Our Voice USA Press Release

Our Voice USA Press Release

Our Voice USA Press Release

By: Our Voice USA


For Immediate Release

April 25 2018


Our Voice Initiative Sets It’s New Path As Our Voice USA


“Competitive elections, the free exchange of ideas, and accountability from elected officials are fundamental for a healthy democracy.” – Samuel Ronan


Former DNC Chair candidate, Samuel Ronan, identified several issues facing both those who dare enter the arena of civil servitude as grassroots politicians, and the voters whose support these politicians must garner: Big corporate money in politics acting as a barrier to entry, a general lack of civic engagement and education among the most vulnerable to bad legislation, and no way for average, non-superdelegate voices to be heard by their would-be representatives. Out of these necessities, the vision of Our Voice Initiative was born.


Mr. Ronan created Our Voice Initiative and, through the help of many dedicated volunteers, established it’s foundation while guiding  the path to it’s vision. The organization has seen some changes and creative developments, most notably the Our Voice App and Our Voice Candidate Directory.


Due to his ongoing political career and the organization’s restructuring as a non-partisan NPO, Mr. Ronan and Our Voice Initiative would like to announce he is leaving the organization to begin building the next phase of his vision; helping everyday Americans run for office. As part of this transition, Our Voice Initiative, Inc will be known as Our Voice USA.


Our Voice USA will maintain its social media presence and its current website. The Our Voice Candidate Directory will be moved to another location, details to be released at a later time. The organization will be spearheaded by its Board of Directors, Cori Chaney, Christopher Garrou, and Corey Henderson. Our Voice USA will focus on creating a hub for voters and activists, regardless of political ideology, and continue creating tools for civic engagement.


Our Voice USA currently operates as a 501(c)(4) and will be filing for 501(c)(3) nonprofit status for the purpose of bringing the power of our government back to we, the people, through civic engagement, open source grassroots support, and providing accessible resources. Our Voice USA is building an open platform providing tools and information to allow anyone who wants access to become agents of change.


Our Voice USA will operate with no restrictions or barriers to access. Anyone can use our platform regardless of political views, level of activism, or needs. We want to enable all voices previously left out in the cold, to not only join the political process, but to unite together to create the change we seek.


Our goal is keeping citizens engaged with their civic duties and aware of their inalienable rights as Americans through a unified platform for all voices.


Our Voice USA does not promote or endorse candidates. We aim to help fix the process of voting without a political bias.


For Interview, Media, and Statements contact Our Voice USA through Cori Chaney at [email protected].

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