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454 Kimberly Place, Lexington, KY, United States
454 Kimberly Place Lexington Kentucky 40503 US

Preventing a nuclear war is the most important issue by far. The US Government’s hostility against Russia, North Korea, Iran, Syria, and other countries is irrational and extremely dangerous. Trump’s generals have repeatedly voiced the neoconservative article of faith that the US must use military force to prevent North Korea from obtaining the ability to deliver a nuclear weapon against any US city. That position could easily lead to a nuclear war, started by the US, that wipes out all human life on earth.

If elected, I will introduce an article of impeachment against Donald Trump & Sec. of Defense James Mattis for war crimes & aggression against Yemen, Syria, Somalia, and possibly other countries. I oppose the notion that Trump should be impeached for alleged “ties to Russia,” which has always been an evidence-free conspiracy theory.

I support the total defunding of the CIA and cutting the military budget by 50% while increasing funding for veterans.

Re health care, I support the Expanded & Improved Medicare for All Act, H.R. 676, introduced by John Conyers.

I support Planned Parenthood and oppose the GOP’s “Human Life Amendment,” which would make all abortions illegal after conception. That would raise, not lower, the abortion rate, and is therefore an anti-life, not a pro-life, amendment. A student, Cameron Lopez, summed up the position I also hold:


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