Prisoner Of Hope

Prisoner Of Hope

By: Josh Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

“I cannot be an optimist but I am a prisoner of hope” – Cornel West

The fallout from Super Tuesday is nearly that of radioactive matter falling from the sky. Berners are taking cover in the fallout shelters of their mind. What was expected to be a sweep for America’s dad, Bernie Sanders, instead was thwarted by the Empire getting its crap together and striking back. Unlike the Republican establishment which was in disarray in combating their fake populist, the Democrats, for better or for worse, coalesced to support the corporate pro war candidate to defeat the authentic populist.

By all measures, an incredibly successful night for Joe Biden. Yet, stories coming out that Democrats had to sue TN to keep the polls open after a massive tornado, shows the level to which we care about people being heard. The fact that people even had to force that issue and that the local TN government didn’t just do it anyway, shows that working-class people being heard is not a priority for the establishment.

There were reports of Texas closing hundreds of polling locations in predominantly Black and Latino areas. This shows just how much we believe in the premise of the constitution: “all men are created equal”.

It is well past time that we quit blanketing ourselves in the comfort of platitudes and anecdotes, and instead rise up, rise against, and disrupt the corporate narrative. There are visionaries outside of Bernie Sanders doing just that. People like Zachary Moses, running for Governor in Utah, are looking to upend the apple cart for barriers to regular citizens running for office. As it stands now, the state party controls the party voter data. To get access to that data, you pay them your fee.

Zach, on the other hand, got the voter data from the state, not the party, and had it loaded into a free app called HelloVoter. If any of you have canvassed (knocked on doors) for a candidate and you tracked your progress on an app, it most likely was NGP Van. Using NGP Van updates info to the Democratic party. The same Democratic Party that Bernie is trying to upend. If you get valuable voter data, you are freely giving it to them, while you are paying a price to access it. Strange, no?

HelloVoter, on the other hand, is something that allows you to control your own data. You own it. Mr. Moses, for Utah anyway, is paying for the cloud space to allow anyone to access that data. You want to run for office? Download the app, carve out your districts and make your voice heard. Not sure how to use the app? Good thing there is a how to guide on YouTube.

Why is it necessary that we upend the apple cart? For me, I am a combat veteran. I was part of the first combat support hospital that jumped forward into Iraq within approximately a week after war was officially declared in March of 2003. My hospital not only took care of soldiers but also local nationals. Of them, many were children.

Seeing children with their limbs missing because they were caught in an illegal war for profit, initiated by lies and deceit by the Republican party, rubber-stamped by the Democratic party, left me with the mission of opposing any pro-war candidate. Biden hasn’t found a war he doesn’t support. Biden is happy to waste trillions of dollars on illegal wars while calling people lying dog-faced pony soldiers for asking simple questions. What do you think he’ll call you if you ask him why he voted for illegal wars?

Joe ‘may I sniff your daughter’ Biden, has severe problems with keeping his hands and his nose to himself. It doesn’t take a body language expert to see the severe discomfort on the faces of his victims.

Why hasn’t the media #cancelled Joe? Could it be for the same reason that Hillary Clinton said “how could we have known” when it comes to the pervert in chief, Harvey Weinstein (outside of Jeffrey Epstein, who didn’t kill himself), while at the same time saying “no one likes Bernie” (the most popular politician in the U.S.)?

I know that I, for one, am tired of propagandists giving me my marching orders while they literally have a pedophile rape island where people are ferried in by the Lolita Express. Perhaps the chief occupant outside of Eptstein, was Bill Clinton.

So, by nature of working-class folk running for office, using NGP Van to do so, empowers these same disgusting and duplicitous plutocrats and authoritarians to continue to divide us by means of skin color, religion, sexual orientation, etc.

Biden even lied about being arrested. While he tries to explain it away, how can we, as a nation, trust that he will do anything he promises if when you push back and ask second-level questions, he’ll disparage you with ad hominem attacks? If you are a female child or grown woman, he will inappropriately fondle your shoulders while sniffing your hair. If you let him talk long enough he’ll speak about disturbing things like children rubbing his legs and jumping on his lap.

In the era of #MeToo, is it supposed to mean: I’m a pedophile. Hey, #MeToo. Is it supposed to mean: Hey, I inappropriately touch and sniff your daughter. Hey, #MeToo.

Is this what equality looks like? Is this what we want, going forward, as an electorate?

Now is not the time to despair. Don’t you think that Bernie has felt the cold embrace of despair but then stood up and said “not today”? Don’t you think that Bernie has felt the lonely embrace of doing what is right while being treated as a pariah for his efforts?

What has Bernie done in the face of such times? He shows up and never stops. He fights for what is right, even if he doesn’t make friends. He fights for what his noble, even if he is ostracized from “polite circles” for it.

What Bernie needs from all of us, is to show up. Don’t be dismayed, get mad. Don’t be discouraged, ROAR with the ferocity of hundreds of thousands of murdered civilians as a direct result of our illegal war in Iraq alone.

The time is now to stand up. There will come a day when it is time to sit down and let others carry the torch forward. Today is not such a day. Today we must fight like our lives depend on it. Quite frankly, our lives likely do! Today America’s dad needs you and he cannot do this alone. #NotMeUs

About the Author:

Joshua Cameron

Candidate for Utah’s 1st congressional district

Army Combat Veteran (1999-2003)

Lives in West Valley City, Utah

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