Our Voice USA Press Release 1 2019

Our Voice USA Press Release 1 2019

Our Voice USA

Portland, Maine 04103


Contact: Chris Garrou, Media Liaison

[email protected]


For Immediate Release:

Portland Maine, February 17, 2019–We are pleased to announce the public beta for HelloVoterHQ, the new server side component to the Our Voice USA mobile app!


What’s new?


The updated HelloVoter mobile app is now able to talk to our new product, HelloVoterHQ, a component you install on a server and use with a desktop web browser. Import data, manage volunteers, teams & turf, and perform data analytics – everything you need to run a large canvassing campaign.

Who can use this beta?


While all of our software is open to everyone without restriction, there is currently a certain level of technical knowledge required to get HelloVoterHQ deployed. Our Voice USA, as a 501(c)(3) charity, is unable to get directly involved in any campaign or political party. As such, you will need to find a technically savvy individual who knows how to work with Docker in order to get this going for your organization.


We are, however, able to engage people in a public forum to answer questions and help solve their problems! Please subscribe to our YouTube channel and comment on our videos, or open an “issue” on our GitHub project.


It is our goal to make the setup process as easy as possible, and our documentation will improve over time as people engage us with questions in the public space.

What are the goals for full release?

Development on both HelloVoter and HelloVoterHQ will continue throughout the beta. Our primary focus will be responding to feedback from users, and implementing the features which have the best value to resource ratio.


That said, here is a list of items we intend to complete before we consider HelloVoterHQ a fully released product:


  • Operation without a voter list. Giving users the ability to add new address and additional voter data to their walk list to fill in any gaps your campaign has for your area.
  • Custom authentication. Currently, access is done with social media accounts via OAuth provided by Our Voice USA. We recognize and will provide resources for organizations to use their own OAuth providers.
  • Simplify deployment. We want to make this easy to deploy to your cloud provider. Therefore,  HelloVoterHQ will become a fully compliant 12 factor application.
  • Running a national campaign. This beta release is intended to handle the large scale of data behind a national campaign. The full release will address any issues that come up from user feedback.

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