Behind Enemy Lines

Feb 25th, 2020. I, like normal, am dropping class consciousness in every day conversations. In this case it was with an executive at my work. I mentioned that there may be a new Winter Soldier coming out. He snickered and said, “of course”. I then said, “well it is owned by Disney. They need to keep pumping these movies out so their CEO can keep making $65 million a year while their park workers sleep in their cars”. He said the same old tired talking point: “well, they could get a different job”. To which I quipped: “doesn’t that mean we’re saying anyone who holds this job, deserves to live in their car”? Isn’t that the logical conclusion? If the only answer is to get a different job, then anyone who has that job is expected to live in extreme poverty. Where the CEO’s steak dinner can cost many times more than the daily earned pay of these workers.

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The Genesis, Progression, and Deification of Capitalism

Enter, The Black Death. For 3 years, all across Europe, Asia and Africa, The Black Death ravaged entire communities and rapidly deprived the ruling elites of their labor force. Even the landlords and monarchs themselves were not immune from the horrific plague. Theories and scapegoating were just some of the coping mechanisms people used to try and explain why this was happening. Many called the plague a miasma; a free-floating phenomenon created by God to smite those who were guilty of sin. Others resorted to blaming

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Prisoner Of Hope

Why is it necessary that we upend the apple cart? For me, I am a combat veteran. I was part of the first combat support hospital that jumped forward into Iraq within approximately a week after war was officially declared in March of 2003. My hospital not only took care of soldiers but also local

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Don’t You Dare

There are two potential strategies at work that could result in either a brokered convention, or an outright theft of the nomination by the DNC. The first strategy is being hatched by Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg, who has been dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to

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