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After the very polarizing, unstable and undemocratic 2016 election cycle, many voters were left distressed, upset and eager to get involved. A small group of people founded an Initiative whose goal was as simple as it was lofty: bringing the power of our government back to we, the people.

Many ideas were brought to the table, and many volunteers came and left, providing what efforts and skills they could to bring about change. One problem still persisted. This problem was that in order for we, the people to elect representatives who were not beholden to corporations, we needed to remove the financial barrier to compete in the political arena.

Furthermore, in order to get dark money out of campaigns, we needed to offer our idea to EVERYONE, not just half the people. We needed to be nonpartisan. Our Voice USA was formed to address this problem directly. As a 501c3, we are bound by federal law and our bylaws to never give any advantage to any candidate or party.

We focus on the political process rather than choosing sides. We created HelloVoter and HelloVoterHQ, our flagship app and accompanying server program, to allow ANYONE to compete in any race at a fraction of the cost of a traditional campaign. Our application also allows users to contact their representatives and stay engaged, ensuring that an educated population enters the voting booths when the time comes.

More tools are in the works and when all is said and done, there should be no need to spend thousands of dollars on the data needed to connect with one’s constituency. Only then can we regain the reigns of our government on the local, state, and federal levels. Our Voice USA builds the tools, YOU make the change!


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