Resolution H2O: War & Peace

Resolution H2O: War & Peace

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Resolution H2O: War & Peace

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor


Not to be confused with Tolstoy’s literary masterpiece, War and Peace taken together is the ultimate paradox of the human condition. Wherever there is war, there is the opportunity for Peace. Wherever there is Peace, there is the potential for War.

When we think about war in today’s society, we recognize it as a profit-driven endeavor orchestrated through manufactured consent.  Corporations and banks that make up part of the Military Industrial Complex, cooperate with mainstream media outlets, with whom those corporations and banks advertise, and “sell” their platform to the public. They then use their hand-picked politicians to be the public face of their agenda under the guise of whatever appeals to whichever communities said politicians are targeting for votes. Once elected – or “selected” through rigged primaries and general elections – these politicians then completely disregard everything they campaigned on that would benefit the masses and change course to immediately serve the interests of those who fund their campaigns and write their marching orders.

At this point, government is nothing more than a body of employees for big corporations whose sole purpose is to adhere to these corporations’ every whim, and in the process leave the very people who showed up and voted them into office eating their dust as they continuously kick sand in the face of those whose interests they were supposed to represent.

It has been through this devious and underhanded set of tactics that War has become the most profitable business in America and has extended its financial and political influence to countries around the world, making the prospect for Peace a threat to the bottom line of those who profit from endless conflict.

Herein lies the oxymoron that is the U.S. philosophy of superpower status through military force. The continuous cycle of war means endless destruction of our environment, thus destroying the very fabric of which all life is able to exist. The other part to this is the notion that if we don’t dominate other countries, we won’t be able to get the natural resources we desire and therefore, we won’t be able to have a thriving and robust economy.  This would mean fewer jobs, lower wages, poor living conditions, etc. This is only true as long as we continue to live under the oppressive and deceptive blanket of Unfettered Capitalism – which always ends in Monopoly, leading to civil unrest and eventual rebellion.

War economies have always fallen hard and fast throughout history, and unless the United States changes course, it will be no exception. Much of our war economy stems from our dependence on foreign oil from countries like Saudi Arabia, to whom we concede our allegiance without question – due to the fact that they are one of the largest exporters of oil to the United States.

If Saudi Arabia were to pull the plug on American oil import, the U.S. Dollar would collapse, along with our national economy.

In fact, we are beholden to oil exporting nations who do business with the United States because if we don’t go along with their agendas, we have no economy. Because countries like China own so much of our national debt, if our economy collapses and we can’t repay that debt, we surrender our very sovereignty to China and Saudi Arabia by defaulting on that debt. We would essentially be a slave colony to our creditor nations.

Does this seem impossible to avoid? At first glance, it probably does. But hold the phone! Let’s remember one thing: MONEY IS PSYCHOLOGICAL. If money can be created as being dependent on global oil trading and endless war, it can certainly be reorganized as being dependent on peace and prosperity shared by all people.

Here is where Resolution H2O comes in. Instead of being assigned value by the grace of oil producing nations, the Hydrodollar is assigned value using the global water table, which includes fresh and salt water the world over – which nobody could ever own and use to manipulate to their advantage. To solve this problem, the key is to eliminate the concept of ownership of a monetary system’s valuing source from the equation and having safeguards in place that can absorb any and all attempts to corrupt it. The Hydrodollar system does exactly that, by its fundamental design. Rather than acting as an inanimate fixed resource that is dictated by a small group of individuals with a common purpose, the Hydrodollar system acts as a fluid and infinite resource that is linked directly to the health and prosperity of our environment, using the global water table metric as its tool for assigning annual value.

A healthier environment means more natural resources, which means more fresh water buildup over time, which means more supply to meet demand, creating more jobs, and leading to higher intrinsic value for the currency. This in and of itself is a snapshot of what Peace and Prosperity looks like. With this, we have created a new monetary system that has taken the profit out of War and put it into Peace.

A healthier environment means more opportunity for a Green and Renewable Energy Revolution to take hold. As stated in my first article, the fossil fuel industry must be converted into the Green and Renewable Energy industry with the proper checks and balances to ensure that monopolies never take over the market. The design of the Hydrodollar system provides a self-regulating infrastructure to ensure this very outcome, as again, it is a fluid and infinite resource as opposed to a debt-based and tightly controlled resource in the hands of a few.

Here, the system is controlled by Nature instead of people. People depend on nature to survive. We take care of nature, nature takes care of us. There’s no incentive built into this system to destroy our environment and be at war with one another. Built into this system is the incentive for Peace and mutual cooperation across the world to ensure the strength and stability of the system; and because this system is fluid and infinite in its output, it is completely conducive with the organic element that nature produces, including humans. No matter what someone tries to do to corrupt this system, it is designed to absorb such attempts like a plant soaking up sunlight. Everything that tries to disrupt the natural flow of the system acts like a ripple in a pond. The disruption occurs, but it always returns to its natural state and progresses on its own.

All countries have a resource, or a variety of resources, that is desired by outside parties around the world. Some are physical and tangible, others are artistic and imaginary. What the Hydrodollar system does, in this respect, is allow for everyone in the world to contribute to society in their own way without necessarily having to rely upon the dictations of a greedy few for a platform from which they can execute their respective visions.

For example, here in the United States, we all know about the “Starving Artist.” A person wants to become an actor. Because the way our system is set up today, that person must work themselves to the bone in order to make ends meet – if they’re lucky enough to be able to do so. Their dream of acting may get lost in the shuffle of American life as they struggle to buy their next meal. Eventually, that dream of acting fades into obscurity and that person is just another in the continuous lineage of the 99%.

What might occur if this same person exists in a world with the Hydrodollar System at work? This person wants to become an actor, and they know that with Universal Basic Income (for which the Hydrodollar system completely allows), they won’t have to worry about starving, going homeless, or being forced to work themselves to death for the 1% and never be able to pursue their dream. Obviously this person will have to make the right choices needed to achieve their goal, so there is no certainty of outcome. There is, however, a certainty of SURVIVAL on their part.


While their dream of being an actor is not certain, what is certain is that they will be able to live their life with dignity and they will have no incentive to stoop to a life of crime or to have to satisfy the greedy ambitions of the 1%. With this fundamental principle built into the foundation of the Hydrodollar system, we now have a platform from which all people can live in peace, harmony, and share in the prosperity that Resolution H2O can bring to the world.


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