There are so many of us. We all have something we want to say. With each voice bouncing off of one another, we are left feeling unheard.

It is obvious the corporate lobby driven policy makers do not hear us — or do not care.  Why should they?

We are a fractured group of third parties and displaced splinter cells. We have passions for progress and a common cause. Without unity, however, we are lost in a sea of smallness.

Our Voice Initiative is a non-profit organization empowering everyday citizens to restore justice and accountability to American politics.

We aim to help bring the power of our government back to people like you and me through open primaries, civic engagement, and open source grassroots support.

The Our Voice Mobile App provides the tools and knowledge-base to every person. It will help bring about a new era of grassroots representatives and informed voters.

Our Voice encourages citizens, just like you, to run for public office. We’d like our government to represent all of us, instead of the wealthy few.

Your voice is amplified through Our Voice!

Your voice combined with my voice becomes Our voice.

This is our initiative. Our Voice is bringing movements and groups together to get on the same page and provide a common toolbox of strategy, policy, and organizing/funding resources to new candidates who want to take on the establishment.

Speak Our Voice!

Healthcare Is Not A Cellphone Plan

The Affordable Care Act is far from perfect and there is currently a bill to implement Universal Healthcare or Medicare For All (H.R.676). The Republican majority and the 45th President of the United States are still bent on removing many of the protections in the ACA. They seem to think shopping for health care is like getting a cellphone plan. It is not. It is not even

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Why We March on May Day

There are many lessons we as a country still have to learn. From police brutality and violent anarchists infiltrating peaceful protests, to politicians co-opting movements for their own agenda a la Eisenhower’s declaration in 1958

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