Who Are We? 

Our Voice USA is a charity that writes software tools to enable people to be involved in the political process, encourages civic engagement, and provides resources for educating and empowering citizens.  

As a non-profit we are not involved with political candidates or parties, nor do we restrict access to tools.  As such, all our tools are fully open source and designed with low cost of operation as a top priority.    

We believe that politicians should answer to their constituents, and not their big money donors, so we ourselves are only funded by small dollar individual donations, and staffed by volunteers.


Our Vision Statement

Our Voice USA seeks to reduce cost of voter tools and data

to empower real people with real values to run for any office.

Meet The Team

Chris Garrou

Chris is our Media Director who looks after editing, writing, a/v creation, and media relations. Besides this, he keeps the group inline to make sure we cross our t’s and dots our i’s.

Corey Henderson

Meet our Tech Director, Corey! He is the mastermind behind the app and he can usually be found coding, making “Dad jokes” and sharing puns.

Cori Ulasik-Chaney

Cori looks after Admin & Marketing. She is the go-to for things needed behind the scenes, marketing, process implementation, as well as maintaining the website and laughing at Corey’s “Dad jokes.”


Josh is the group’s spokesperson and resident activist. This guy doesn’t stop fighting for the greater good and advocating for social change. He can usually be found protesting and on various podcasts.

Our Voice USA Mission

  • Create a network of social organizations, political organizations, and activist groups.


  • Create a phone application to connect voters and activists to accessible resources, anytime, anywhere..
  • Provide educational resources for voters and activists concerning civic engagement.


  • Provide a platform for writers, artists, activists and voters, free of bias. 


  • Act as a resource for connecting volunteers and activists. Networking among similar groups .
Quality Assurance

A trusted organization whose very name and logo instills a sense of community and support that is above reproach because it is your community, your resources, and your voice that defines it! 

Our Latest Press Release in PDF

Our IRS Filing for Public Inspection