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 the Trump Administration, along with nearly the entire United States Senate, continues to grow due to the all-but-certain confirmation of extreme Right-Wing judge, Brett Kavanaugh; a Court Justice Trump has chosen to succeed the recently vacated Supreme Court seat held by Hon. Anthony Kennedy. 

In this stretch of economic prosperity for the wealthy elites, we see the effect that ignorance and obliviousness has on the greater society if Capitalism is allowed to go unchecked.

…meaning the money is created out of thin air. Right out of the gate, this proves that money is a product of human imagination and is not divinely bound to any man-made limitations. Since this is true, why is the government so stingy and hesitant when it comes to printing money? 

I got to witness the fallout of absolute barbarism; war! Those who would wage it, strip the humanity and culture of those they wage it against. They steal from them their civil liberties and ultimately their… 

Do you have a piece of work you would like to submit? 

This proves that Occam’s Razor is not a law, but merely a theory. Knowing this, how can anyone distinguish between being educated and being indoctrinated?

Being free from intrusion by a tyrannical government was one the core reason for the writing and signing of the Declaration of Independence, thereby forming the United States of America. From that point on, the government would be answerable to the people rather than the people being born into subjugation.

All too often we hear politicians who claim to be champions of the working class, but always have an excuse as to why they don’t help more. Consider who their donors are. Consider their behavior and if it is congruent with someone who wants to help us, the working class, the people who actually drive this economy?

Lets put this into the perspective of a child instead of a country. If I don’t love my child’s behavior then I should just leave them and let them find other parents. Sounds pretty flagrantly stupid huh? That’s what it sounds to me anytime someone tells me or someone I know to just leave if they “don’t love this country”.

It is the differences between the 1% and the 99% that leaves that system so top-heavy that it eventually collapses under its own weight, without exception. As long as the 99% are systemically beholden to the 1%, there can never be true balance and the cycle of inequality

Why does power cost money? The root of the answer is because it took work to generate it. But what if it didn’t take work to generate that electricity? Or,…

We are made to believe, according to the teachings of the generations before us and those who control the levers of power, that our system is engraved in solid stone and that there is nothing we can do to change it. Those who hold the power work endlessly to ensure their own futures while weakening the foundations upon which this country was founded

. This plundering and pillaging of our planet’s resources without working on ways to revitalize the environment in which these resources are produced will ultimately lead to war, famine, and our eventual extinction. But there is a solution:

If there is any doubt about my message, here it is: To mobilize people behind any cause, regardless of how worthy that cause is, regardless of how intrinsically appealing it may be to get these folks marching, singing, chanting, shouting for that cause, if there is no clear strategy which targets an equally clear and obvious outcome, with a realistic expectation that the strategy will achieve that outcome, then the mobilization is a waste of time. Some forethought, planning, disciplined and targeted activism goes much further than making a lot of noise.

My coming to Utah was a culture shock in many ways. How our LGBTQ brethren are treated was among the biggest of them. We’re more than a decade into the 21st century, and non-discrimination legislation passed into Utah law only two years ago. Yet still more work needs to be done.

These miraculous devices gave humans the freedom to work on other, more interesting things. It’s a first principle of physics; the less energy you spend on something, the more energy you have to spend on something else. This applies to both the smallest and largest of scales.

America can say with great pride that what it does, it usually does very well. When we put our minds to something, we pull out all the stops. Now we can put cold-blooded killing right up there in the Top 10. We kill efficiently. We kill without remorse. We kill without hesitation.

Not to be confused with Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece, War and Peace taken together is the ultimate paradox of the human condition. Wherever there is…

The GOP must find a way, whatever it may be, to make themselves overall more appealing to millennials if they want to keep winning elections. If not, the GOP will continue their deficit in popularity with young voters and they will have only themselves to blame.

Laws, regulation, and oversight only go so far before they are perverted into a corrupt platform of platitudes and talking points designed to deceive. Convincing those who have the most power into believing they are powerless in order to ensure the wealth and power concentration to those with the most ambition and highest degree of ruthlessness.

Anyway, I’m going off on Gill, not screaming at the guy, but raised voice and making him uncomfortable. Interestingly enough, he engaged, and matched my passion and tone. I find this very interesting. This, to me, says…

Due to his ongoing political career and the organization’s restructuring as a non-partisan NPO, Mr. Ronan and Our Voice Initiative would like to announce…

In our traditional capitalist system, there are always the “Haves” and the “Have-Nots”. Since those with the gold make the rules, those individuals are able to form the societal infrastructure to their own advantage and keep the mass of people from living their lives with dignity. They use law enforcement for physical oppression. They use politics for..

This is a Special Edition article designed to illuminate readers on the thought process behind the Hydrodollar system.

Mary falls ill with cancer, but with Taylor by her side in the hospital she remains strong and eventually fights her way back to health. After the kids grow up and many long years of life and love, Taylor unexpectedly

Therefore, throughout history humans have almost always paid homage in some form or other to the ruling class that claims supreme dictation over a given territory. It can be argued that this has been the case because of the most primal instinct of all: Fear.

What I didn’t realize when I sat down to make my public comment, is that I was sitting right next to Rep. Noel. I literally just walked into the room less than 2 minutes prior. My heart was still beating fast from so many stairs, I didn’t have a chance to collect my thoughts, so I just launched into my feelings on the subject.

I don’t understand why truth and justice have to be such a rarity

They say that there’s a God but this shit don’t look fair ta me

Pastors buy mansions instead of give ta charity

I’ll call it like I see it until there is no air in me

The day begins with an announcement over a loudspeaker; an unfriendly voice blaring out in an unfriendly environment. Then another loud voice carries on down the long hallway “Stand for count!” . Everybody in their cells jumps out of their beds, fresh out of a sad dream or maybe out of a dream that they are free,

For those who think a reinvention of the wheel is an exercise in futility, such a change to the economic system in this case could be considered an “upgrade.” This upgrade is specifically aimed at reforming the logical foundation of money in order to make it more conducive to the organic nature of human behavior and the natural environment

The German-Jewish Refugee Crisis and the United States 1933 – 1938

One passage in this Act states that a person is to be excluded from admission should they need personal financial help in coming to the U.S.21 This meant that even if migrants were able to get through the arduous visa qualifications, they would still need to show their labor value. Elected officials only wanted immigrants that could support themselves and contribute to society, rather than require the support of the state.

As we assist the fossil fuel industry to transition from fossil fuel into green energy and allowing smaller green energy companies to emerge, the Hydrodollar increases in value as the Petrodollar collapses. This provides us with a far-more viable contingency plan for the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar before it happens – IF this system were to be implemented as soon as possible.

If you propose high rates such as most of the 20th century before the 1980s, you’d be labeled a socialist or communist by the GOP – also saying you’re punishing the one-percent for being successful.

However, when one examines a politician, it is important to be conscious of words both spoken and unspoken. The plan implemented by Nina relies heavily on a faith in our existing election infrastructure, a belief that — as currently designed and overseen — our election apparatus can deliver a people’s representative to office

Is this it, then ? Well, for the sake of what a single writer can posit, it’s a reasonable start, particularly because it does not rely upon old Rx’s of people having to willfully change what they have been culturally wired to do. That can be a herculean task.

You may be asking, “Why is this a bad thing?” As I mentioned earlier, PTO is considered part of an employee’s compensation package, PSDs are not. You may only use PSDs when you are sick or by the generosity of your employer. PSD is “use it or lose it” and cannot be cashed out at any time…

In other words, voter registration databases and vote tally infrastructure are now under the umbrella of DHS.

Don’t buy into the myth of the meritocracy. The playing field is not level. Don’t elect representatives that are funded by the corporate giants. They will not represent you.

After the Civil War there was a strong sentiment in the South against the Republican Party. In fact there was a popular saying that Southerners would rather vote for a “Yellow Dog” than any Republican.

This is a poem I wrote in solidarity of our 99% that the government is waging war against.

Despite these examples, he has also been caught on hot mics saying very bad things.

With the premiums and copays rising each year under the ACA, there have been cries for a new healthcare system.

I troll Facebook trying to argue these points, knowing full well that the people I argue against will never GET it – will never change their minds. Maybe someone will read what we troll and get one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.

People who commit these violent crimes are labeled as “psychos”, “maniacs”, “crazies” – and it has only hurt both the understanding of why these violent crimes continue to occur, and the citizens who have mental illness, yet never commit such crimes.

College campuses will do their damnedest to make sure that cases of sexual assault won’t make it past their administration’s walls, fearing they will see a decrease in attendance.

They seem to think shopping for health care is 

like getting a cellphone plan. It is not. It is not even …

From police brutality and violent 

anarchists infiltrating peaceful protests, to politicians co-opting 

movements for their own agenda a la Eisenhower’s declaration in 1958 

These are not standards times. We accept that Donald Trump is President of the United States, even if we don’t like it.We do not, however, accept the implication that his win comes with autocratic authority, or…

The 2016 election was a revelatory event 

with regard to the actual operation of the democracy. The election’s 

outcome brought Americans face-to-face with what many view as an arcane 

relic with dubious roots. Most Americans struggle with explaining the 

Electoral College, and yet, it is the cornerstone of the franchise.

Once inside I made my way to the front. There I stood just a dozen feet away from the lectern from which one of the most influential politicians of modern times was going to deliver his message to the fully packed Maine State Theater. I was here to see Bernie Sanders, for whom I caucused and who was the catalyst for my own renewed interest in giving a damn about politics.

Some people get memed after just a single photo of them surfaces to the public worthy of meming. Others, like myself, become iconic images of the movement by showing up consistently to demonstrations with a powerful visual message. I didn’t set out on this journey with either in mind, but here I am, a year into resisting Trump, and I have become a poster-child of the resistance.

You have tweeted that global warming was “invented by the Chinese“, is “nonsense”, and is “a hoax”. Aside from your flat Earth rejection of what 97% of scientists consider true, your proposed budget cuts based on this pseudoscience are a direct threat to our existence.

The United States has a very complicated way of registering voters. You have to re-register for voting each time you move to a different address instead of having everything moved over automatically. This is very inconvenient for most people. For example,

Much of my work with US Congressional 

candidate Josh Gottheimer was focused on lowering property taxes, a 

popular rallying cry from a people feeling overtaxed and under served. 

While I had mu hands in the heart of the matter, I felt pulled further. A

seed was planted.

“Maybe I can do this too,” I thought.

Millennials have been unjustly characterized as apathetic and disconnected from politics. This assessment is based on false assumptions. Pundit analysis suggested fewer Millennials turned out to vote after Bernie Sanders lost to Hillary Clinton. These claims were not based on concrete numbers as shown by the Brookings Institute’s data.

One misconception people have about single payer healthcare is that private health insurance won’t deny services while a public option will. In fact, insurance companies consistently deny critical services. These often life-saving services include therapy, medication, surgery, medical devices and treatment. This practice is essential to any

At every large gathering of people there always seems to be that one guy who is obnoxious, boisterous, and a bit too over-aggressive. These completely insensitive turd birds know they are too much and make no apology excuses for being rude and overbearing. For the sake of peace, everyone else acquiesces to

Some folks will be glad to have a physical barrier to hide behind and even fewer will capitalize off of this fear to enrich themselves by ensuring that suffering of disenfranchised people continues . 

The way the internet operates now it is unlawful for a common carrier like Comcast to apply any unjust or discriminatory charges or services to their customers. They are also not allow to offer undue or unreasonable advantages to any particular customers. It makes the playing field equal to everyone.

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