Our Voice Initiative is a non-profit organization empowering everyday citizens to bring our government back to the people through open primaries, civic engagement, and open source grassroots support.

The Our Voice Mobile App provides the tools and knowledge-base to every person. It will help bring about a new era of grassroots representatives and informed voters.

Our Voice Candidate Directory houses grassroots, progressive candidates, regardless of party affiliation for every level of office.

Our Voice encourages citizens, just like you, to run for public office. We’d like our government to represent all of us, instead of the wealthy few. We are continually building processes and support to do just that.

Your voice is amplified through Our Voice!

  • Develop applications that encourage interactions between voters and candidates.
  • Provide informative resources for voters and grassroots candidates
  • Create a foundation for everyday citizens to access the political field to run for office
  • Share knowledge, experience and resources through Partnerships as a team to facilitate the growth of the grassroots movement as a whole.

Our Voice is bringing movements and groups together to get on the same page and provide a common toolbox of strategy, policy, and organizing/funding resources to new candidates who want to take on the establishment.

Are you an organization interested in combining voices?

Your voice combined with my voice becomes Our voice.

We continue to develop our toolbox and grow our resources. For future updates, please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and sign up for our newsletter!

We are a small group of volunteers who are dedicated to providing and building the support process of Our Voice. If you would like to contribute and support our mission, any amount is greatly appreciated and can be done here.

We encourage feedback and suggestions. Do you have an idea? Resource to offer? Skills to volunteer to help grow Our Voice? Send us mail and share your voice!

Speak Our Voice!


I troll Facebook trying to argue these points, knowing full well that the people I argue against will never GET it – will never change their minds. Maybe someone will read what we troll and get one of those “Ah Ha!” moments.

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