Don’t You Dare

Don’t You Dare

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

The Nevada debate prior to the state’s caucus yielded a revelation that should make every single person in America incredibly uneasy. The final question of the evening, put forward by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd, was to ask whether the candidates on stage would support awarding the nomination to the candidate with the most delegates, or would they favor using the second ballot and allow the super-delegates to make the final decision on who would be the Democratic nominee. Every candidate, except for one, answered in favor of allowing the super-delegates to potentially override the will of the voters and hand the nomination to someone the Democratic Elites were more comfortable with. The only candidate to oppose this position was Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who recently exceeded expectations by winning the Nevada caucus in a landslide victory, putting him over the top in pledged delegates.

There are two potential strategies at work that could result in either a brokered convention, or an outright theft of the nomination by the DNC. The first strategy is being hatched by Democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg, who has been dishing out hundreds of millions of dollars to literally buy the Democratic nomination. His latest strategy involves paying off Democratic Party leaders at the state level in order to ensure their vote on the second ballot goes to him. Fortunately, this can only happen if the candidate with the most votes heading into the convention only has a plurality of delegates, but not a majority. So this strategy hinges on Bernie Sanders not obtaining a majority of delegates by the end of the primary.

The second strategy involves the age-old propaganda about “Russian Interference.” The Washington Post released an article accusing the Russian Government of helping Bernie’s campaign, which puts in motion a narrative that the DNC could use as justification for denying him the nomination at the convention, if he is the one with the most delegates – even a majority! This shows just how dire the situation is for American Democracy right now. It also shows that this is quite literally our Democracy’s acid test.

American Democracy has already failed on a number of levels, primarily due to the influence of Big Capital (money). Historically, whenever Capitalism and Democracy are put in the same geopolitical space Capitalism has always emerged victorious. Only when the mass of people of said country unite around preserving and/or restoring Democracy to the people has Capitalism tasted defeat.

Currently, Bernie Sanders is leading in every single demographic across the board. But the Democratic Party insiders are hell-bent on preserving their own wealth and power – whatever the cost. The problem back in 2016 was that the Progressive Movement didn’t have the organization or the resources that it employs today in their effort to counter the Authoritarian power grab of the Democratic Establishment. This time the Progressive Movement has grown beyond anything The Establishment could predict a few years ago, and the nation is watching intently for every move the DNC makes.

Enthusiasm for the Sanders campaign is spreading like wildfire and it seems unstoppable, at this point. This raises the question: What would happen in the event of a stolen nomination? In 2016, there was not only a lack of organization and unity in the movement, but there was also such a narrow margin of error that the DNC had deniability on their side.

But if Bernie Sanders enters the convention with a plurality or a majority of pledged delegates, and the DNC gives the middle finger to the voters again, could it result in the complete and final destruction of the Democratic Party…or even to Democracy in general? Moreover, if the disenfranchisement is so overwhelming that the people feel they have nothing left to lose, could it result in all-out war? There’s a moral to this situation: Ignoring the will of the people inevitably leads to chaos. Only by serving the will of the people can Democracy and its institutions survive.

When the desire for and acquisition of Capital overrides the principles of a Democratic society, Fascism usually takes hold and can result in extremely unpredictable circumstances. Personal Enrichment at the expense of the public well-being is the narcotic that is inherent in a Capitalist system and because of that, is ultimately a self-defeating perspective. If the public well-being is sacrificed in the name of profit, the country moves closer and closer to civil unrest. The Weimar Republic is a good example of the current situation within the United States, albeit much less severe. But if we can learn anything from history, it’s that the influence of Big Capital comes with an inherent incentive towards Fascism for those at the top, proving that Democracy and Capitalism cannot coexist in the same space.

Two polar opposite examples of Democracy and Capitalism clashing head-to-head are The Weimar Republic, and The French Revolution. The Weimar Republic saw the defeat of the Left in Germany and the rise of Adolph Hitler with his Nazi Party in a decade-long Fascist reign of terror. Whereas The French Revolution saw the mass of people uniting against the greedy and oppressive monarchy. The peasants of France revolted and executed King Louis and Mary Antoinette, among many others.

There is also The Bolshevik Revolution of 1917 in Russia, which led to the Socialists overthrowing the Czar and his Capitalist plutocracy, ending the reign of Feudalism in Russia. Could the United States be in store for its own version of a domestic revolution if their votes are denied… again? Many are saying that the United States will simply accept being screwed over and carry on with business as usual. But the passion and intensity surrounding the Democratic process, this time around, is far greater than anything seen since the election of FDR and The New Deal.

Anger and resentment towards The Establishment is at an all-time high. More people now than ever before are active in the political process. By the same token more people than ever are contemplating whether or not the entire system should be burned to the ground. This revelation from the Democratic Establishment is extremely alarming, and infuriating to say the least. What we’ve learned is that as long as these Establishment shills feel safe and secure, they will do whatever they want in spite of what the people are demanding.

If a few thousand people get militant, the mercenaries are called in to deal with them. But what happens if tens of millions of people get militant in the defense of the very Democracy currently being subverted by undemocratic servants to the wealthy few? Only time will tell, and let’s hope that we never have to find out the answer to that question. Nevertheless it is a fact that if people are pushed enough, disregarded enough, patronized enough, and placated to the moment when they reach their breaking point, there’s no telling what they’ll do to ensure self-preservation en mass. As quoted in ‘Julius Caesar’, “Beware the ides of March.”

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