Mellencamp’s Nightmare

Mellencamp’s Nightmare

By: Leonard Edward Phant | Our Voice Contributor

Everywhere I look I see political signs. My neighbor’s yard, the medians on every street with more than two lanes, even the two lane streets have them lining the grass. I cannot drive my car or take a walk in any direction without seeing a 3 foot by 2 foot corrugated plastic and wire sign with a name and an electable government position written on it. Sometimes there is a slogan, which ironically makes this nuanced nuisance much, much worse.

Not only are they a sore sight for all eyes, they are multiplying like rabbits every couple of days until an election takes place. Every night, teams from all of the candidates who purchased these over-priced and over-used signs go out and place one more sign on the same corner they littered the week before.

Their common goal seems to be to cover up the last sign of their opponent that was placed on those medians and corners. What results is a scene that resembles a deck of cards spread out awaiting the next slight-of-hand trick from the magician – not unlike our currently broken election system.

It sucks because it represents what has become of our political landscape. Things cost money and people want to make as much of that money as they can in the shortest amount of time. Because of that it becomes the most important detail to everything we do when we run for office or try to get someone elected. It is OK to create a business to sell things for profit! It is quite another thing to exploit the issues in society for monetary gain – whether you fix them or not.

I personally dislike the idea of a profit motive being tied in any way to the election process in this country. Sure people need to be paid for the work they do, but there should not be some ever-increasing earnings goal to be met as there is in any for-profit company. I wager that part of this problem stems from the Democrats and Republicans being private corporations who seem to have the exclusive rights to promoting candidates who are supposed to be representing all of US, not the donors to the aforementioned private corporations.

How do we know who is doing it all for money and power? Well it IS hard to tell, but I think I have worked out a simple system for those of us who do not wish to follow politics and just want to read a sign and vote for that. All we have to do is find the person with no signs at all, or the LEAST amount of them out there!

Obviously they do not have the funding to buy a load of these mass produced roadside distractions… ergo THAT’S the candidate for ME! I want grassroots individuals to win. I want to see what people who do NOT come from giant donors purses and old money mansion dwellers can do when the reigns of power are in their hands for a change.

I can’t tell you how to vote or for whom. I CAN tell you what I’m going to do, though, and I highly recommend you do the same. Follow the money… and then vote AGAINST it.

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