By Josh Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

I am a man
And I can
Change my destiny
Even if breathlessly
Chasing a dream
Beyond the scheme
Of brainwashing corporatists
Who give me a list
Of values they hold
Of rot and of mold
Which destroy earth mother
And turn brother against brother
To keep us separate
So we do not venerate
Our collective will
Instead we toil and we till
The muck in our face
Instead of values, we disgrace
Human values for race
The stories which divide
Told by people who are snide
Connected us to the system
Hopelessly devoid of reason
We fight for our oppressors
Labeling us as aggressors
Pitting dog to attack man
For oil profits for the Ku Klux Klan
Who claim spiritual superiority
In the name and authority
Of money and idiocy
Stealing our liberties with glee
Poisoning our air and water
Bankrupting us when seen by a doctor
Our lives all matter
Yet the oligarchs get fatter
On our being divided
Seemingly self guided
Preventing us from banding together
To create a better way, forever
We’re told capitalism is pure
Yet it is used to secure
A ruling class of booted thugs
Who shoot their bulleted slugs
At our beautiful people
While they kneel at a steeple
With their pseudo morals
And their ultimate goals
To enslave all civilization
While presented as a bastion
Of ethical purity
Confusing with obscurity
And yet we have the power
To overthrow the ivory tower
Of hate and pain and agony
Inflicted upon you and me
A wise man once said
Before he was dead
An injustice anywhere
Is a threat to justice everywhere
Are white people so dense
Thinking they need a fence
Between them and black and brown bodies
Akin to Jew’s and Saudi’s
And are black and brown alike
So jaded only an airstrike
Can bring us together
While we murder, our values fester
Is this all we have in store
Rich making slaves of the poor
Because we are so easily distracted
By policies purposely enacted
To create a biblical teeth gnashing
Encouraging the head smashing
Of the poor against the poor
So we don’t demand more
Yet if we aren’t so easily distracted
We’d find our own policies enacted
That encourage economic growth
And healing this Earth which we betroth
To our next generation of hope
Altering their path from a downward slope
To become better than we have proven
We men and we women
Can we be strong enough
To call crony-capitalism’s bluff
And demand a better way
For all have a right to stay
On this beautiful earth
Where human, you have worth
We are the many we hold the power
It is not ivory, but an obsidian tower
That perverts our values
All for monetary value
The time is always right to do what is right
We know our enemy, it is time to fight.
Vote! Resist! Revolt!


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