Hiring: External Intruder Needed

Hiring: External Intruder Needed

Hiring: External Intruder Needed

By: Joshua Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

We live in a time where our President, love him or hate him, says some truly awful shit about a lot of people. Even if the stuff he says is just “schoolyard bullying”, being that this is from the most powerful position in the world, it can really encourage regular people to do some pretty heinous stuff. These people often are fed some propaganda of America first means Making America Great Again. Something utterly meaningless, instead of actual policy ideas. After all, what does Donald Trump, someone born into money, have in common with regular working-class folk? How can his approximation of Great even resemble mine, if his ideas are based around handouts and a free ride from his dad?

Since there is nothing objective about #MAGA or #AmericaFirst, it has to be subjective. People who believe in it, alienate the objective and impart their own meaning into what #MAGA actually means to them. After all, how exactly is Trump making America great when we give corporate tax cuts and then impoverish the working class to pay for them? Corporations, who by American law are people, find far different ways to make “America great” than the working-class would. Their vision of making America great is giving their shareholders a big payout at any expense, even if it is extracted from the working-class that keep the company running. The working-class is generally looking little further than being able to put food on the table for our kids. Consider that difference and which one underscores humanity more.

For me, to question my own understanding of #MAGA, I may be using facts but my facts are rationally based. If speaking to someone who has been propagandized into voting for corporate tax cuts, which takes more from their very own paycheck to give, I am dealing with someone who has made a decision off of a feeling and not through a rationalization. Feelings cannot necessarily be rationalized with. Feelings can be quite unruly things. For us to tap into feelings, we must allow ourselves to feel our way through a conversation instead of solely rationalizing ways through it. These feelings can be ones of construction or ones of destruction. How you tap into them is up to the person who does it.

Our current president is saying things like Mexico is sending us their worst. Meaning that anyone who is coming from Mexico is going to be eyeballed as “the worst from Mexico,” and that suspicion drives bad intent. Bad intent drives bad behavior. Bad behavior drives bad consequences. This is where we are within the current administration of Trump. We are at the budding of bad consequences with a mountain of bad intent growing behind it.

It is currently Aug 2019 as I am writing this. I have no idea if he will win again in 2020. If Democrats have their way it sure seems he will. People who cry out that Bernie Sanders isn’t even a Democrat, show that they are party first. As if people were created for the parties, instead of parties to serve the people. Even though the guy caucuses with Democrats more than many who call themselves Democrats, since he wants to use the Independent label more than the Democratic label, is this really more important than his actions?

I see Democrats calling themselves the opposition but then I see them failing at even writing a sternly written letter when trying to condemn Trump’s “racist language”. No shit. Trump, again love him or hate him, locks kids up in cages on the Southern border, using his executive authority to enforce an unenforced law, and Nancy Pelosi can’t even manage to get a sternly written letter to condemn his language in July of 2019. Kids in cages for years, through executive authority, and Congress, who is supposed to hold Presidents accountable, can’t even write a letter of rebuke. The sheer impotence of the Democratic leadership is astounding.

Now, who is Nancy Pelosi you may ask? Only the Speaker of the House of Representatives, the third most powerful person in government. If the President and Vice were somehow removed from office or dead, the Speaker would become the next in line for the presidency. That’s what the third most powerful means. And the third most powerful person failed at even a wet noodle’s response. What I think they are having a hard time with is how chaotic Trump is. Yes, he has allowed corporate Democrats to rake in the donations by them masquerading as the #Resistance but it is also creating a system that exposes their Stapp’s Ironical Paradox level of ineptitude. They expose that they are actually the #Assistance.

Stapp’s Ironical Paradox you ask? “The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an absolute miracle”. Colonel Stapp worked for NASA. Colonel Stapp became very jaded when working with what he felt was supreme incompetence. This is how I see the Democratic leadership.

For Democrats to exist, they, in their current form, need the obscene Republican party in its current form. Why? Because most billionaires and philanthropists who work the system to become billionaires, know that civil unrest will lead to unbalancing the status quo. It excites us, peasants, to demand more by way of rights and quality of life. The status quo has made them rich. Trump may be looking to bomb many of the same places Obama did but Obama was well-read. Trump barely knows how to read. And that obscenity of his flagrant disregard to the linguistic norms in Washington is what fully threatens the status quo. He keeps on saying the quiet parts out loud and alarming many of those who normally don’t pay attention to then give a shit about a habitable future under Democratic and not Authoritarian rule

Talking heads can justify bombing poor countries for oil or other natural resources. What they have a harder time justifying is a dude, who talks about grabbing women by the pussy, because he can. A dude who walks into Miss Teen USA dressing rooms, walking in on teenagers, because he feels his status in life justifies it. Fuck you if you want privacy, I barge in and grab if I deem it worthy. In all of his Harvey Weinstein glory. And this is our President.


Consider the ineptitude of the Democrats if they get shot down when even speaking about the gross language of a public official. Now consider Trump’s behaviors and how much he cares about what other people say. In El Paso, TX, in August of 2019, there was a mass shooting at a Walmart. Victims in the hospital were paid a visit by Trump. One was an infant. A baby whose parents shielded them from bullets and died for their efforts. This baby was already discharged from the hospital and on their way “home” but was turned around in order to allow a scowling Melania to hold this orphaned baby while the president simply grinned like it was a photo op. Disregarding the horrific events that brought him there and giving a thumbs up. No concern on his face that these people just survived a massacre. He’s just happy that he can get free press.

That is pretty gross. You can like the president and admit that his behavior is gross. This shouldn’t be a hard thing to do. He even took his time at the hospital, meeting these victims and then recorded it for a campaign video. Again, gross. This guy simply looks to benefit off other people in order to look good. He takes horrific tragedies and wonders how he can best use it to further divide the working class. Because if we’re divided, we have far more limited means to come together to secure working-class protections.

His behavior, including my understanding of how easily manipulated someone simply looking for attention can be, causes me to be overly suspicious of all his behavior. He has not given me any evidence that he is being an honest actor. He shows that he loves the romantic WWF style of titanic battles between the forces of perceived good and evil. Since America sees itself as the force for good, then any evil has to be un-American. Even now we still debate over how to properly respect the flag for fear of hurting its feelings.

The idea that someone kneels for a flag and it is disrespectful is beyond bullshit. It is not our place to impart meaning for someone else concerning their peaceful actions. It is fully our right to consider that if we did it, we would see ourselves as disrespectful but we haven’t the right to tell someone else, whose motivations we cannot truly and fully appreciate, why they’re being disrespectful to the flag and country. Especially when it is a peaceful and silent protest.

The same way I won’t say that someone voted for Trump is a racist, I won’t say that standing and saluting or kneeling are inherently respectful or not. Many people stand for the flag but shit all over the idea of freedom. How is that honoring the flag? When we demand that people show respect to the flag, do we literally only mean when it is out in the open and its feelings can get hurt? Otherwise, we can live our lives in a manner that tells it to fuck off? A way which takes the freedom of speech from someone else, because I don’t like it? Well if I force you to behave a certain way because I don’t like your typical behavior, what prevents this from being used against me? The question I hope we all ask ourselves every time we tell someone to stop an action.

How many games, hell even movies, have you played/watched where you are sabotaged from within? Where a double agent makes it into a secret group and that group gets compromised? Perhaps you even are a double agent compromising another group. Even games like Grand Theft Auto, play with these ideas. Like infiltrating the mob for another mob boss. Defeating an enemy from within requires the least amount of strength but the most amount of strategy.

If Americans see themselves as ultimately good, and someone reminds them of their superficiality in any way, perhaps kneeling or wearing a hat during the anthem, they can resort to violence pretty quick. It is not their right to impose their meaning of the flag onto the hat wearer or the kneeler, nor is it the right of Colin to demand that other people kneel with him. It is, however, his right to kneel and invite others to join if they wish. The fact that a Green Beret is who gave him the advice to kneel should in itself mean that this is not a huge issue. Like legitimately, this is a dumb as fuck issue. That we get so up in arms over one dude kneeling amidst a crowd of tens of thousands standing is evidence of how effective the propaganda is.

Throughout this book, I have spoken about a need for a revolution within our education system, because of how poor it is. Because it is set up to instill a what to think while robbing you of a how to think. If you only know what to think and you are told that a dude, who in his eyes is being respectful, is in fact being disrespectful, and you are propagandized to believe that this is a form of heresy, you can and likely will get quite upset.

The real question though is why is it heresy? Why is it so heretical to go against the grain? Just because you want someone to stand, why do I need to? Why does he need to? Why can’t those who think standing for the flag is respectful, simply internalize the indignity of someone kneeling and not externalize it? If the purpose of being an American is to obey, we would have remained in England when we split to form our own country, because we knew we were supposed to show respect to the king and not “kneel” or fight in hopes of a new country or way of life.

We even hear people say, “if you don’t like the country then you can just leave.” Why do the very people who stockpile guns in order to fight a tyrannical government if the need arrives, then tell me to just pick up and leave if I don’t like how America is? So if they don’t like it they can have an armed insurrection but if I don’t like it then I can just leave? Again, this is evidence for a dishonest actor who has not proven that they deserve to be taken seriously. This is the scientist vs the booger eater I wrote about in The False Comparison. If you are a dishonest actor you will lie cheat and steal your way into a position of power, no matter the cost or lies needed. Or perhaps a better way to say that is they are disregarding the human cost and lies needed as long as they are on top.

We can do better and we owe it to our fellow brothers and sisters here in the land of stars and stripes to in fact do better. Who gives a fuck what political party you associate with? Fuck those assholes who want to separate us. Yeah, I believe things you don’t. Why should this mean we hate each other? Why can’t we agree on basic principles like, perhaps, agree to disagree? It is okay to agree to disagree. Perhaps it is okay to agree that healthcare should be a human right, that living wages should be a worker’s right, and we can agree to disagree on abortion and parking lot it until such a time we collectively improve the majority of American’s lives. Once there, then we bring it out of the parking lot to deal with. When people have money in their pockets, food in their bellies and the ability to rationally think beyond the propaganda.

The simple answer, we are undermined from within. Whenever we start coming together, we are distracted with TV ads about how caravans of immigrants are coming to assault our borders like the lead up to the 2018 midterm elections. How a giant wall is needed to block immigration. Then we televise that immigration conditions are so bad but leave out the part of overcrowding being due to ports of entry closures done on purpose that bottleneck the flow of immigrants. Imagine you have a body of water that has dozens to hundreds of outlets, but then all but a handful are dammed up. The water level rises, which may cause flooding and catastrophic consequences.

The purpose of this is to manufacture a crisis and make it appear that mass migration is so overwhelming that we need to hold these people, not dogs, not animals, but people in dehumanized facilities in order to send a message. “Because they are dangerous” we are told. We hold them in conditions that would have the Humane Society shut down if they did it to animals but since our President says it is okay then it’s fine, right? And then to add further indignity, we read that Jesus said to care for the poor and the stranger, for we were once strangers. We read that, disregard it, and say “praise Jesus” for locking up little children until they die. It’s almost like we’ve never seen in history any world leaders tell their people that it’s fine to concentrate people into camps worse than dog kennels. Almost like the horrors inflicted on Japanese-Americans were erased from history.

We are also told that Donald Trump, someone who Democrats in 2015 and 2016 called the 2nd coming of Hitler, asked for 58 billion in additional military spending and nearly every single Democrat in the Senate voted to give him 80 billion, including who Trump disparages as Pocahontas. Yup, even Elizabeth Warren thinks that we need to ramp up our military spending. That seems strange to me, coming from someone who is trying to identify with the working-class. I mean, how does the working-class benefit by giving the proclaimed second coming of Hitler nearly half again what he asks for?

Among these people was also Chuck Schumer, the leader in the Senate. Who didn’t vote for it? You guessed it. The guy who “isn’t even a Democrat”, Bernie Sanders. Which apparently means you need to ramp up wars and military spending to be a Democrat. So Democrats point to Republicans while Republicans point to Democrats as if the other is the problem. And now Republicans can point to the migrant crisis as their external intruder while Democrats continue pointing to Republicans with no interest in changing the system that led to Trump. That would end their Trump payday.

You see, I am a product of the war on terror. The first day of my contract with the Army was 12/28/1999. My last day was 12/27/2003. In between that was #NeverForget 9/11. Eight days after 9/11, I deployed to a Muslim nation in order to provide medical support for a NATO operation, as well as provide free medical care for civilian populations ravaged by the Serbian war. Eight days after the worst terror attack on my native soil, and I was expected to be some manner of altruistic. And I was. I was able to separate my own fears and sought to humanize those around me.

I was able to disregard the horrors of what was going on and focus instead on how I can make one process better. I found a mission, and in that mission I found purpose. Our recon convoys lacked an extra driver. The officer in charge actually sought me out after he was told of my exploits driving in Louisiana mud, in an FLA (four litter ambulance). So I volunteered whenever they had a need, and mostly on my free time. I volunteered to go out driving to recon sites for our MEDCAPS, as well as the next day I drove out with all the equipment and medical personnel. These MEDCAPS consisted of providing medial aid and support to civilians ravaged by war. Not only did this make me feel good but I was honored by both General Shinseki (Joint Chief of Staff at the time) and my Battalion Commander as one of 7 of the best soldiers in Task Force Med-Falcon.

Later in Jan of 2003, my Unit was deployed to Kuwait and we jumped forward into Iraq in late March/early April. I was conditioned to hate terrorism and fight against it. But terrorism doesn’t just live in another country. We have very real terrorists here. There is a reason when I enlisted, I was expected to swear to defend against all enemies, foreign and domestic. Often these terrorists are at the operating end of a mass shooting.

I don’t need to go overseas to find people who hate America. There are plenty of them here, and often they come in the form of White Nationalist terrorists who claim to want to “Make America Great Again,” because “America First.” That isn’t to say everyone who supports #MAGA or #AmericaFirst are terrorists, it just means that by supporting these ideas you support the very terrorists who show their disdain for this country by murdering innocent Americans.

You see the average Muslim who escapes a war-torn area knows exactly what terrorism looks like, and likely wants to eliminate it more than the average American. The idea that Muslims, who are more often victims of terrorists, would then come to America to instill terrorism just doesn’t make sense nor pass the laugh test. These are people who want to make the best of their situation. These are people who want to be able to raise their children without fear of being murdered by radical and violent White Nationalist ideologues.

The idea that we can’t work together, Atheists, Christians and Muslims, white, brown and black people, is beyond absurd. The idea that you believe in some miracles and not others is what makes whole societies maladaptive to your culture is obscene. You have an old book, or no book, upon which you hold truths and they another is what is causing the vast rift? What a stupid fucking concept. We are all human, and anyone who says that Christians and Atheists can’t be friends with Muslims or Satanists has no Muslim or Satanist friends they are running this idea by.

This is a case where people are being sabotaged from within. A place where dishonest actors have infiltrated the cause and perverted it to appear like there is an external intruder you need to defend against. Imagine, for a moment, if we all came together and demanded living wages that scale with inflation and we do this to meet the needs of each city. Imagine if we had free college at the point of admission by taxing Wall Street ½ a percent on risky transactions. That ½ percent alone would create the funds necessary for college for every man, woman, and child in this country.

Even if the workforce need for college then changes, we have the benefit of having an educated workforce and civilian population that is trained to think. What we have too much of are people being told what to think instead of people being encouraged to chew on ideas and come to their own conclusions. There is too much emphasis demanding a certain adherence to an idea instead of a push to evolve ideas to adapt to our current times and current cultural climates.

We don’t get these things, because those at the top of the 1%, the undead ultra-wealthy, pull all the strings and buy off the politicians. By seeding each politician with money (strings attached of course), they can buy influence and talking time in order to win a long term goal. Say, for instance, the Supreme Court being stacked with Republicans and Democrats, and not non-partisan actors. By having partisan actors we assume there is some partisan influence.I may even agree with it today. Just because I agree with it today doesn’t mean I will tomorrow. Therein lies the danger of such shortsightedness.

What sword I use against my enemies can just as easily be used against me. This is a principle written in the law. This is why real social change is so hard in this country. To give 300 million+ people living wages is expensive, even though that money feeds back into the economy and will inevitably create more wealth than what is spent. Many of the ultra-wealthy would prefer to silo their money, starving out that working-class finance system, and remove money from the economy then causing it to buckle. Since the CEO of Disney needs a $65 million annual salary, his workers can live in cars, sans human dignity. Since Jeff Bezos needs to have more money than the Pharaohs, workers in Scotland have to live in tent towns, shanty towns, in order to live. They aren’t allowed to have the human dignity of fixed structures, because the Pharaoh needs more and more and more, while you get less and less and less.

There is a grossness and perversion that is ever-present in the undead corrupting touch of money in politics. A gangrenous rot takes hold from within. The best way to sabotage is from within. The best way to conserve resources is by sabotaging from within. The best way to sabotage from within is to sabotage the message people hear. The best way to sabotage the message is through the airwaves. The best way to sabotage the airwaves is with advertising dollars that are committed to long term social engineering strategy. Always pulling one way or another in order to finely tune and calibrate the social and Pavlovian response.

If our “newscasters” can get people to think that Colin Kaepernick kneeling is what is the worst thing about this country, we are just laying the groundwork for an undead overlord to take over our lives. If we think that the Democrats being sued in court and have to argue that they have the right to rig elections (Aug 2017) in a Constitutional Republic is good for this country, we are ripe for authoritarian overlord rule. We are ripe for anyone smart enough to know what stupid and manufactured crisis is needed to dangle in front of the bedraggled and starving working-class in order to keep them appeased and begging for more while never questioning the power structure.

Find the saboteur. Eliminate the saboteur in what non-lethal means you have. You can do this by adding to a pattern of ideas. You can help find and eliminate bad ideas from saboteurs by writing public essays or editorials. You can show up for open mic nights to recite poetry or comedy. You can run for office and get free tools from organizations like Our Voice USA (helloVoter app). You can offer to volunteer for a candidate that you believe in and help where they ask. You can help pick up trash with your neighborhood watch. You can volunteer to serve food at a soup kitchen or even donate to a food bank.

There are many ways you can get active and help eliminate bad ideas. None of us should be naive enough to think that we, ourselves, are going to eliminate bad ideas without the help of others. Eliminating bad ideas usually happens with their displacement by using good ideas. Good ideas like “healthcare is a human right in the richest country in the history of the world” displacing the idea that healthcare companies should have a for-profit pro sick care that makes money off of perpetuating chronic illness instead of finding cures.

At the heart of it all, Medicare for All would save money by keeping people healthy, thus creating a cheaper and more cost-effective system. Living wages would allow people to actually buy fresh produce instead of only being able to afford food that gives them diabetes and metabolic disorders like most American fast food, which also would lower health care costs.

Taking away the college debt burden is another means to help people to have less to stress about, and then more enable these same people to use their disposable income to help churn the economy. This happens by en masse buying of goods and services for 300+ million people, not for a handful for billionaires. Having less stress and a better quality of life literally leads to less inflammation. Less inflammation leads to less chronic health conditions like, you guessed it, cancer. This illustrates that not only do we have these saboteurs on the outside poisoning our minds but they then create an environment of supreme stress that turns our own bodies against us.

Don’t be sabotaged from within. Know why you think what you think, and don’t believe in lies longer than it takes to prove them wrong. Critically introspect your ideas and allow them to be challenged. Challenge is good, especially if you are debating with an honest actor. These people aren’t always prevalent but I am definitely one. I enjoy a good subject to talk and debate and I enjoy talking. Trade ideas, and even if you’re not convinced, hold out that you could change your mind with convincing objective evidence. If there is convincing evidence, you owe it to yourself to not outright disregard it, no matter what it says. Even if it rocks your identity. Evidence is good to ground yourself. Even if we make mistakes, use evidence to plan and improve.

If someone says that Colin Kaepernick is an asshole, ask where’s the evidence. Likely you’ll get the fact that he kneels for the flag as said evidence. Then ask, “and what about this makes him an asshole?” You’ll probably get some approximation of “its disrespectful.” Then respond, “to whom?” “To me” is a likely response, or even “if you don’t know then I can’t help you”. “Oh,” you respond. “So does this mean you also like safe spaces on college campuses that tell you what you can and can’t say?” “What??? Hell no” or some such thing. “Ahhh,” you say, “so you can tell me what to do and how I am allowed to exercise my freedoms, but you aren’t willing to allow me the same for yourself”?

We have information available at our fingertips we never had before. If someone says that someone else is racist or anti-Semitic, ask how. If the answer is that they are a holocaust denier than they’re probably right about the racist comment. If they say it is because they believe Palestinians are people and should be treated with human dignity, as well as there should be a two-state solution to Israel and Palestine, then you are out of your mind to say that is racist or Anti-Semitic. Humanity first. As Cornel West would say, Palestinians babies are just as beautiful as Israeli babies.

Don’t let hate and gangrenous other thoughts become self-defeating to you by being self-defeating to the working class. Many of us gamers are awkward AF!!! Do you know how you get over that? You purposefully look for situations that are uncomfortable. Then you place yourself in it, forcing yourself to react. Your actions then set your feedback response for yourself. If you put yourself outside your comfort zone on purpose, you should always give yourself some acknowledgment of the fact. Sometimes it can be dangerous and should be acknowledged for its danger. Other times it can be through evolving your mindset and allowing your internal voice to externally advocate for you and your rights. Regardless, you should recognize the fact that you put yourself outside your comfort zone and allowed yourself to grow. That is no small thing.

We are being undermined beyond anything many of us understand. Andrew Yang showed that the Democratic debates are even more rigged than many people thought. He said that campaigns are in contact with the television networks hosting the debates. These campaigns tell the networks what attacks they’re looking to make on front runners. The networks try and tee that up for them. It is a manufactured drama reality show in order to bedazzle the country in electing a personality over policy.

If people have advertisers, those advertisers may not agree with you. If they don’t agree, they may advocate against you. If they do, and they are advertisers on networks you watch, you will ultimately be gaslighted and lied to in order to serve some selfish goal of theirs. Making money presumably. We see this time and time again. If they are open with who their advertisers are, you can at least make that informed decision if it is worth it to watch. You can even support people who have no real corporate sponsors and are in fact fully grassroots funded. Those can be politicians or news/podcasters/YouTubers. People like the Justice Democrats for politicians and Kyle Kulinski, Jimmy Dore, Joe Rogan as YouTubers and podcasters.

Many may disagree with Joe. My main reason I like him is that he is intellectually curious in a world where people are too often incurious. He interests and confuses me at times, and that stimulates me cognitively. Kyle and Jimmy give me well reasoned and passionate examples of why people are lying or sincere. They are both very open about their bias and while I obviously agree with them, I also try to be open about my bias. I am drawn to like-minded people who are team human, not necessarily like-minded personalities. I like different personalities giving me different perspectives on similar ideas. It helps me think beyond simple narratives for complex ideas.

For me, this is the Kevlar I wear to keep me from getting shot in the back by some saboteur. I train my mind to think and hope I’m good enough to sniff out bullshit. Sometimes that’s the best we can do. We all know ourselves, our vices and our experiences more than anyone. We can use this to inoculate ourselves against social sabotage by undead billionaires manufacturing an external intruder in an attempt to divide the masses.

We owe it to ourselves to create the necessary education revolution. So let’s get to it.

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