Jenny Marshall

PO Box 592 Pfafftown NC 27040
217-23 Hempstead Avenue New York 11429 US

North Carolina is ready for a fresh start!
For far too long our families and communities have been ignored, dismissed and disenfranchised. We have witnessed stagnated wages and good paying jobs are hard to find. Wall Street and huge conglomerates have put profits over people. This must change. We must begin doing what is right for all of us.
We have the resources to take care of the issues important to us: jobs, healthcare, education, the environment, social security, the list goes on. The choice is ours. Will we take the bold step and demand that our country represent we the people once again? Jenny Marshall is prepared to step up and fight for the people of North Carolina’s 5th District in Washington. A true voice for all.

District (Number)
NC 05
Political Party Affiliation
Filing Status
New Candidate
Date of Primary
May 9, 2018
Date of General Election
November 6, 2018
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