Round 1: FIGHT (Fascism)!

Round 1: FIGHT (Fascism)!

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

Fascism is here! Battle lines are being drawn. People are taking sides. The beneficiaries of The Establishment Power Structure are either allowing, or promoting the use of military force against United States citizens who are exercising their 1st Amendment rights. Anti-sentiment against The Establishment and the system that made them rich and powerful is growing at an exponential rate. Yet that sentiment is still over-matched by being outgunned, out-financed, out-strategized, and outmaneuvered on a legal basis. This is a situation where the only way to properly fight back against tyranny, when the very officials and institutions are the perpetrators of the entire thing, is to organize, mobilize, train, strategize, set our goals, and execute a plan of action on a national level. It’s time to FIGHT!

When the powers-that-be are the cause of the distress gripping society, outlaws make the best heroes. Robin Hood. William Wallace. The leaders of the French and Bolshevik Revolutions. All of these groups and individuals made history by first recognizing that their respective systems had forced them into subjugation to their oppressors, and then taking action where their ideological and operational boundaries existed outside those of The Establishment. They became outlaws. The conundrum we face today is whether we want to just sit back and let Fascism transform us into an Authoritarian Dictatorship, or fight back and overthrow the entire system that has had Fascism woven into it from the very beginning and hold the perpetrators accountable.

Recently, the courts already ruled against a restraining order put forward by the AG of Oregon, which proves how the people are outmaneuvered in the legal department; not necessarily in legal doctrine, but in legal interpretation from judges who are loyal to Trump and Authoritarianism. Coming up in the state of PA, State AG Larry Krasner has made it clear that his office will arrest and charge any and all of Trump’s federal thugs that break the law if/when they show up to cause trouble and violate people’s constitutional right to Free Speech and to Protest. The downside to this is just what I mentioned before, where the courts might side with Trump and the rise of Fascism in America because they are Conservative ideologues and they’re playing for a political team. This is why we must have a complete overhaul of the Constitution and make the laws of the land much more definitive where there’s no room for interpretation, so that future legal disputes won’t end up on the wrong side of history.

On another note, it’s no secret that on top of the obvious reasons for the current state of civil unrest, we have the connected issues of the pandemic and economic strife that is rippling through the country; all due to a corrupt and inept Government at every level who’s only goal is using their offices to ensure the indefinite accumulation of greater wealth, and therefore power, for themselves. This is why and how, at the political level, the country’s laws have been fashioned to serve the greed and ambitions of the most ruthless Capitalists in society, while making the lives of everyone else that much harder to manage. Through this 40-year process, Fascism has been further and further imprinted on the fabric of society’s governing statutes, which makes attempts to change the system and/or reform the system inherently more difficult, and in many cases more and more illegal. The message from The Establishment couldn’t be more clear: “You, The Peasants exist to serve OUR system!”

It’s a well-documented fact that Democracy and Capitalism cannot coexist in the same ecopolitical space. More often than not, Capitalism ends up subverting Democracy into Oligarchy, or outright Dictatorship. The real fight in this country is not as much Right v. Left as it is Principle v. Profit; Democracy v. Oligarchy. When oligarchs use the power of Government to ensure their own wealth and power over the people, that is the definition of Fascism. Professor Richard Wolff once stated that we did not have Fascism in America (yet), but that we had movement in that direction. I’m going to respectfully disagree with Professor Wolff on this one. Fascism has always existed in this country. It has existed through the early days of the original British colonies, to the formation of the United States of America through Slavery and the restrictions on voting to only White Men at and over 21 years of age, through today’s Corporate-controlled Oligarchy that has bought the Government and fashioned the laws of the land to reflect their belief that their right to make profits supersedes all other basic human rights.

Now that the American public is shifting away from the narrative that they have been raised to believe was gospel – which was force-fed to them by the oligarchs from the onset of the Cold War in an effort to roll back The New Deal and permanently dismantle efforts by the Working Class to ensure a more fair and just balance of power at an economic level, the oligarchs are now seeing fit the necessity to resort to overt Fascism through the use of brutal Policing and the frightening presence of the military on U.S. streets as they terrorize and brutalize peaceful protesters; and because these same oligarchs have bought the Government, there is no hope in thinking that the Government will step in and put an end to these violations of our constitutional rights because in allowing this to continue, The Establishment becomes more and more assured that their ambition of accumulating endless wealth and power will no longer be challenged.

The time for passive-aggressive resistance is over. These violations of our constitutional rights will continue until Trump seizes power indefinitely and/or the American people become so demoralized and hopeless that they finally submit to the rule of the Oligarchy and their Dear Leader. Congress will never do its job properly because those who are committing these violations of our rights are the ones who cut them the big checks. Primarying Establishment goons won’t help either, as the entire election process is owned and operated by the Oligarchy. Small victories may be scored where The Establishment doesn’t see any real threat to their power, but once these small voices are inside Washington’s inner circle, they are either systemically silenced or eventually corrupted by the system and brought to bear for the purpose of herding the people into the ranks of The Establishment. The court system is indefinitely reshaped to reflect the will of the Oligarchy. It is highly probable that Trump will declare Martial Law in the coming months in order to retain power, indefinitely. At this point, we are no longer a Democratic Republic. We are officially an Authoritarian Dictatorship.

Make no mistake, Trump will continue to use his jackbooted thugs to provoke the public into violent retaliation in order to justify declaring Martial Law. Fighting back defensively will still give him the optics he needs to do so and the media will simply cater to his agenda and serve as the stenographers to power they have been for decades. Whether we fight back or not, Trump, or someone else down the line with similar Authoritarian leanings, will try to overturn Democracy in America and turn this country into a Dictatorship. This is why actually exercising our constitutional right to form state militias, properly train, organize, mobilize, and regulate said militias will be an invaluable part of how we move forward in our mission to forever eradicate Fascism from our shores with a new and improved Social Democratic system that puts the ultimate power of the economy and our politics back in the hands of the people, where it belongs.

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