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In an effort to better understand the powers and rights WE, THE PEOPLE have as citizens and voters in this country, we present to you this ever-expanding collection of videos and tutorials that explain governmental and political concepts. Find out how YOU can use YOUR VOICE along with OUR VOICE to get good work done in our communities and the Nation at large!


To start things off, the following video, “Rules For Rulers”, simplifies the conceptual differences between countries as it pertains to those who rule over the citizens. It is important to consider that even here in the good ‘ol US of A, we, too are ruled..but the idea is that it is by our express consent within the guidelines we call Constitutions both as individual States and as a Nation.



The history of Social Security Cards is quite fascinating… considering the idea that we now use these personal numbers for identification purposes they were never designed to provide. Perhaps we should call them, “Not-So-Socially-Secure Cards.” Maybe it would be wise to elect representatives who are interested in fixing these issues rather than patching them and hoping for the best.  Let’s watch!



Ever wonder why the “Debt Limit” becomes a matter of Congressional political debate every few months? Ever wonder why the President, no matter who it may be, cannot seem to keep our taxing and spending habits under control and balanced? The answer can, oddly enough, be compared to a “[Figurative] Domestic Financial Hostage Situation!” Congress causes it. Congress can fix it. The fault falls squarely on the President’s shoulders.  More confused now? This video will straighten it all out for you… but you won’t be happy in the end.



One issue that must be fixed by the States and can only be fixed by voting for honest legislators in our individual States is Gerrymandering. This verb was coined in 1812 to describe the same thing it describes today: Cheating.  It comes from the name of a Massachusetts Governor, Elbridge Gerry and a type of lizard, the salamander. Gov. Gerry was trying to maintain a majority of Anti-federalists in his state. One sprawling district resembled a salamander, and a newspaper editor dubbed it the Gerrymander as they lampooned the actions taken by the Governor.



Many citizens are still shocked and angered by the way our now not-so-recent presidential election turned out in 2016. This was not the first time the technically least popular candidate won the race. This is, however, a problem that could easily be fixed, though the process to do so is quite complicated. If you check out the Speak Our Voice blog, you will find a great article that tackles the 12th amendment concerning the Electoral College. The following video also shares a solution in the form of an alternative method to our current (and quite flawed) first-past-the-post election method.


Now that we understand a little of what the National Debt is all about.. we can dive into the shallow, yet complicated waters of Debt Crisis and what it may mean for 2018. Ever ask yourself, “Self… whats up with all the borrowing money from other countries and selling bonds to China?” whelp, here is part of the answer you can share with…yourself…and everyone else you care about who will listed!!



Ever see a social media post where someone s complaining that a world superpower is infringing on another population’s SOVEREIGNTY? Mr. D an his buddy Mr. Rose explain what Sovereignty really means as it pertains to States…not a State, but… a State State…just watch and you’ll see what we mean!!




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