Our Voice Bylaws



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    1. Article I – Name
      1. The name of the corporation shall be Our Voice Initiative, Inc.
        1. It may be referred to in official capacity as: Our Voice, The Initiative, Our Voice USA, Our Voice Initiative, Our Voice International
    2. Article II – Purpose
      1. The purpose of Our Voice shall be to offer a support structure in the fields of: Civic engagement, Activism, Community Outreach, Small Business Outreach, and any other start up, or grassroots processes that would naturally fall under these provisions
      2. Offer at little to no cost such services and guidance to ensure the self sustaining nature of such organizations that request our services, become a partner or affiliate as outlined in these bylaws, or otherwise fall under the jurisdiction of support from Our Voice
      3. Create and maintain a structure of leadership for the purposes of fulfilling the aforementioned purposes, to address needs, concerns, and conflicts at respective levels, to establish and maintain a chain of command (CoC), ensure that the Area of Responsibility (AOR) is maintained and that all levels of Our Voice have sufficient access to, and means of addressing or coordinating issues, needs, or conflicts
    3. Article III – Structure
      1. The Structure of Our Voice shall at a minimum consist of:
        1. Our Voice National – presently the United States of America
        2. Our Voice State – presently one Our Voice Chapter for every of the 50 United States, and her several territories
        3. Our Voice County – presently one Our Voice Chapter for every one of the 3,142 counties and county equivalents as defined by:
          1. 3,007 counties, 64 parishes, 18 organized boroughs, 11 census areas, 41 independent cities, and the District of Columbia for a total of 3,142 counties and county-equivalents in the United States.
        4. Our Voice Local – presently one Our Voice Chapter for every city, municipality, and equivalent in the United States of America
        5. Our Voice  University – presently one Our Voice Chapter for every institution of higher learning to include: College, University, and Vocational or Trade School.
        6. As of 9/25/2017 Article 3.a.i-ii are in full operation and Article 3.a.iii-v are under construction for those entities in which we are building the presence of Our Voice
      2. This structure is Hierarchical in nature, purpose and design.
        1. The most superior level of Our Voice shall be National until such time as may arise that Our Voice becomes International at which time the most superior level of Our Voice shall be Our Voice International, followed in succession remaining levels: National, State, County, Local, University
      3. All inferior Chapters of Our Voice may have their own unique bylaws, in so far as they adhere to a minimum these bylaws, their provisions, and intentions and local laws, local being relative to the size and scale of the Chapters AOR
      4. All inferior chapters may request the aid, service, and support of any superior chapter for the purposes of: Conflict resolution, resource acquisition, personnel appropriation, legal determination, adjudication, achieving quorum, presiding over election, selection, or endorsement processes, and any other such business as from time to time may be requested from a superior authority
        1. Superior Chapters must acknowledge and address such requests as are within reason, reason being defined as: within the scope ofthe Superior Chapters capabilities, resources, experience, AOR, and reach
        2. The request shall be a standardized process which will be outlined in the Our Voice handbook and must be adhered to, shall never be altered other than by the highest levels of Our Voice, and shall be universal to every Chapter within the Our Voice network to include partners, affiliates, and other such entities that engage in activities of this nature with Our Voice
      5. All Superior Chapters may coordinate, request the support of, or otherwise utilize inferior chapters so long as those purposes are for the greater good of all Chapters involved, are relevant to the scope and scale of the Superior chapter, and with the permission of the next Superior Chapter up to and including the (Inter)National Chapter.
        1. The purpose of this provision is to allow for a quick, and cohesive means of large scale operations such as Supporting a Governor’s race, Supporting a National Rally for Women’s Rights, Highlighting a growing community Outreach Program such as Boy Scouts of America, or helping a small business reach its new franchise base, to name a few such examples
        2. This provision also prohibits abuse of power or authority due to superior status, or scale to arbitrarily demand the support of inferior Chapters to fill gaps, holes, or achieve goals and deadlines.
          1. Further the failure or incompetence of a superior Chapters leadership to achieve prescribed goals, or purposes can be reported by inferior Chapters directly to Our Voice (Inter)National and such notices will be taken into consideration, prompt action taken as is warranted, and a removal or replacement of insufficient leadership shall be made
          2. This provision is also not to be abused by inferior Chapters and thus any such abuse found to be true will be meted with equal and swift resolution
          3. The only persons who may make such a notice of failure, inferior leadership, or worse is the Chapter Chair with a consensus vote of the Board requiring a quorum, and 70% vote in favor of the notice.
      6. Any request made, any change made, any other action or activity made by the Our Voice (Inter)National will be adhered to immediately and be considered an organizational change, update, improvement, or restructuring, will immediately supersede any provision, by law, or other governing rule in existence within the organization, be applicable to all Chapters, partners, affiliates, and other entities who have dealings with Our Voice, and be implemented upon announcement
        1. Such changes shall be infrequent unless by necessity, and whenever possible be an organization wide announcement of at least 10 days notice.
      7. This structure shall apply to any DBA, Branch, or extension of Our Voice or other subordinate entity or person that has dealings with Our Voice as the primary operating, decision making, or resource generating entity
        1. As of the writing of this Bylaws this includes: Speak Our Voice, Our Voice Podcast, Our Voice Patreon, Our Voice Tee Spring, Our Voice Consulting, and Ted Talks
          1. Future Our Voice Initiative, Inc. holdings, specific entities, or other such subordinate and inferior activities that directly bare the name of Our Voice shall always be beholden to these bylaws.
        2. Partners and Affiliates are beholden to these Bylaws in so far as to not infringe upon the Partnership/Affiliate agreement forms which outlines the specific nature of such mutual collaborations.
          1. Partners and Affiliates who utilize the Our Voice logo and brand will be beholden to these Bylaws, as is also stipulated in the Agreement
          2. These Bylaws will never, under any circumstance, dictate autonomy of Partners or Affiliates unless such an agreement is agreed to and such entities become officially a part of Our Voice Initiative, Inc.
    4. Article IV – Leadership
      1. The primary leadership of Our Voice (Inter)National shall be the Chairman of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. or the National Leadership of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. until such time as the National Leadership is deceased, or steps down from authority.
      2. In lieu of the National Leadership there shall be a board that consists of the following members at a minimum: Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Administrative Director, Branded Content Director, Director of Technology
        1. In the initial stages of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. these duties, titles, and offices may be held by more than one person, or plurally by one person.
          1. The ultimate authority in the initial phases of the organization shall be universally agreed and approved to be the National Leadership
          2. The National Leadership shall adhere to the advice and experiences of the other members in the Board, or who are Directors.
          3. The National Leadership is prohibited from taking any action that is adverse to the success and future of the organization in a direct or indirect capacity.
            1. Such prohibited activities must be demonstrably threatening to the future or present existence of the organization in a court of law, such as being found guilty of a felony offense
          4. The National Leadership may designate any person deemed fit by the National Leadership to carry out such roles and responsibilities as are needed, or otherwise outlined in these Bylaws, and may become Board members, or directors thereof per this provision
            1. The person may also be removed by the National Leadership to include but not limited to: at will, upon completion of duties, or for cause
            2. The person may be requested to be removed by a general consensus of such board members for but not limited to:  cause, or other proof of negligence, wrong doing, incompetence, or inferior workmanship
            3. Any such appointee is subject to these Bylaws
            4. Asy such person who is removed for other than positive, heretofore designated “Honorable”, conditions shall be universally, and permanently barred from Our Voice, her activities, partners, affiliates, and any other such interactions that associate with Our Voice.
              1. There shall be a “black list” created maintained and scrupulously adhered to for such purposes.
              2. Persons on the “black list” may only be reinstated their privileges of working, volunteering, with/for Our Voice if the offense was not overly egregious, and the Chapter that was violated has a 90% consensus on giving such a person a second chance at redemption
      3. Such a structure of leadership shall be included in all inferior Chapters of Our Voice except for “Director of Technology” as Our Voice (Inter)National shall hold sole authority of development of technologies to include but not limited to: website, applications, other tools or resources.
      4. Chairs of the Chapters are the only persons who are authorized to communicate requests of other chapters Superior, Inferior or lateral.
        1. Chairs will only act with such authority as is granted and outlined within these bylaws
        2. Chairs shall only act autonomously when given express permission by Superior Chairs, or upon initiation of a new Chapter for the purposes of expediency and development
        3. Chairs will bring requests to inferior or superior chairs that have attained no less than a general consensus of the voting body, respective to whom those persons are for the decision or request being made
          1. Executive(chapter) decisions must be made under quorum and a simple majority of 50% +1
          2. Decisions pertaining to normal business that affects members must have at least 50% of affected members present to include the Executive board, shall receive no less than 50% +1 of the assembled vote.
          3. Not all decisions and activities require a vote
            1. Delegation of duties for efficiency
            2. Promotion of the Chapter or Our Voice
            3. Acceptance of new volunteers or assigning tasks to such volunteers
            4. Decisions, per this provision, that do not require financial activities, affect the Bylaws, or otherwise needlessly prohibit routine actions or efforts
          4. Under no circumstances shall there ever be a suspension of the rules
          5. There shall never come a time other than expressly outlined in these Bylaws, where upon the Chair at any tier of the organization may act with impunity or without restraint, acquire such powers and authorities, through parliamentary means, or subvert other offices and direct those authorities to the position of Chair, or otherwise undercut the hierarchy and structure set forth in this Bylaws to officiate rules, conduct, and a universal way of doing things.
            1. The sole exception to this rule is that the National Leadership of Our Voice may so long as the National Leadership does not endanger the continuation, existence, or legal standing (honor) of the organization in so doing, this being necessitated in the early stages of our organization to establish structure, order, and foundation thereof.
            2. Any other exceptions do not exist
            3. Any breaches of this provision will result in permanent Black Listing and all legal actions will be pursued
      5. All leadership positions shall be voted upon by the popular vote of voting members of Our Voice and their respective Chapter being affected
        1. Voting shall be outlined in Article VI of this Bylaws
        2. Voting Shall be relative to the affected Chapter meaning all inferior chapters, and their voting eligible members shall have a vote in their superior offices.
          1. Plainly said: If you are at the lowest tier of Our Voice- Our Voice University, and there are several others within the AOR of Our Voice Local, all members of all affected tiers Inferior to that specific Our Voice Local Chapter may vote on the Executive Board of the Local Chapter election!
          2. Further description: If Our Voice Ohio is having an Executive Board election only members of the 88 Counties in Ohio, her several cities, and universities may vote. Neither Our Voice KY members, or adjacent towns, to include those separated by natural boundaries may participate in the vote. All other entities within the border of Ohio, that are Our Voice voting eligible, may vote!
          3. This is to ensure that leadership never, under any circumstances, becomes centered in the hands of the few and that it is always the decision of the many affected.
        3. Naturally such selections and voting will turn into elections with internal Our Voice Politics, therefore, per these Bylaws, let be said and known that all elections shall ever be public, transparent, and open to anyone within the organization to pursue office so long as they were eligible to vote in the organization begin with, and are directly affiliated with Our Voice, ie. not a partner, affiliate or other associated member
          1. Elections will take place 90 days prior to the end of the Calendar year 12/31/XXXX
          2. Candidates for any and all positions must be declared utilizing Our Voice Official documentation and be presented by no less than 75 days before 12/31/XXXX
          3. Such candidates shall be voted upon through a rank choice voting system of no less than each member may vote for their top 3 picks
            1. The majority vote recipient through this process becomes the winner
            2. Should the winner be unable to assume their duly elected position for any reason to include resignation, the follow up shall assume the seat.
              1. Should this happen 31 days after the election, a new election with the same rules shall be held for the respective position left vacant
              2. Should this happen happen within 30 days after the election the next in the succession shall assume the position until the 31st day has been attained
        4. All elected positions shall last for a period of 1 Calendar year and have a term limit of 2 consecutive terms
          1. The sole exception to this rule is if such an Executive Board candidate who has held their position for 2 consecutive terms and is nominated, per this provision, by a supermajority of eligible voters, to be no less than 75% in consensus to the nomination, such a person shall be eligible to run for any number of consecutive terms as they are able to attain
            1. The National Leadership, not being an elected position, is not part of this provision and thus the National Leadership upon death, relinquishes their role as such, and no such position shall ever be held again, created again, in honor, memoriam, or otherwise.
          2. Per this provision, the operative word in Article IV.e.iv is CONSECUTIVE, and thus a person holding a seat for 2 consecutive terms, who has not attained a supermajority nomination, or chooses to decline such, may resume normal candidacy after that defined 3rd year has passed
      6. Leadership as defined and outlined in Article IV is intended to be lateral, and equal as such, with the obligations, duties, and responsibilities implied and demanded of such a person in a leadership position
        1. Executive members (leaders) can be removed  from their position by a supermajority of 75% consensus of the affected Chapter
          1. This does not include inferior chapters
        2. Inferior Chapter members may only vote on the removal of a superior Chapter Leader if such a person has acted so egregiously as to affect inferior Chapters as well
          1. Under such circumstances, the Chairs of the affected inferior chapters, as well as the entire voting body of the principle Chapter will be eligible to vote for the removal of the designated Leader
        3. No elected member to a position of leadership, may create a position inferior to their own as to arbitrarily raise non leadership members to a position of “power”
          1. Any attempts to do so will be grounds for immediate removal, blacklisting, and legal action
          2. Any allowances of such will allow all Leadership to suffer the same penalties of Article IV.f.iii.1
        4. Per this provision, expressly stated, leadership is a privilege, an honor, and a burden, and shall be taken into consideration in the moderation process of election so that all who may vote do so with a full understanding of whom they might select to lead them
      7. From time to time Leaders in their respective positions, and from all tiers of the organization shall come together to discuss their respective offices and how to improve their burdens, processes, and better serve the organization within their constraints, or at the behest of the Chair of Our Voice, or the National Leadership, whichever may come first
        1. Such meetings shall be open to the public to bear witness to, however attendees may not participate in such a gathering unless the leadership, agrees to a public involvement  with a simple majority of leaders present agreeing to such, a tie being construed as consent in this instance, per this provision
        2. This meeting such as any other activity within Our Voice, is not to usurp powers, or authorities from other leadership positions but to better define and articulate those powers and authorities within the parameters of the position being met
    5. Article V – The Officers
      1. The names, and duties of each executive position shall be outlined in this article and shall be adhered to at all respective levels of Our Voice that may or shall exist
      2. Chair
        1. The chair of Our Voice, understood in this provision to be the Chair of Our Voice the organization, shall hold certain privileges and authorities superior to all other positions, and Chairs of such inferior Chapters
          1. The Chair May – Designate such esteemed persons with recognition who have shown exemplary skill, talent, initiative, or other action as to merit such an accolade
          2. Call emergency meetings of any Executive Board, of any tier of Our Voice, and any subsidiary of Our Voice
          3. Hold special Votes, and elections when such are needed due to unforeseen, or extreme circumstances that are beyond the scope of this or any other provision to encompass
          4. Christen new entities, and subsidiary factions of Our Voice so long as the Executive Board have agreed upon its need, and the votes corroborate its creation
        2. Chairs of Chapters have final approval authority of all voting matters
          1. The Chair can be vetoed with a unanimous vote of the entire executive Board of the respective Chapter
        3. Shall be the liaison for all matters of business concerning the Chapter but from without the Chapter
          1. This includes request to and from inferior or superior Tiers of Our Voice
          2. This includes lateral requests
        4. Shall be the sole representative voter in matters in which an inferior chapter may participate
        5. Shall enforce, and adjudicate any actions or activities of a disciplinary nature to resolve conflict, or to otherwise ensure good order and discipline
        6. Shall have the authority to approve of expenses
        7. Shall direct the Chapter in carrying out the purpose, and vision of Our Voice within their AOR
          1. Responsible for the activities of Our Voice members within their jurisdiction
          2. Responsible for establishing local policies and best practices, in adherence to these Bylaws, and superior Chapters
          3. Responsible for establishing, or maintaining their Chapter and any inferior Chapters to include finding quality members to fulfill Leadership roles
          4. Responsible for delegations of authority to such persons as are needed to carry out these objectives
      3. Vice Chair
        1. Shall assume the duties of the Chair in every capacity in the absence of the Chair
          1. Shall be expected to be on par with the Chair in matters of Our Voice, and thus communication between the two, in matters of Our Voice are mandatory
        2. Moderate disputes that may arise and that the Chair may enforce or adjudicate
        3. Shall be the primary conveyer of new business, and the first to view prospective amendments, or changes to business, Bylaws, or other Our Voice related change
        4. Shall ensure voting members are accounted for, and their status maintained, or removed accordingly
        5. Shall have authority to carry out expenditures
        6. Shall assist the Chair in all matters of the Chapter and is presumed to be the first to accept delegated authority and tasks
      4. Secretary
        1. Shall maintain the minutes, notes, and other writings pertinent to conducting, and archiving Executive business
          1. Due to the singular nature of this position, secretaries must be able to type a minimum of 65 WPM, have advanced note taking skills, be able to speak to the public, maintain a professional appearance, and maintain documentation
        2. Shall be the primary contact in all matters of their respective Chapter
          1. This means that the press, general inquiries, “info org box” etc. shall be the primary responsibility of the Secretary
        3. Shall be primary decision maker of administrative tasks native to the Chapter, not to be confused or supercede the role of the Administrative Director
        4. Shall be the public face of the Chapter in the absence of the Chair, or Vice Chair
          1. One of these 3 must be the representative of the Chapter for Official business pertaining to the Chapter at large
            1. Under extraordinary circumstances such as 3 simultaneous events, or worse illness, death, etc. the Directors may step in
            2. This is not to supercede Directors from being able to appear on behalf of their own AOR, such as during a Graphic Design Conference, or Expo the Branded Content Director may represent Our Voice Chapter
      5. Treasurer
        1. Shall be the sole person with access to funds for their respective Chapter
        2. Shall never be a decision maker in expenditures other than to vote for or against a provision
        3. Shall adhere to all applicable legislation that governs a treasury
        4. Shall keep track of the Chapters monies, and make monthly reports to their superior Chapter of the allocation of funds
          1. This includes reports received from inferior Chapters
          2. The Treasurer for Our Voice (Inter)National shall be the keeper of the books for the entire organization and ultimately responsible for monitoring the flow of incomes and outcomes of monies
        5. Shall receive all funds, fundraising, or other profits generated through the activities of the Chapter , and no other shall ever have the authorization to handle the monies acquired, donated, or otherwise received
      6. Administrative Director
        1. Shall delegate such authorities, and grant such titles as are necessary per the confines of this provision and the bylaws to carry out the duties outlined in this section
          1. Human resources
            1. The Administrative Director is ultimately responsible for all Human resources related activities to include volunteer coordination, hiring, firing, allocation, and maximizing the human capital of the organization in their respective chapter
            2. Shall be the primary contact for requests of personnel, or for transfer of personnel
            3. Shall be responsible for maintaining training materials and resources for new members
          2. Recruitment
            1. Shall be primary person responsible for recruiting members to Our Voice and fulfilling the needs available in the respective Chapter
            2. With recruitment comes training and the Director shall also be responsible for training new volunteers or employees in their duties
            3. There shall be a vetting process in place for onboarding persons, Our Voice (Inter)National will provide a template but local processes may supercede
          3. Fundraising, Marketing
            1. Shall be the primary focal point for generating funds, or sending a recommendation to request funds to the chair through CoC
            2. Shall ensure all monies received are handled by the Treasurer
          4. Records Management
            1. Apart from the duties of the Secretary the Admin Director shall maintain or delegate such persons to maintain the records of the Chapter
            2. Shall from time to time create documentation to help facilitate or ease processes and communication to achieve goals
            3. Shall maintain all records digitally to include scanning physical records
              1. Shall maintain such records as are not financial for a period of 1 year, digital copies for 3
              2. Shall maintain financial records indefinitely
        2. Shall
      7. Branded Content Director
        1. Shall delegate such authorities, and grant such titles as are necessary per the confines of this provision and the bylaws to carry out the duties outlined in this section
          1. Social media
            1. Establish, and maintain a social media presence on the top social media sites or future equivalent
            2. Ensure that such content that is present on these platforms adhere to the provisions of this Bylaw, and are in accordance with the character, vision, and message of Our Voice
            3. Ensure that such content is relevant to the Chapter AOR
            4. Shall not self promote any one from Our Voice, superior, inferior, or lateral Chapter, or otherwise detract from the mission, vision, and purpose of Our Voice
            5. Shall not make claims within which Our Voice cannot or will fulfill, such as endorsements before the process has been finished, or racist, discriminatory stances
            6. This includes audio and video platforms
              1. All content created for, by or the intention of use for Our Voice shall be the intellectual property of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. to include partner, and affiliate writings on behalf of Our Voice per their agreement superseded by this provision in the Bylaws
                1. Breach of this provision shall be pursued by all lawful and reasonable means
          2. Graphic Design
            1. Shall maintain the integrity of the Our Voice brand
            2. May alter the brand, or incorporate a local design to be used solely within the confines of the Chapter, her materials and correspondences, and shall not be imposed upon inferior Chapters
            3. Responsible for creating content and literature to be distributed to the public within the AOR, Our Voice members, or online
            4. Shall create the content materials that will be used to help local candidates win their races, upon official endorsement
            5. Shall provide skills as necessary to partners and affiliates, or other associated persons/entities to Our Voice per contract, or provisions in this Bylaw
              1. The provision of skills may incur cost for services rendered
                1. All such costs shall be determined by the Fundraiser, or Admin Director
                2. All such incomes shall be turned over to the Treasurer
                3. Costs shall not be exorbitant in nature but relative to the scope of the project
              2. Contracts supercede this Bylaw insofar as predetermined consultation fees or services are concerned
              3. Those seeking the services Our Voice completely outside of her networks shall be taken in a case by case basis and be subject to the determination of the Administrative Director, and the Chair for approval
            6. Shall provide the digital, graphical content for any website, or portion of application ,or other interface technology under the purview of the Chapter, and this Bylaw
            7. All content created for, by or the intention of use for Our Voice shall be the intellectual property of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. to include partner, and affiliate writings on behalf of Our Voice per their agreement superseded by this provision in the Bylaws
              1. Breach of this provision shall be pursued by all lawful and reasonable means
          3. Writing
            1. Shall be solely responsible for creating written content to be utilized by Our Voice Chapter
              1. Content for web pages
              2. Content for social media posts, pages, etc.
              3. Content for articles, op-eds, etc.
              4. Encompasses “Speak Our Voice” local chapter divisions
              5. May partner with affiliate and partners or other associates to Our Voice
              6. Shall give creative license, and recognition to the writer within the confines of this Bylaw, the mission, purpose and vision of Our Voice, and ethical limitations
              7. All content written for, by or the intention of use for Our Voice shall be the intellectual property of Our Voice Initiative, Inc. to include partner, and affiliate writings on behalf of Our Voice per their agreement superseded by this provision in the Bylaws
                1. Breach of this provision shall be pursued by all lawful and reasonable means
            2. Shall draft contracts, or agreements that Our Voice Chapter will be beholden to, with final approval from Chair
        2. Shall
      8. Director of Technology
        1. Shall delegate such authorities, and grant such titles as are necessary per the confines of this provision and the bylaws to carry out the duties outlined in this section
          1. Design
            1. Shall be responsible for design and implementation of all technologies used by Our Voice chapter
            2. Shall integrate all technologies into the core Our Voice respective framework, ie. a local Our Voice Chapter website, shall either link to www.ourvoiceusa.org or be a page there of
            3. Shall Seek to improve the efficiency of all technologies relative to the Our Voice Chapter
            4. Shall seek to improve the ease of use, and user experience of all technologies relative to the Our Voice Chapter
            5. Shall enlist the Administrative and Branded Content Directors to improve front end experiences
          2. Database, Stored Content
            1. Shall maintain the content, servers, or equivalent for Our Voice Chapter
            2. Shall seek the most efficient storage means
            3. Shall fully integrate local database, and storage into Our Voice Initiative, Inc. mainframe
            4. Shall audit the integrity of data, documentation,and other stored information every quarter
            5. Shall create or utilize Our Voice products to grow, and better direct stored data, ie. when building the voter database create tools that make mass data drops easier to submit, and integrate to current information
            6. Shall coordinate with the Administrative Director or trusted agent to store relevant data
            7. Shall coordinate with the Branded Content Director or trusted agent to store relevant data
    6. Article VI – Voting
      1. Our Voice shall have membership that qualifies such persons to cast their vote in matters of Our Voice Chapter within the confines of this Bylaw, this provision, and in the business of Our Voice Chapter
        1. Membership will eventually evolve into a dues process, however such dues shall be minimal and relative to the individual and the tier of Our Voice Chapter respectively
          1. Dues shall never be the sole determining factor or a mandatory factor in being considered a voting member
        2. Membership is different than participation in that any member of the public is welcome to attend meetings, or participate in Our Voice however only members may vote
          1. Membership is defined as fulfilling at least 3 of the following
            1. Dedicating 5 hours or more, weekly, to Our Voice specific activities
              1. This can be volunteering, submission of work, canvassing, etc.
            2. 50% attendance rate of meetings and activities
            3. Paying Our Voice dues
              1. May also be considered for donation of funds, labor, or other resources
            4. Having an Our Voice profile through one of Our Voice’s technological products
          2. Participation is defined as meeting only 2 of the previous provisions or less
          3. Blacklisted persons shall never have voting rights and are furthermore barred from participation
      2. Voting shall require a simple majority to pass all routine business
      3. Voting shall require a supermajority of 75% +1 to pass any business that affects the Chapter, Bylaws, or membership at scale and will require a quorum as defined in Article VI of this Bylaw
      4. A quorum shall be defined as a minimum number of voters present sufficient to morally pass a provision, or make a Chapter decision or other such activity as would affect the voters, the Chapter, or the Bylaws directly or indirectly, so as to ensure the integrity of the decision as not being the sole authority of a single person or leader
        1. Quorum is met when for routine business a minimum of 10% of voting members are present excluding Executive Board
        2. Quorum is met for all other business when 70% of voting members are present excluding Executive Board
          1. Any attempts at preventing quorum from being achieved after due notice of such a vote taking place has been given will be treated with extreme prejudice within these Bylaws and in the courts of law
          2. This provision shall never be superseded, changed or removed from these Bylaws, attempts to do so shall be met with the same prejudice outlined in Article VI.d.ii.1
            1. The sole exception to this provision is during the building phases of Our Voice, the National Leadership, with input from the board, chooses to raise or lower the quorum for such business other than routine
        3. Quorum is further defined as being met if such numbers of membership are so small that to truly achieve percentages or simple majority is mathematically impossible than of those numbers present, that which votes cast a majority, closest resembling the Quorum threshold shall be taken as quorum.
          1. The executive Board shall never be considered as part of the quorum in order to cast the vote, but shall be counted as the voting takes place
          2. This provision is to prevent any malicious intent to prevent a quorum due to low numbers present
          3. Quorum shall only be attained if there are more voting members present than members of the Board, and appointed trustees by at least 1
      5. Voting of any sort shall be recorded by the Secretary, verified by the Administrative Director (no agent), and stored indefinitely by the Director of Technology (no agent).
      6. Voting shall consist of “yay’s” or “nay’s”, “yay” being henceforth defined in the affirmative of the voting activity, and “nay” being in the negative of the voting activity
        1. Attempts to coerce voters into making a malicious vote through complicated verbiage in the address of the voting activity shall be expressly denied
          1. Language is the foundation of civilization and it shall not be perverted for insidious means per this provision
          2. Any such attempts will be ground for immediate blacklisting and legal action
        2. Verbiage of resolutions, or changes to the Bylaws, rules, or other such complicated process beyond such simple and easily understood processes as endorsement, or electing a new Executive Board member, shall be written in such language as to be clearly and easily understood by the layman.
          1. Jargon that is relevant and understood by the local Chapter may be used
          2. This provision exists to prevent malicious behavior against under educated, or overly complicated phrasing to pervert the meaning or understanding of any such provision or voting activity
      7. If the voting activity requires clarification for members of the voting body there shall be 3 attempts made to clarify any confusion, such that if after the 3rd attempt there is still confusion amongst at least 25% of members present the resolution shall be dead, and rewritten or proposed, or simply cease until or unless it can be more plainly and simply presented or understood
        1. This provision also provides to prevent a cu de ta of the voting members to usurp or undermine the authority or intentions of the Executive Board and the voting authority
        2. Simply understood means that a person of average intellect and education would genuinely be expected to understand the content of the voting activity with minimal to moderate explanation and definition and that no amount of subterfuge could deny such a thing as fact
      8. All voting activities shall be public, transparent and open to audit to include records of votes, such that any vote held in secret, or “behind closed doors” shall be considered as not having occurred, those votes being ignored, and any resolutions thereof moot.
        1. Activities of such a nature shall be met with Blacklisting and legal consequence
      9. Voting may be of any nature that can be quantifiably measured and recorded
      10. Voting by proxy shall never be allowed even at risk of upsetting quorum
    7. Article VII – Black Listing
      1. Blacklisting is defined as indemnifying such persons who violated the good faith, trust and/or Bylaws of Our Voice
      2. Blacklisting shall be used sparingly as a form of corrective action
      3. Blacklisting is permanent with sole exceptions being outlined in this Article and may be for an organization or an individual, or both as the case may
        1. If an organization is blacklisted that doesn’t automatically flag members of that organization
      4. Any felony charges relating to corporate, financial, or otherwise saboteur activity against, or even on behalf of Our Voice (Corruption) shall be met with permanent Blacklisting
      5. Misdemeanor charges relating to corporate, financial, or otherwise saboteur activity against, or even on behalf of Our Voice (Corruption) shall be met with permanent Blacklisting but may receive reinstatement if the following are met
        1. Expunging of records (when possible)
        2. Successful probationary period of no misconduct to be determined by Chair of Affected Our Voice Chapter and Chair of Immediate Superior Chapter
        3. If circumstances or proof are insufficient to unequivocally condemn the blacklisted with fault, in good character, in good faith, and proven themself may be reinstated after monitoring period determined by Chair of Affected Our Voice Chapter
    8. Article VIII – Supplemental Documentation
      1. According to these Bylaws and this provision documents pertaining to the business of Our Voice and her sister branches shall be considered binding
        1. Sister Branches being entities and activities explicitly on behalf or under the direct influence of Our Voice ie. Our Voice Consulting, Speak Our Voice, etc.
      2. All official documents created by Our Voice (Inter)National, in order to ease the ability to conduct business, shall be considered binding and the primary source document for Our Voice Business
        1. In context these documents as defined by this provision would be what the United States Air Force would utilize to conduct business such as an AF Form 988 for Leave Request, so to shall Our Voice utilize our forms to conduct our business.
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