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Elections are not the only means to raise your voice on issues that matter to you.

By leading and organizing collective action in our workplaces and communities, not only can your voice be heard but you can facilitate the start of positive change in your area.

Benefits of Community Organizing

Builds a sense of dignity & restores people’s significance i
Build alliances across lines of race, ethnicity, class, age groups
Creates more community leaders from among members
Pragmatic solutions that come from the community

We believe a community without movement goes nowhere and that being loud changes lives.

No matter if you have no organizing skills, you just need the willingness and drive to make change.

“When there are no more leaders to follow, you must become one”.

Your Voice + My Voice = Our Voice USA

During this time of Covid-19, campaigning is taking a more digital approach to reaching the people and getting out the vote.

Activism is also changing amidst staying at home and keeping safe.

Here are some ways to help you get in the fight and stay engaged to change the conversation together!

Create a Petition
Host a Virtual Rally
Phone Bank For A Cause
Hold a Post Card Campaign
Contact Your State Reps
Create A Letter Campaign
Canvass On Issues
Get Out The Vote


HelloVoter, our signature no-cost canvassing mobile app, was designed with you in mind.

No matter what you use it for, whether it is for campaigning, phone banking or organizing, you can create multiple surveys and collect your data to share with whom you choose.

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