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Our goal is to provide non-restrictive access to every citizen who desires it because we feel that empowering people to run means more diverse views in legislative bodies in every municipality. This is bound to yield results that better match the expectations of our population.

People of this country cannot be ignored or pushed out of the political process by lack of finances when it comes to the development and advancement of the country! This is why we are leveraging our time and experience to get as many people involved in the politics of their own governance.

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In the case of every day people using our technology to become a representative, we believe money should not determine your ability to run a successful campaign or to engage in the process. Your focus should be on collaborating with your constituency, not your donor base. Our goal is to provide non-restrictive access to every citizen who desires it.

Our tools will always remain free to use, but we still need your help to fund mobile app developments.


What People Say

Frequently Asked Questions

Why doesn’t the app come preloaded with data?

There are laws that regulate voter data and digital content in general that vary from state to state, even county to county. Also, keeping accurate and up-to-date data is expensive, prohibitively on a national scale. As such, Our Voice USA has opted to not be in the business of providing canvassing data. It’s YOUR data. YOU keep it.

Where can I get data?

Talk to your County or State Clerk/Secretary for information on how to obtain voter data from the government. Political parties often provide data to their own candidates, and you can sometimes buy data from various for-profit entities.

You can also just start knocking on doors! Not having any data does not prevent you from recording data as you go. The app allows you to add pins, edit the address yourself and create your own surveys for any use, not just political campaigns.

Does Our Voice USA see my data?

If you create an “Organization” account through the app, you are using services provided by Our Voice USA, and we have access to your data. Be assured that your privacy is very important to us. Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service documents for details.

How Does Our Voice USA Earn Money To Operate?

Our Voice USA is not in the business to make a profit from your data and data collection efforts. Rather, we rely on donations and income earned from our merchandise. We use any money earned towards marketing, developing new tools and maintaining the website and our digital tools. Our Voice USA is staffed with volunteer team members who share the same vision of empowering people to get involved.