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Many Democrats hide from the progressive title—but not me. I know that Progressives are the future of the Democratic Party and the future of our state and nation. We had a bad year in 2016, but the elections on Nov. 7th, 2017, showed us that the Resistance is winning.

We will continue to win because our message of strengthening the middle class and fighting for just policies resonate all over our country.

Here are some of the Progressive Issues We Believe in:

Single Payer Healthcare

Increasing taxes on the Wealthy

Common Sense Gun Regulation

Good Jobs and the Right to Unionize

Making the Wealthy Pay their Fair Share

Vocational Education

Free College

Paid Family and Medical Leave

Environmental Protection

Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana

Criminal Justice Reform

Equal Pay For Equal Work

Political Party Affiliation
Filing Status
New Candidate
Date of Primary
August 14, 2018
Date of General Election
November 6, 2018
Income from investments should be taxed the same as all other income.
Strongly Agree
I support a Universal Basic Income.
The banking industry bailout was an exercise in corporate welfare.
Strongly Agree
Citizens should have access to the same level of healthcare as Members of Congress.
Strongly Agree
As citizens of the US we have the right to access clean water.
Strongly Agree
It is necessary for our government to regulate industry.
Strongly Agree
Corporations should favor profits over the communities in which they operate.
Strongly Disagree
Corporations should decide the value of labor without minimum wage restrictions.
Strongly Disagree
Citizens should trust Party Leaders to choose the candidates we will vote on and eliminate the primaries.
Strongly Disagree
The electoral college is necessary to keep things fair in the general Presidential election.
Strongly Disagree
Voter ID laws serve well to help control rampant voter fraud.
Strongly Disagree
We should legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.
Strongly Agree
Only people who break the law need worry about mass surveillance.
Strongly Disagree
Privatized prison systems are the most effective tool to rehabilitate prisoners.
Strongly Disagree
Immigrants should only be allowed into the country if they share our values and beliefs.
Strongly Disagree
Abortion should be made illegal.
Strongly Disagree
The United States of America should not have to follow International Law from the UN.
The US military and its allies are responsible for increased terrorism activity.
Strongly Agree
Negotiations are a better path to peace than war fighting efforts.
Strongly Agree
Privatized Education such as Charter Schools or Private Universities should receive no Taxpayer Funding.
Humanity has a responsibility to reduce pollution and leave Earth to the next generation in a better state than we received it.
Strongly Agree
We need stricter emissions standards to continue to cut down on pollution.
Strongly Agree
If a substance is unhealthy to breathe, then machinery shouldn't be allowed to release it into the atmosphere.
Strongly Agree
Religion has no place in government.
Strongly Agree
Transgender individuals deserve the right to use the restroom of the gender with which they identify.
Strongly Agree
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