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By: Micah West  |  Our Voice Contributor

I don’t understand why truth and justice have to be such a rarity They say that there’s a God but this shit don’t look fair ta me. Pastors buy mansions instead of give ta charity
I’ll call it like I see it until there is no air in me
This world is so depressing I think I need some therapy
I try ta make a change and people act like they’re scared of me
But really those people are scared of the truth
’cause they sit in denial when I show them the proof
Or they go wild then just to go to the confession booth
We throw away food when people can’t make soup
We kill women and children and say, “Support those troops.”
We got a fucking cheeseburger for Dylan Roof
Black people put their hands up but they still shoot
Greed, ignorance, and hatred at this nation’s root
And politicians do whatever they want to
One day they might make those bombs rain on YOU
Like they did in Philadelphia, they came on through
But you question any of it – they say, “Shame on you.”
I’m not trying to win an argument, I just wish they knew,
I wish they could understand the pain others went through.

There is always two opposing forces,
But we can never expose who the source is,
Because it’s the one’s who sit on top of the world,
And make slaves out of tiny little boys and girls,
Because the only thing that they care about is the money,
They don’t care about life you think they care about the country,
They don’t care about that flag or the national anthem,
The national debt is like a national ransom,
We’re enslaved ta this shit man you think that were free,
Some win most lose man it’s like the lottery,
Right now Alabama is in crisis poverty,
While we pay for trump ta golf on private property, (proper tee)
And Obama left and ISIS died what a mockery,
In debt to communist but we love democracy,
Who am I kidding we dictate how the world turns,
To protect Israel we’ll sit and watch the world burn,
America to it’s natives is Israel ta Palestinians,
We’re so similar I’m surprised we don’t call them Indians,
They got us brain washed like the branch of Davidians,
They dropped a bomb on Philadelphia we’re bound ta get hit again,
They destroyed black wall street and here comes that shit again,
Next election over my dead body is that orange bitch gettin in,
You can’t be the president you need some thicker skin,
This was your first and last chance like they just brought the kicker in,
The worlds on fire and you’re sittin their twitterin,
Your supporters like that’s our guy while the whole worlds snickerin,
You’re tryin prohibition on pot but they still got the liquor in,
But I’m not stupid I know it’s not just you,
Even in an eating contest I would not trust you,
But I know you don’t think or act you just do,
Whatever the big boys tell you to,
Then you take credit and act like your so smart,
Being such a crook is like a work of art,
That ain’t jack shit but still cost lot’s of money,
You have stolen a lot but you will not have this country,
I still think Ashton Kutcher is tryin ta punk me,
People have lost their damn minds like they turned to a junky,
And gave him all their money cause he said he was hungry,
Ignorance and greed will be the death of this country,
9/11 was the seed if I’m wrong you can punch me,
Fighting freedom over seas an Iraqi never touched me,
But I’ve had police pull their guns as they rushed me,
Telling me my life was in their hands in a moment they could crush me,
Just go out and do your research you don’t even have ta trust me,
Justice is blind for America that’s lovely,
I’ve never read the bible but god don’t like ugly,
You better pray it’s not true that only god can judge me,
Cause I put no one below or above me,
So you better be waitin at the gates ready ta cock back and slug me,
Cause I’ll be your karma it’ll be rougher than rugby,
But if you gave love a chance then you’d probably wanna hug me,
Hate is for the weak man that shit will never budge me

When I was young I would get mad and break shit,
Cause I was so full of my parents hatred,
If you ain’t lived the way I lived, then you can’t say shit,
No sunshine no rainbows just darkness go play kid,
But I didn’t run from the dark I turned around and embraced it,
Like if I dive in ta this world then maybe I can save it,
The poor girl down the street getting abused by a rapist,
Then that twelve gauge put that mans guts on the pavement,
I still think about the people from the trailer park and wonder where they went,
It’s usually prison or giving up a statement,
Or spending so much time in the state pen that they become a vagrant,
This youth is being fouled man and I’m talking flagrant,
Heroin and meth got the people going ape shit,
Had a little girl show my friend how ta vape shit,
I grew up finding needles on the sidewalk,
You’re bound ta see some craziness if you drive through my block,
Dude tried ta sick his wolf on us one night and the next day the guy shot,
It’s a lot more than music when you’re lookin through my iPod,
I would sit and cry at night screamin out why god,
Of all the times I screamed I never got a reply odd,
Now I’m livin a dream but they’re still sleepin on the sidewalk,
Babies raising babies and you wonder why those guys fought,
Why don’t you put on these shoes here come and take my spot,
I don’t know why I’m here but I’m giving it all that I got,
I stumble but don’t fall I’m built like a try pod,
But the people goin ta prison and all of the drug addictions,
Has me wishin that the truth wasn’t stranger than fiction,
The parents always fight and the kids they have ta listen,
They don’t know where the kids are they don’t ask for permission,
And they don’t even cry when their ass goes missin,
The only thing they care abouts some glass bowl fishin,
You don’t want none of what they’re cookin in the kitchen,
And police don’t care they’re just bookin all the kids in,
Who come out worse after juvenile detention,
The police are more like the drug dealers henchmen,
They don’t need prison they need an intervention,
But then that rich fuck would lose some money off his pension,
Money is the only thing that matters ta these people,
The world is insanity I swear ta god it’s evil,
Mother fuckers buyin mansions with the money from the steeple,
And we pledge allegiance that were all created equal,
But life is more like Tupac and less like the Beatles,
White men had black people workin out in the fields,
And some day we just might know how that feels,
We’re walkin on a tight rope covered in banana peels,
We’ve destroyed the middle east and our karma is comin,
I’ll be 35 in 2020 and thinkin bout runnin,
Cause Bernies gettin old but someone’s gotta do somethin,
The most evil thing you could ever do is sit and do nothin,
Seth Rich got murdered stop talkin bout Russians,
People praisin Hillary makes my head hurt like I got a concussion,
We need black lives matter because of her husband,
you’re screamin black lives matter but that’s the one that you’re trustin,
‎we need ta bring the people together so we can have a discussion,
‎cause we’re rollin the dice and this planet is bustin,
‎and you know what they say if you don’t stand for somethin,
‎that you better find somethin that you’re willin ta die for,
‎the political prisoners are the ones that I ride for,
‎one day we’ll see the light and make a whole lot of eyes sore,
‎but ta get there you gotta go through the dark,
‎every movement starts some where just ask Rosa Parks


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