The Secret War

The Secret War

By:  Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

Some say that America’s role in the world is one of altruism and righteousness as the arbiters of freedom and democracy, fighting on behalf of freedom and liberty advocates the world over.  Others profess the United States as a scary, imperialistic juggernaut, driven by a seemingly-never-ending psychosis of greed and lust for power.  If the actions committed by the U.S. on the world stage and the consequences that ensued over the last century are any indication, one might be inclined to agree with the latter.  But the global stage is not the only avenue of expression.

There is also the domestic front, and the consequences that resulted from U.S. leadership as they continuously made decisions that enriched certain special interest groups, as well as other allied nations, all while siphoning off the nation’s wealth from the rest of the population without providing any services in return.  Anyone who has gone public in an attempt to expose these criminal activities has met one of a series of predetermined fates:  Being ignored, being discredited through carefully coordinated propaganda, or being assassinated if said whistleblower was in an influential enough position to convince people of the truth.  This is all part of a secret war that U.S. Capitalist interests have been waging for decades.

Anytime Poor and Working Class people see fit to demonstrate their own power, the Capitalists and the institutions they control spring into action.  If these targets are in a foreign country, U.S. Capitalist interests use their control over the wide range of media outlets to propagandize the public, declaring U.S. intervention in said country as an act of humanitarianism and good will, another notch on America’s belt in its quest to spread freedom and democracy across the world.

As the Chaos ensues, politicians, intelligence professionals and media personalities start firing on all cylinders, telling the American public that Socialism is an evil threat to our way of life and that it has never worked.  Where these interests have succeeded all too well is in their calculation that Americans will never fact-check these pundits and because of their appearance of professionalism and respectability, will simply accept their narrative at face value.

One of the more nefarious successes in this regard comes in the form of 9/11, when the American public was thrown into such a panic that they were all-too willing to surrender as many freedoms and constitutional rights as was deemed necessary in order to combat Terrorism.  From that point on, the secret war on freedom and liberty was being fought within U.S. borders on a scale not seen since the Cold War.

Americans were so shaken by the events of September 11th that they were ready and willing to swallow any and all propaganda that the intelligence community put in front them, hook line and sinker.  The desire for safety and security was overriding the public’s desire to be free. This is exactly how Authoritarian regimes rise to power.

Ever since that fateful day, Americans have been enduring an increasingly encroaching and ambitious surveillance state who’s ultimate goal is to solidify the concentration of wealth and power in the hands of Capitalism’s most staunch beneficiaries.  The NSA, CIA, FBI, Secret Service, even private corporations, are now able to monitor private citizens’ online activities and search their phone records without the citizen’s permission.

A citizen’s private data can be sold to outside parties without their knowledge.  In some instances, innocent citizens have been arrested and held indefinitely without charge. The Patriot Act gave the Government permission to violate the Constitution and revoke a citizen’s Constitutional rights in the name of fighting Terrorism, but has been proven to be in the name of the promotion and preservation of Capitalism.  The unfortunate reality is that there are still millions of Americans who buy into the Intelligence community’s propaganda and are ready and willing to fight to protect the illusion of American Exceptionalism, despite any and all evidence to the contrary.

This is where the seeds of division among the masses has taken hold with the most ferocity and intensity.  Once the propaganda reaches the public square, all the Capitalist interests need to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Millions of Americans scurry about society, fighting each other over the scraps left behind by their oppressors, unable to unite because of the intense ideological divide among them.  This is how the Capitalist Class wages war against the public:  Don’t fight them directly, but instead get them to fight each other.

One of the most effective (and tragic) tactics employed by the Capitalist Class is how they’ve managed to convince generations of Americans to conflate Capitalism and Freedom as synonyms.  For many Americans, to criticize Capitalism is to criticize America as a nation and as a culture.  This is arguably the biggest lie that is still being successfully peddled to this day, and why it is unlikely that enough Americans will be able to properly unite against the Capitalist powers. Powers that are actively making their lives worse.  Much like North Korea, the U.S. has managed to convince enough of its population that they live in the greatest nation on Earth, and that there’s no other place in the world that could possibly be worth living in. Meanwhile, Americans are becoming more aware of the secret war being waged against them by the very powers that claim to be acting in their best interests.

This is nothing new when it comes to greedy and ambitious bad faith actors seeking greater wealth and power.  Regardless of how a society is politically structured, those in positions of power often work to undermine the will of the public while simultaneously working to convince the public that they are on their side.  False advertising in economic markets and the repetitious dog-and-pony show of modern political theatre are two prime examples of people who see opportunity for more consolidation of personal wealth.

That wealth leads to greater political power as these bad faith actors always use the same tactics in the Capitalist playbook:

  • Demonize “The Others” and instigate perpetual conflict within the ranks of those that pose a threat to power. 
  • Work to undermine the public welfare under the guise of working in the public’s best interest, usually under terms like “national security” or “addressing the debt and the deficit.” 
  • Actively censor alternative viewpoints using the very Capitalist mechanisms and their institutions in which the powers-that-be already hold a distinct tactical advantage. 

No matter which tactics are employed by the Capitalist powers in a given economy, the goal is the same:  Prevent the mass of people from recognizing that they, and they alone, hold the power to rein in the oppressive operatives that are continuously working to siphon all the wealth of the people up to the upper 1%.  The Capitalist Class understands that if the people manage to set aside their petty differences and unite under the common cause of restoring prosperity and justice to the whole of society, it’s Game Over!

In more recent years, Capitalist nations have experienced a decided increase in State-sponsored violence towards peaceful protesters.  The most outward signs of this began with the Yellow Vest movement in France where President Emanuel Macron was working to increase the retirement age and impose austerity on the French people.  The public began to mobilize and threatened to revolt, but all Macron had to do was set French Law Enforcement upon the protesters, and currently he is still working against the interests of the French public.

Happening congruently was the well-known Brexit referendum in which the British parliament presented an official separation from the European Union to the public, and the public voted in favor of the separation.  Brits struggled for 3 years, under 2 Prime Ministers, to figure out how to deliver Brexit to the public.

This was purely in response to the effects of Global Capitalism which had been stripping the British public of their means of being able to prosper for decades, dating back to the infamous Margaret Thatcher, who was essentially the Ronald Reagan of Britain.  The most recent example is the murder of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis Police in the U.S.

Since then, the Black Lives Matter movement, along with other organized initiatives like the Fight For $15 and Medicare For All, have seen a similar reactionary response to their demands whenever they try to make them heard publicly.

Climate Change protesters of the Sunrise Movement being arrested en mass for no other reason than the inconveniencing of wealthy elites.  Journalists are being arrested without cause.  Laws are being passed to further cement the Corporate stranglehold on the public.  This is Fascism being demonstrated in real time, and it’s all in response to the public’s increasing criticism to, and gradual rebellion against Capitalism.

Despite the scary unobservable power of the Surveillance State, people are being backed into a corner where they are noticing that they have no other way out but to finally shed the conventional wisdom imposed on them and begin exploring alternatives.  This is throwing the Capitalist powers of the world into a tizzy as they work feverishly to bring the increasingly liberated masses back into the fold of the oppressive mechanisms that prop up modern-day Capitalism.  It’s why we are seeing increasing censorship of ideologies and methods that conflict with the Pro-Capitalist narrative.

Social media outlets operating in collusion with the U.S. Government, such as Facebook and YouTube working with the CIA, are quickly becoming an Establishment echo chamber where dissenting voices are treated as enemies of The State.  This type of mass surveillance essentially makes the potential for individual prosperity nonexistent if said individuals are out of line with the Establishment agenda.  Such an approach to quelling dissent is completely self-destructive, as it deliberately expels Poor and Working Class economic participants from being able to contribute to the economy.

This provides an opening for the 1% to rig the system in ways that allow them to cut out the worker and the consumer and use the power of the Government to directly siphon the nation’s wealth away from the mass of people and into the coffers of the Wealthy Elites.  This takes us away from Capitalism and thrusts us into Corporate Socialism (or Corporatism).

As is evident from these trends, the Secret War is not so secret anymore and more people are becoming informed of their economic and political plight every day.  Which direction will we take once enough of the public is awakened to the point where they actively rebel against their Capitalist oppressors?

Due to the decades of propaganda from those in power, the mass of people are deeply divided on which path is the best as we move forward.  But if one takes the time to examine public opinion on an issue-oriented basis, people have much more in common when it comes to public policy than appearances suggest.

The Capitalist powers know this and are thrusting their same old Cold War tricks into overdrive.  For older generations that grew up during the Cold War, this propaganda is largely considered gospel, whereas the younger generations are more educated on economic and political issues and are actively exploring ways to wean society off of unregulated predatory Capitalism.  Despite these positive trends, this war is far from over, and it will likely be at least another generation or two before any significant shift in public discourse is strong enough to finally move us beyond the self-destructive lifestyle of Capitalism.

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