Recipes For Systemic Change

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor There's a fundamental reason why roughly 98% of voters hold the belief that America is a 2-Party system: Money. More specifically, the concentration…

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The Divine Hierarchy

Humans have an instinctive drive to be socially cohesive. Yet as we see throughout history, there are those who are far more ambitious and driven by goals of personal accomplishment, be it through a simple artistic expression, or as far-reaching as being a conqueror. In the midst of people attempting social cohesiveness, there exists a power vacuum that

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OUR Decision Not Yours

The second is that which originates from the top, those who are more financially stable and/or well-off. As has always been the case throughout civilization, this is where the political system is represented.

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Identity Blind Economics

Identity Blind Economics By: Matt Bump  |  Our Voice Contributor As a working class young adult, with 2 felony convictions I can now say I have been discriminated against. Checking…

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Economic Reorganization

meaning the money is created out of thin air. Right out of the gate, this proves that money is a product of human imagination and is not divinely bound to any man-made limitations. Since this is true, why is the government so stingy and hesitant when it comes to printing money?

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