Our Voice USA’s Mission


  • Create a network of social organizations, political organizations, and activist groups
  • Create a phone application to connect voters and activists to accessible resources, anytime, anywhere
  • Have training sessions to educate members/activists/voters on:
    • Set up infrastructure to facilitate organizing and collaboration
    • How to run social media campaigns
    • Organizing Local Volunteers
    • Various activist issues
    • Networking among similar groups
    • Reach out to your local communities and bring a positive impact!
  • Open the doors to writers, bloggers, vloggers, contributors, and more to the Our Voice “Media Network” to use our organization as a springboard!
  • Help leaders grow and establish their own branch of Our Voice in communities in all 50 states.
  • Open to all political leanings, and ideologies so long as the main goal is to reform the political system and fight for the common welfare of We, The People
  • A strong structure for all of our members, and partners to utilize/access that helps expedite communications
  • A trusted organization whose very name and logo instills a sense of community and support that is above reproach because it is your community, your resources, and your voice that defines it!




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