Resolution H2O: Economy & Finance

Resolution H2O: Economy & Finance

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Resolution H2O: Economy & Finance

By:  Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

No matter what country with whatever system is the subject of discussion, it cannot be denied that all economies are based on the core principles of Capitalism. But as we expand ourselves and create ever-changing venues of expression, the basic economic truisms tend to get lost in translation. Greed has always been a fundamental human trait and cannot be completely quelled. However, with the right incentives built into the economic system, it can be a great asset. The unfortunate truth is that because of how monetary systems are structured in the world today, it is always a question of distribution which results in the kind of wealth and income inequality that causes economies to collapse under their own weight. Because monetary supplies must remain fixed in quantity in order to maintain their intrinsic value and humans and natural resources are organic and multiply by nature, we end up with an ever-worsening situation in which a growing population must compete for smaller and smaller portions of the monetary pie.

Expanding the money supply, or Quantitative Easing, results in depreciation of said currency’s intrinsic value, ultimately leading to total collapse of that currency. This trend shows us that the problem is foundational, which calls for a reinvention of the wheel in order to either fix the system, or replace it entirely.

For those who think a reinvention of the wheel is an exercise in futility, such a change to the economic system in this case could be considered an “upgrade.” This upgrade is specifically aimed at reforming the logical foundation of money in order to make it more conducive to the organic nature of human behavior and the natural environment. Using the Hydrodollar system, the intrinsic value of the currency is no longer determined by the ancient Weights-and-Measures scale or by debt,  It is determined via the percentage of the fluctuation in the global water table, which has built into it the incentive to help the environment to thrive as opposed to that of capitalist exploitation. No body of natural resources can survive so long as there is no incentive to care for the environment which we fundamentally depend on for our very existence. That incentive is inherent in the Hydrodollar system by way of the fact that the better the water table is, the higher the intrinsic value of the currency, which lends itself to the law of supply and demand through the use of the excess water for irrigation and farming for more food supplies. Along with the long-term outcome of greater sustainability of natural resources comes the inherent cleansing of pollution in the environment. More vegetation means more taking in of the excess Carbon Dioxide that we exhale, allowing more vegetation to exhale the Oxygen we need to make the atmosphere more breathable for all other lifeforms on land. This also lowers the dreaded greenhouse gas emissions that harm our ozone and makes us more vulnerable to ultraviolet radiation. In so doing this leads to ideal conditions for more precipitation which adds to the water table. Strengthening the ecosystem to strengthen the monetary system both makes this planet a healthier and more prosperous place to live and removes the profitability of Empire.

Venues of expression change over time as societies find new ways to move forward. One key hindrance in this process is the ambition of those at the top to suppress those who would pose a threat to their economic and political power. This type of competitive capitalism is what leads to endless conflict ranging across a wide array of issues. The only way out of such a situation is to fundamentally move away from competitive capitalism towards a hybrid economy of basic capitalism, socialism and environmentalism. This is exactly what the Hydrodollar system does. It is a monetary system that has no limits, thereby eliminating the incentive for competition over a piece of an economic pie. Coming together and helping nurse the environment back to health through transitioning from fossil fuel into green energy and working to help one another prosper rather than viewing each other as competition to be bested is the only way out of the doomsday situation we find ourselves in now. Reversing the devastation of the exploitative capitalist ideology will take a long time; but doing nothing will be far more costly in the end. Now that we’re on the issue of cost, everyone knows that banking is the premiere industry that ties all other industries together. Because the monetary systems of the world are tied to some kind of central bank, economic power wielded by banks is practically limitless. Again, we can trace this back to the foundation of money and how it must remain fixed in order to maintain its intrinsic value. But in a monetary system that is devoid of such limitations, the power of banks almost completely disappears. Debt is no longer necessary because there is no incentive to hold it. Interest rates? Why gouge consumers under a monetary system that is limitless when all that is needed to combat such a tactic is to authorize more money, knowing that it will not result in higher and higher debt? As we see by the very design of the Hydrodollar system, banking is drastically simplified and can be made to serve more as a public storage program rather than a profit-generating enterprise.

Under this system, there will be no reason to have a borrowing network of lenders and people will no longer find themselves in debt to greedy vulture capitalists. Banking can finally be a public program that serves a similar purpose as that of a public storage unit and with the advancement of digital currency, storage will not be a problem. The question that comes next is what happens to the people who are currently working in the banking and loan professions?

Universal Basic Income can sustain these individuals until they find something else to contribute to society. Again, venues of expression change over time, and changing to a system such as this provides people with the financial support necessary to live as they search for the next venue of expression. One such scenario might be if banks and loan offices converted into municipal internet locations; or possibly green energy distribution centers for their respective municipalities. Every negative event comes with an opportunity. What is most important is how we choose to take advantage of that opportunity. The great thing about the Hydrodollar system in this regard is that it allows all people the breathing space to find that opportunity out of anything that might unexpectedly happen that sets them back, financially or professionally. More resources through a healthier and more plentiful water table means more for professional opportunities along with more food. Economically, financially, professionally, socially, politically, environmentally, this is a winning scenario with no drawbacks. If we can, sooner than later, spread this system around and get it adopted, the future of mankind will be greatly benefited.


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