Embrace Change

Embrace Change

By: Josh Cameron  |  Our Voice Contributor

“It is change, continuing change, inevitable change, that is the dominant factor in society today. No sensible decision can be made any longer without taking into account not only the world as it is, but the world as it will be.” -Isaac Asimov

February 25th, 2020, was the Democratic debate in South Carolina. All throughout the night, whenever someone would attack Bernie, the crowd would cheer. When Bloomberg would make a fairly clumsy attack, like saying Putin supports Bernie, the crowd went wild. That seems strange to me, someone who watched for 3 years the Democrats meltdown over Russia-gate, just to have it come down to a nothing burger via Mueller.

So why would so many people cheer at a seemingly debunked idea? Multiple outlets, including The NY Times, reported that tickets cost $1,750-$3,200.
What we see before us appears to be what we saw in 2016. Elites, people who steal money from the working-class by stagnating wages and siphoning all productivity to the coffers of their shareholders, working as their thumb on the scale.

The problem here is they hide their money and that money needs to be accounted for and taxed. If that money isn’t taxed, it creates a vacuum that is left for the working-class to fill. When this happens, we have a situation like the current environment where roughly 60% of the working-class are a $500 emergency away from bankruptcy.

If change, continuing and inevitable change is the way of life, why does it appear that the Democratic party wants to stay the same? Economists will tell you that the basic breakdown of the economy is 30% market-driven, 70% consumer-driven. If 70% of your economic propulsion comes from consumers and we rob consumers of the ability to consume, how do we expect to have economic prosperity for the everyday American family?

We don’t. Or rather, those that have a stranglehold on our politicians, people like Bloomberg, who by his own admission at the SC debate said he “bought” these candidates, they don’t. Culture starts at the top. This is why Bernie Sanders says “Not Me Us”. What does Bloomberg say? That he earned his money outside of the efforts of the working-class, who filled his jobs necessary for him to turn and steal a profit.

What I see from this, is the Democratic party stating that they not only don’t admire change, they are heavily resistant to it. How can we evolve as a person if we don’t consider new information and change our calculus based on that? How can we evolve as a party if we can’t take in new information? How do we evolve as a society if we have robber barons gas-lighting us at every turn? Even the seeming applause track from the elite class at the SC debates was a form of gas-lighting. For those watching, a sound bite may not land but since people are cheering, they must know something we don’t. This is the impression it gives.

Can we truly say that the Democratic party values its constituents if it lies, gaslights, and financially ruins us? So how can we change it? It starts with #NotMeUs. It starts by you looking at yourself, your friends, finding someone who is a budding politician, and you help them in what capacity you can. It starts by us, the working-class, becoming the legislators and giving a hand up to all Americans, to find their American dream.



#NotMeUs starts with us. Only we can save ourselves.


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Utah congressional candidate for district 1

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