Teach Our Voice!

In an effort to better understand the powers and rights WE, THE PEOPLE have as citizens and voters in this country, we present to you this ever-expanding collection of videos and tutorials that explain

governmental and political concepts. 


Find out how YOU can use YOUR VOICE along with OUR VOICE to get good work done

in our communities and the Nation at large!


To start things off, the following 

video “Rules For Rulers”

simplifies the conceptual 

differences between countries as it pertains to those who rule over the citizens. 

It is important to consider that 

even here in the good ‘ol US of A, we, too are ruled..but the idea is

that it is by our express consent 

within the guidelines we call

Constitutions both as individual States and as a Nation

The history of Social Security 

Cards is quite fascinating…

considering the idea that we 

now use these personal numbers for identification purposes they were never designed to provide. Perhaps we should call them, 

“Not-So-Socially-Secure Cards.” 

Maybe it would be wise to elect 

representatives who are 

interested in fixing these issues

rather than patching them and hoping for the best. Let’s watch!

Ever wonder why the Debt Limit becomes a matter of 

Congressional political debate

every few months? Ever wonder

why the President, no matter 

who it may be, cannot seem to 

keep our taxing and spending

habits under control and 

balanced? The answer can, oddly enough, be compared to a

“[Figurative] Domestic Financial Hostage Situation!” Congress

causes it. Congress can fix it. 

The fault falls squarely on the President’s shoulders. 

More confused now? 

This video will straighten it all 

out for you… but you won’t be 

happy in the end.

One issue that must be fixed by

the States and can only be fixed

by voting for honest legislators in our individual States is 

Gerrymandering. This verb was 

coined in 1812 to describe the

same thing it describes today: 

Cheating. It comes from the 

name of a Massachusetts 

Governor, Elbridge Gerry and a 

type of lizard, the salamander. 

Gov. Gerry was trying to maintain a majority of Anti-federalists in 

his state. One sprawling district 

resembled a salamander, and a 

newspaper editor dubbed it the 

Gerrymander as they lampooned the actions taken by the 


Many citizens are still shocked 

and angered by the way our now not-so-recent presidential 

election turned out in 2016. This 

was not the first time the 

technically least popular 

candidate won the race. This is, 

however, a problem that could 

easily be fixed, though the 

process to do so is quite 

complicated. If you check out the Speak Our Voice blog, you will 

find a great article that tackles

the 12th amendment concerning the Electoral College. The

following video also shares a 

solution in the form of an 

alternative method to our

current (and quite flawed) first-

past-the-post election method.

Now that we understand a little

of what the National Debt is all 

about.. we can dive into the 

shallow, yet complicated waters

of Debt Crisis and what it may 

mean for 2018. Ever ask yourself, 

“Self… whats up with all the 

borrowing money from other

countries and selling bonds to 

China?” whelp, here is part of the answer you can share with…

yourself…and everyone else you 

care about who will listed!!

Ever see a social media post 

where someone s complaining

that a world superpower is

infringing on another

population’s SOVEREIGNTY? 

Mr. D an his buddy Mr. Rose 

explain what Sovereignty really means as it pertains to States…

not a State, but… a State State…

just watch and you’ll see what

we mean!!

SHAAAAARK!! Just kidding! But

hey, anyone out there remember Richard Dreyfuss? He was in 

Jaws among other great movies. That fame isn’t the point of this

clip, however, it is the reason he 

was allowed a chance to speak 

on a Main Stream Media 

broadcast (of ill repute.) Dreyfuss is also a Constitutional law and 

Civics scholar. He was on this 

news-ish segment to express the importance of civics and to 

lament it’s demise as a required course in public schools these 

days. Many readers may loath the idea of anything worth knowing or hearing coming from Fox 

News. This is worth it. 

Let’s watch!

The 15th Amendment was meant to guarantee the right to vote…

regardless of race, land 

ownership, but not sex. The 19th Amendment guaranteed all 

women the right to vote as well. The voter pool today is as broad 

as it has ever been.. but the 

efforts of shady legislatures and misguided representatives keep hacking away at our ability to 

exercise our arguably biggest 

weapon against tyranny… this 

doesn’t cover the false choice 

some primaries in major parties may present, or the problem 

some states have with allowing 

felons who have served their 

time a chance to be full citizens 

again, but it is still worth it to 



School House Rock…we think you will get the metaphor 

The 3 Branches of Government 

are quite important to 

maintaining integrity.

Universal Basic Income, UBI, or

” a rightful dividend owed to

citizens” as the hipsters and 

political junkies refer to it, is a 

concept that is relatively new to

the mainstream media..and thus most Americans. Consider what 

oil-rich countries do when they 

experience a consistent rise in 

profits… they give dividends back to the population.. Do 

some extra research and read up on the actual tests that were 

performed in Oakland, CA and other cities around the globe. Supporters of this concept agree that it would be cheaper than our existing social safety net system.

How often do you hear or read 

about the infamous wealth gap

in these United States? Now, 

more than ever, people who are NOT named Sanders are 

standing up and explaining this grossly misunderstood problem with the way we have been

manipulating our economic

system to skew things in one 

direction rather than work to try 

and keep an equilibrium… a balance

The following sums up our

hiccup pretty succinctly.

Citizens United Vs. FEC was a 

landmark decision in 

the Supreme Court that granted, 5-4, the ability of For-Profit 

Corporations to have the same 1st Amendment rights as citizens…

because they’re [unnatural] 

persons and deserve it. Since the 2010 decision, well… you saw 

what happened… But what can we do? How did we get here?

How can we move forward? 

Why does this lady keep calling 

our democratic republic

Democracy? (Just kidding- its for 

simplification.. get over it, y’all!) 

When people start discussing the large numbers of ballots in multiple precincts being disqualified in local and even national elections, it is natural to begin weaving stories about corruption and sabotage. Though it has been proven that people have cheated for their favorite party or candidate(s) throughout history, there are other reasons for this phenomenon that lay outside the realm of treachery.

[Discipline disguised as] Practice makes [nothing and nobody] perfect.

Stay tuned!