Resolution H2O

Resolution H2O

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Resolution H2O

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor


Resolution H2O is a worldwide initiative to not only change the U.S. monetary system, but simultaneously to implement a true global currency. Word of this new system has been spread to 17 countries thus far and support for it has been overwhelming. This is essentially a reinvention of the means by which a monetary system is supported. The actual currency is known as the Hydrodollar. As the name suggests, it is a currency that is supported by water; specifically, the global water table. Rather than a monetary system based on the age-old Weights-&-Measures scale which typically uses solid tangible commodities such as Gold – which any one person or group of people can lay claim of ownership to and thus possess the ability to manipulate the currency system as they see fit. This system discards the concept of ownership and instead simply uses the power of nature as its own.

By Jojko.sivekOriginal: Fiveless –

While it is a historical fact that Gold has been the primary currency of choice over the millennia, it has been so through a severely flawed and self-defeating understanding of money. Today, while most currencies still use Gold, albeit fractionally, as the supporting material for their respective monetary systems, the most prevalent of which, the U.S. Dollar, is now supported by the global trading of Petroleum; hence, the nickname “Petrodollar.” This system is heavily skewed in favor of countries that are the world leaders in petroleum exports and therefore can manipulate any petroleum-hungry nations to their will.

The United States may claim to be the dominant superpower in the world; but in reality, that power is waning as the levels of petroleum are depleting in countries that export to the U.S.  This human-generated phenomenon will ultimately mean the downfall of the U.S. Dollar, and the American economy in the process.

But what if we were using the global water table? No individual, company, government or nation can claim ownership of the entire planet (the world is about 71% water), and all life on this planet depends on it and is interconnected by it. The incentives in the Hydrodollar system are not in war, exploitation and the destruction of the environment. The incentives are built into the system to favor moving away from fossil fuel and towards Green and Alternative energy sources, which clean up the environment and lead to a healthier, happier, and more prosperous society.

As a global currency, the intrinsic value of this currency would be the exact same in every nation that adopts it. This would result in international trade agreements becoming easier to manage and, to a significant extent, reduce the incentive to outsource jobs. Each nation being able to flourish on their strengths and improve in areas of opportunity without having to worry about competition from other countries would be a drastic change welcomed by all populations.

Some countries have more water than others, to be sure. But since this is valued using the GLOBAL water table, the incentive for national supremacy is a moot point. Each country offers something unique to the world economy that other countries do not, and some are more abundant in certain natural resources than others. In strengthening the global ecosystem and moving away from a competitive capitalist ideology, by the very design of this system, it is clear that the future lies instead in mutual cooperation and shared prosperity.

The better the water table does:

  • The more resources to meet the growing demand
  • The more jobs are created
  • The greater the prosperity for all people
  • The greater the value of the currency in the process.

Here’s how the valuing process works: At the start of the program, let’s say the world’s water table was at 100 Liters (for international purposes). This is the level at which the Hydrodollar will be assigned its full $1.00-value. After one year, if the table were to read 90 Liters, that puts the currency value at $.90, per capita. Conversely, if the table were to read 125 Liters, the currency would then be at a $.25 surplus on top of its full value, resulting in the initial $1.00 now being worth $1.25, per capita.

As is evident by this process, the more prosperous the environment is (and therefore ourselves), the more valuable the currency is, which works in tandem with the law of supply and demand. One of the best things about this system is that it cannot be manipulated to suit the ambitious desires of the greedy and powerful because in order for such individuals to do well, the truism of economic circulation (not accumulation) is self-evident. Hoarding or withholding water from the population does not affect the currency value because the water itself still exists and has been taken into account from the previous year’s Per-Capita assignment. In the event of modern technological means of executing this system failing, a simple solution of staying with the current per-capita value until said technologies can be restored or updated can sustain the economy in the meantime.

A crucial element to this system is the issue, or rather absence, of budgeting. Because currency systems in the world today and throughout history have been tied to a commodity and limited under the control of those in power, people have been at war over resources since they first conceived of trade. This is due chiefly to the logic behind monetary systems as being of limited supply when the various tribes of the world were still ignorant of each others’ existence and had no means by which to effectively negotiate a meaningful and productive trade policy, which is why governments are always at odds over how to divide a budget to one degree or another. In the Hydrodollar system, the money supply is infinite. Budgeting is no longer part of the equation. Naturally, there is a remnant of fractional-reserve banking at play, here, but with one notable exception: This currency is Resource-Based instead of Debt-Based. Therefore, fractional-reserve banking can be an acceptable practice in this case. Currencies across the world are rapidly converting from physical to digital in format, which favors this system even more. However, as resources begin to climb again, physical materials will become more readily available to print more money and the currency’s value goes up along with it. There is a lesson from this: MONEY…IS…PSYCHOLOGICAL.

With this in mind, we can see that with a system such as this that things like Single-Payer Healthcare, Tuition-Free College, Universal Basic Income and more can become a reality without risk of economic collapse. And as an added bonus (and maybe more importantly), this currency system MAKES WAR UNPROFITABLE.

We know that around the world today, the United States is using its unmatched military might to influence nations to bend to its will if they refuse to do so diplomatically. Because the current monetary system is based on Debt and ever-expanding, each dollar that is printed and pumped into the economy results in further depreciation of the dollar’s value; and because such a system relies on its money supply remaining fixed in quantity in order to maintain its intrinsic value, it becomes self-evident that such a path only leads to one conclusion: Total economic collapse. As the petrodollar diminishes in value, countries trading in petrodollars begin to see their standard of living decline as prices inflate. As we have seen throughout history, eventually such conditions yield some kind of revolution, and the entire process starts all over again. Only the next time around, the most powerful nation(s) are not the same ones as before; yet, the long-term consequences are the same. This is part of the genius behind the Hydrodollar system. The means by which the currency of this system is given intrinsic value eliminates the incentive for any kind of international military action, as such an endeavor would ultimately result in depreciation of the currency’s value. Instead, by following the example of countries like Germany, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands, we use otherwise common human practices of a positive and productive nature in order to strengthen the already-self-perpetuating Resource-Based Hydrodollar system.


It doesn’t take rocket science to know that this entire process will be slow-going. As we assist the fossil fuel industry to transition from fossil fuel into green energy and allowing smaller green energy companies to emerge, the Hydrodollar increases in value as the Petrodollar collapses. This provides us with a far-more viable contingency plan for the inevitable collapse of the U.S. dollar before it happens – IF this system were to be implemented as soon as possible. The results would not be very noticeable at first, but repairing damage is always a longer process than causing it.

Every organism on this planet values its own life and we are all interconnected by the very cycle of nature. This system proves we can move in a better direction at minimal-to-no cost in productivity or standard of living right out of the gate. If anything, even with the likelihood of intrinsic depreciation over a short period of time, such a depreciation would be infinitely unrecognizable in relation to the hyperinflation and sub-standard living conditions we find ourselves in now. The initial change to the system is underlying and is therefore unnoticeable upon initiation. The positive effects will begin to be noticed over time as prices begin to level off and the environment begins to show signs of improvement. The whole process can go forward without a hitch. We can have the future we need (and deserve) as a society; as a species.

The evidence of prosperity is in the absence of war.


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  1. joe bongiovanni

    Actually, it was the early founder of what has become the science of Ecological Economics, Physical-Nobelist Dr. Frederick Soddy, who pointed out that ALL of the earth’s wealth productions are in fact based on the Sun’s provisions, and that includes the water.
    Solar R US.

    Also, Dr. Soddy’s Lectures in Cartesian Economics. – The Bearing of Physical Science Upon State Stewardship.

    Thanks so much for paying attention
    [email protected]

  2. Howard Switzer

    Congratulations, you have at least identified the most important issue, money, or more specifically the war-mongering Money Power which is currently privately owned and controlled. 10 centuries before Christ the Greeks recognized that the most vital prerogative of democratic governance is to originate (create and issue) the money. Any government that does not control the money is controlled by those who do. While I greatly resonate with your sentiments about our world environment and socio-economic predicament I think this proposal is a little naive’, I am sorry to say. I say that as a student of money myself and as such have looked at, or been presented with, dozens of ideas about money. I am also part of a monetary reform group called the Alliance for Just Money at that explores money and we have a campaign now We are also members of the International Movement for Monetary Reform, a coalition of groups from 30 or so countries and we are also associated with The American Monetary Institute. All that said you are right that we need a resource based money, that is, money only issued if we have the resources, labor materials, know how, etc., to do a certain thing and this global debt-money system must be decentralized putting nation’s back in control of their own resources. Of course this means money must be originated publicly for the common good. To have the world’s resources monopolized by a few private and extremely wealthy interests. But the system we have is a centripetal system (concentrating to the center) and we need a centrifugal system (broadly dispersing). So much to discuss here, details etc. there is even existing legislation that would change the system that Dennis Kucinich introduced to Congress in 2011, The NEED Act HR2990 which got him gerrymandered out of Congress by his own party. That is a hint at the political opposition, dominated by the Money Power, that we are up against. We need to convince the elites to accept this change. As Josiah Stamp, former head of Bank of England, said; “As long as we allow banks to create deposits society will be paying for its own slavery.” Humankind has been enslaved to destroy the planet, apparently, but love of planet must win out and free us. I hope to hear from you soon.

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