierarchical infrastructure that is more Authoritarian and operates like a collage of little dictatorships. Within The Package Deal are two new elected positions that give at least an equal voice to the mass of people on the issues of Finance, Economics and Healthcare. There is the U.S. Public Treasurer, and the U.S. Public Health Advocate. Each position is determined through the Ranked Choice Voting system and has a process in place in cases of criminal misconduct, including Corruption. These are the issues incorporated within The Package Deal:

. Medicare For All
. Abolition of Private Prisons
. Legalization of Marijuana, Gambling & Sex Work
. Universal Basic Income
. Green New Deal
. Systemic Promotion and Incentivizing of Strong Unions and Worker Cooperatives
. Progressive Tax Reform
. $15/hr Minimum Wage
. Economic Bill of Rights
. Economic Reorganization
. Constitutional Amendments for getting money out of politics and restricting U.S. war powers to be used for national defense only, while mandating due process, including punishment, for war criminals and humanitarian criminals, up to and including the President of the United States

Much of this is laid out with the current system in mind, but it also provides a mechanism in the rollout process where we can institute the Hydrodollar system and move society ahead faster and farther than we could otherwise do within the confines of our current system. The big hurdle to overcome is the power structure because those in power will not want to give it up without a fight, even if it is to make the world a safer and better place. This is why Education is so important and why we must update our abysmal Education system so that the mass of people can be brought up to speed on where society is, where it’s going, and what is possible as opposed to being conditioned into thinking of what is not possible. This will take time. But every journey begins with a single step, and if we do not take that first step, there won’t be a journey and we will leave ourselves wide open to self-annihilation. With each step we take, we embark on a journey that can, and if done correctly, WILL bring us out of the pits and into a future of health, wealth, harmony and prosperity.

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