Let’s Go Dutch

With the premiums and copays rising each year under the ACA, there have been cries for a new healthcare system.


I troll Facebook trying to argue these points, knowing full well that the people I argue against will never GET it – will never change their minds. Maybe someone will read what we troll and get one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.

Stop Your Stigmatization And Face The Facts

People who commit these violent crimes are labeled as “psychos”, “maniacs”, “crazies” – and it has only hurt both the understanding of why these violent crimes continue to occur, and the citizens who have mental illness, yet never commit such crimes.

Healthcare Is Not A Cellphone Plan

The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect and there is currently a bill to implement Universal Healthcare or Medicare For All (H.R.676). The Republican majority and the 45th President of the United States are still bent on removing many of the protections in the ACA. They seem to think shopping for health care is like getting a cellphone plan. It is not. It is not even

Why We March on May Day

There are many lessons we as a country still have to learn. From police brutality and violent anarchists infiltrating peaceful protests, to politicians co-opting movements for their own agenda a la Eisenhower’s declaration in 1958

Congressional Democrats Owe Us A Strategy

The atmosphere everywhere we turn is replete with rancor and vitriol, and every effort we make is met with a standard retort, “You lost, get over it.” These are not standards times. We accept that Donald Trump is President of the United States, even if we don’t like it.

We do not, however, accept the implication that his win comes with autocratic authority, or that we no longer have a place in our government. The United States remains a democracy where all opinions matter. They cannot all prevail, but they must all matter.

We Must Deal With The 12th Amendment

The 2016 election was a revelatory event with regard to the actual operation of the democracy. The election’s outcome brought Americans face-to-face with what many view as an arcane relic with dubious roots. Most Americans struggle with explaining the Electoral College, and yet, it is the cornerstone of the franchise.

Let’s Cause Good Trouble

Once inside I made my way to the front. There I stood just a dozen feet away from the lectern from which one of the most influential politicians of modern times was going to deliver his message to the fully packed Maine State Theater. I was here to see Bernie Sanders, for whom I caucused and who was the catalyst for my own renewed interest in giving a damn about politics.

Becoming A Meme: The Imagery of Protesting

Some people get memed after just a single photo of them surfaces to the public worthy of meming. Others, like myself, become iconic images of the movement by showing up consistently to demonstrations with a powerful visual message. I didn’t set out on this journey with either in mind, but here I am, a year into resisting Trump, and I have become a poster-child of the resistance.

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