Our Mission

Our Mission: to help build a network that will decide who we the people support

Our voice is establishing itself as the center for all of our collective political reform, activist, and organization efforts to be found all in one easy to use location. We will help facilitate partnerships and collaborative efforts. We will help build a network that will decide who we the people support in political campaigns, and as candidates assisted by Our Voice! We help change the way politics in this country operate by integrating Social Change, Activism, honest and accurate reporting of events, and policy driven campaigns into one comprehensive Political Reform Strategy!

We cannot change the nation overnight. Nor can it be changed by focusing on only one of the 3 major indicators of change: Activism, Political change, and Social change. We have to work with all 3 segments in unison to effect change and make it lasting! Without activism there cannot be social change, and without social change there cannot be political reform, but the reverse is true, without political reform (laws being passed) social change cannot be effective, and if social change cannot be effective then activist efforts will be in vain! That has been our recurring theme in these United States! We must work together in unison from the very beginning to combat to corruption of our systems!

To this end Our Voice will:

  • Create a network of social organizations, political organizations, and activist groups
  • Create a toolkit to establish Our Voice chapters across the country at all levels of government
  • Create Candidate tool-kits to run effective, efficient, and targeted campaigns
  • Create a phone application to embody all aspects of a campaign into the palm of your hand
  • Have training sessions to educate members on:
    • Running effective campaigns
    • How to message your constituents using “translated” platforms that speak to everyone no matter the party with which they are affiliated
    • Organize volunteers
    • Set up infrastructure to facilitate organizing and collaboration
    • How to run social media campaigns
    • Various activist issues
    • Networking among similar groups
    • Reach out to your local communities and bring a positive impact!
  • Help other organizations set up their 501.c.4 or PAC’s by using our network to save costs!
  • Open the doors to writers, bloggers, vlogers, contributors, and more to the Our Voice “News Network” to use our organization as a springboard!
  • Help leaders grow and establish their own branch of Our Voice in communities in all 50 states.
  • Be the 3rd Party structure that we the people so desperately need, but without the struggle of earning ballot access from corrupt Legislative Bodies who deny us access!
  • Support candidates, with toolkits, training, messaging, and fundraising (whenever possible)
  • Be the one stop shop for all things Reform, by having directories, broken down by state and zip code for: Activist groups, non-profits, etc.
  • Open to all political leanings, and ideologies so long as the main goal is to reform the political system and fight for the common good of our countrymen
  • Have a standard of conduct that will be adhered to by members, volunteers, partners, affiliates, and especially candidates
  • Protecting our voter, volunteer, and GOTV lists through robust digital security platforms
  • Securing our resources by requiring a user fee for vetted candidates, or Our Voice elected candidates.
  • Facilitating massive rallies and events for cumulative activist efforts. For example, if we are partnered with local chapters of Planned Parenthood and BLM, and both want to hold a rally, we could combine both rallies into a much larger one and have a greater impact through collaboration!
  • A strong structure for all of our members, and partners to use that helps expedite communications by having a directory of members, and their descriptions to help answer questions or concerns, create arrangements, or any other inquiries!
  • A trusted organization whose very name and logo instills a sense of community and support that is above reproach because it is your community, your resources, and your voice that defines it!
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