Darlene McDonald

Utah, United States
Unnamed Road Orangeville Utah 84537 US

What do I believe?

I believe in economic justice.
I believe Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid must be protected.
I believe in immigration reform and that families should not be torn apart.
I believe that everyone should have access to healthcare and that it is a right and not a privilege afforded to just a few.
I believe in science.
I believe climate change is real.
I believe in diplomacy and that war is not the answer.
I believe in education and that we must invest in our future by investing in education.
I believe a strong economy creates jobs.
I believe we must train our workforce for the jobs of the future without giving empty promises for jobs lost to automation and technology.
District (Number)
Political Party Affiliation
Democrat, Grassroots
Filing Status
New Candidate
Date of Primary
June 26, 2018
Date of General Election
November 6, 2018
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