‘Parasite’ And The Significance Of It’s Oscar Wins
Comedian Steve Martin talks with a group of Marines from the 1st Light Armored Infantry (LAI) Battalion while on a United Service Organizations (USO) tour during Operation Desert Shield.

‘Parasite’ And The Significance Of It’s Oscar Wins

So what does this change in the winds really mean? In an era of increasing hatred and intolerance, many of the nominated films had thematic elements of more love and less hate, tolerance over intolerance, and the philosophical message that our society can best be judged by how we treat the least among us.

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Healthcare in Australia

Healthcare in Australia By: Ted Beust  |  Our Voice Contributor It’s been a while since our last installment of Healthcare Around the World. But now, let’s dive deep into Australia’s…

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The Divine Hierarchy

Humans have an instinctive drive to be socially cohesive. Yet as we see throughout history, there are those who are far more ambitious and driven by goals of personal accomplishment, be it through a simple artistic expression, or as far-reaching as being a conqueror. In the midst of people attempting social cohesiveness, there exists a power vacuum that

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From Politics to Justice: Amending the Impeachment Process

Alexander Hamilton was right: Impeachment should not be a political process. In a nation that claims to believe in the Rule of Law, each and every citizen must be held to the exact same legal standards, regardless of wealth, property, social status, lineage, or influence.

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Capitalism, Socialism, & Freedom

The debate between Capitalists and Socialists isn't just a debate over who should have control over society's economy. It's also a debate about the definition of Freedom; more specifically, which form of Freedom we as a society want as our symbol that represents our values and goals.

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