Our Voice is a mobile app for civic education and engagement. You can view information on the politicians in office who represent you, contact them, and rate them.

Our Voice App
The Our Voice app has just been released on both Apple and Google stores and we are pretty excited about it!

Current Features Include:

  • Access to a database for all public offices in your area
  • A platform for you to tell us your stance on the issues
  • Hassle-Free Login with your social media account
  • Vital State-By-State Voting information and requirements
  • A star rating system that shows you a breakdown of the candidate’s average rating by user party affiliation
  • Links to politician’s social media pages and their contact info

Near future releases will contain:

  • A very powerful Canvassing Tool that can be used by everyone, regardless of party affiliation
  • The ability to share your Canvassing Data with others
  • A handy Neighborhood Heat-Map on the issues
  • Connectivity with the Our Voice Candidate Directory
  • Primary Challenger information for every district

Quick Preview


Upcoming Features in 2018:

  • Convenient Alerts for when local primary and general elections are taking place
  • Improvements and upgrades to the canvassing interface
  • 50 State Directory of candidates, Local organizations, and resources
  • Matching local candidates with you based on your stance on the issues
  • User-Updated events listed for YOUR area

The app will serve to effectively level the political playing field for candidates by neutralizing the high costs of running a successful campaign in today’s modern age.

Click on one of the two images below to get the app!

App Source Code

This app is open source! Find the source code on GitHub: https://github.com/OurVoiceUSA/


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