Brian P. Halvorsen

1031 South Juniper Street, Rockaway Beach, OR, United States
1031 South Juniper Street Rockaway Beach Oregon 97136 US

Reverse Income Inequality — It is unsustainable to live in a country where the top .1% of households hold as much wealth as the bottom 90%. Unfortunately, that is the reality in America today. I will champion taxes on the wealthy and large corporations and tax relief for small businesses and working-class Oregonians.

We Deserve the $15 Minimum Wage Too! — The biggest failure of the $15 per hour minimum wage law is that rural areas were short changed. I will fight to expand $15 for every working Oregonian.

Tax Corporations, Not Working Oregonians — I support taxing corporations like Nike and Intel to pay for my proposals. If corporations want to leave Oregon following a corporate tax hike they should have to fund re-training for workers and pay back the state tax breaks they received during their time in Oregon.

Oppose Sales Tax — I oppose a regressive sales tax which would hurt the poorest Oregonians hardest.

End Outsourcing — Companies that want to sell their goods on the American market should employ American workers. This used to be common sense, but in the wake of “free trade” deals like NAFTA that eliminate tariffs allowing American companies to lay off their workers here at home and send our jobs to labors in countries with slave wages. I will call out companies that exploit workers at home and abroad.

Oregon State Bank — The State of Oregon needs a public bank to provide economic development to everyday citizens. A state-run bank would allow for affordable loans and eliminate unnecessary banking fees. The Bank of North Dakota should be used as the model for Oregon’s state-run bank.

Infrastructure Investments — Much of Northwest Oregon’s infrastructure is in dire need of upgrade. Traffic fatalities should not be ordinary. We need to repave and redesign roads to ensure the safety of motorists, cyclists and wildlife. Investments in high speed rail could revolutionize the tourism industry from Astoria to Tillamook.

First Nation Reparations and Relations Board — Oregon’s history was built on the backs of First Nation people. It’s past time we set up a board to pay reparations to the families of those relocated, displaced or killed. The board should also fund cultural arts and history projects among Oregon’s First Nations.

Oregon Prisoner and Political Prisoner Reparations Board — In the wake of the Palmer Raids the Oregon legislature passed laws that were unconstitutional and abridged the 1st amendment. Ben Boloff, who was illiterate, was arrested, charged and convicted for “criminal syndicalism“. He was carrying a Communist Party card and admitted being a Communist (which is legal under the 1st amendment). He was sentenced to time in the Oregon State Penitentiary where he contracted tuberculosis. Three appeals to the Oregon Supreme Court from Boloff went unheard until his original trial judge released him on time served. He died shortly thereafter. Sadly, there were several people like Boloff who were wrongfully imprisoned by the State of Oregon. We need to repay the families of those affected. We should also erect monuments in honor of working class people.

Immigrants and Refugees are Welcome in Oregon — I will do everything in my power, as a candidate and if elected, to make sure that immigrants and refugees are given equal treatment and access to services in the State of Oregon. Discriminatory practices in public services should be promptly investigated and resolved.

End Capital Punishment – If elected I will work to end the death penalty in Oregon. Moratoriums are not enough.

End the Drug War — Legalize and decriminalize most drugs for recreational purposes and redirect the funds for police enforcement to addiction treatment. According to research from neuroscientist Dr. Carl Hart at Columbia University most drug users are moderate and not addicts. Members of society who have addiction problems must be treated as if they have an illness, not as if they robbed a bank.

End Police Brutality and Implement Community Policing — Like many Oregonians my family has a personal history with police brutality. Police must respect citizens civil rights and not act like a street gang. This starts by making local law enforcement accountable to a civilian accountability board composed of residents who will determine policing practices for their communities. The board can also implement de-escalation training programs to curb the epidemic of police brutality in our communities.

Close Prison Camps and End Prison Slavery — People in prison should not be used as slaves. We force prisoners to do hazardous work like tree planting, brush clearing and roadside sanitation for a fraction of the wages of non-incarcerated workers. If elected I will sponsor a bill to end all prison camps, enact fair wages for prisoners to be set aside for use after their release, and reparations for those who have had their labor stolen by the State of Oregon while incarcerated.

Reform Gun Laws — Gun laws in Oregon, particularly in our district, are far too lax. I support an assault weapon ban and a complete gun registry.

Legalize and Regulate Sex Work — Sex workers are exposed to the potential for harm every day. Since it isn’t legalized police have no way to protect sex workers. This changes by legalizing sex work and regulating it, much like the State of Nevada. Legalizing and regulating sex work will collapse the black market which relies on human trafficking, violence and drugs to keep their industry going. Sex work that is regulated will be much safer for everyone involved, including society at large.

End Military Intervention — The United States spends more money on defense than the top seven military superpowers combined. Instead of wasting money on equipment the military doesn’t need we need and expanding bases overseas we should be equipping our defenses for cyber and drone warfare. The money we save on personnel and bases in dozens of countries we can invest in schools, infrastructure and health care.

Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions — I support the BDS movement, which calls for an end to the occupation of Palestine by Israel through boycotts, divestments and sanctions. I support a two-state solution, but that can never happen if human rights violations continue by Israel. The Oregon legislature should pass bills divesting any public holdings from Israeli companies.

End Aid to Saudi Arabia — In the same vain as the BDS movement I support ending aid to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which commits regular human rights violations and funds terrorism around the globe. The United States should cease supplying their defense contracts and implement a green energy plan to break our dependence on Saudi oil.

Green New Deal — We need to invest in green jobs like wind and solar as well as invest Oregon universities which could pioneer the next green technologies. As your representative I will block any natural gas pipeline or any public works project with a negative carbon footprint.

Responsible Forestry — If elected I will fight for better practices in the forestry industry. I will call for a moratorium on aerial spraying of forests until the effects can be studied. Clearcutting needs to end due to the overwhelming negative impact on the environment.

Responsible Fishing — Oregon should take the lead in responsible fishing practices. With the temperature increase in the atmosphere because of climate change the oceans are warming and native species are getting sick and too often dying. Oregon needs to have a feasible plan to cease carbon fuel use as soon as possible.

Article V Constitutional Convention — I support a state-by-state effort to amend the United States Constitution to overturn the Supreme Court’s 2010 Citizens United  v. FEC decision which granted corporations personhood. 

No Corporate or Super PAC Donations — I do not accept campaign donations or support from corporations or dark money groups like Super PACS. I work for individual Oregonians, not big business.

I Support Honest Elections Oregon — Oregon is in dire need effective campaign finance reform. That’s why I support Honest Elections Oregon which is a grassroots effort to create state-wide limits on money in politics. Oregon is one of only seven states without limits on campaign contributions and expenditures.

Expand Social Security — We need to expand Social Security and help protect the most vulnerable in our society. Retired and disabled people should be able to rely on Social Security to provide enough for living expenses and not be forced to go without niceties because the federal government has failed to give them enough to stay out of poverty. Oregon needs a supplemental plan to provide living expenses to those on Social Security, based on a cost of living adjustment.

Expand Free College — I support the current system of free college for Oregonians coming out of high school, but I believe it needs to be expanded. Those who have been unemployed or underemployed should be afforded the same opportunity. The benefit to the state will overwhelmingly overshadow the costs.

Single-Payer Health Care — If elected I will advocate for a state run single-payer health care system modeled on Medicare which would cover every uninsured person in Oregon.

Oregon Emergency Management Investments and Planning — Oregonians need a real emergency management program and that starts with rebuilding the Oregon Office Emergency Management from bottom up. Dividing the offices by sections of the state by likelihood of natural disasters (drought, earthquakes, flooding, forest fires, slides, tsunamis, wind, etc.) and running the offices locally with a board comprised of elected members, emergency managers and first responders.

Establish Just Cause Evictions — Currently landlords do not need to establish a cause when it comes to evicting a tenant. This leaves some of the most vulnerable people in our society—the elderly, low-income families and people with disabilities—without a stable housing arrangement. Stable homes lead to more community involvement and less crime.

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Independent, Other
Oregon Progressive Party
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New Candidate
Date of Primary
March 6, 2018
Date of General Election
November 6, 2018
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Income from investments should be taxed the same as all other income.
Strongly Agree
I support a Universal Basic Income.
Strongly Agree
The banking industry bailout was an exercise in corporate welfare.
Strongly Agree
Citizens should have access to the same level of healthcare as Members of Congress.
Strongly Agree
As citizens of the US we have the right to access clean water.
Strongly Agree
It is necessary for our government to regulate industry.
Strongly Agree
Corporations should favor profits over the communities in which they operate.
Strongly Disagree
Corporations should decide the value of labor without minimum wage restrictions.
Strongly Disagree
Citizens should trust Party Leaders to choose the candidates we will vote on and eliminate the primaries.
Strongly Disagree
The electoral college is necessary to keep things fair in the general Presidential election.
Strongly Disagree
Voter ID laws serve well to help control rampant voter fraud.
Strongly Disagree
We should legalize the recreational use of Marijuana.
Strongly Agree
Only people who break the law need worry about mass surveillance.
Strongly Disagree
Privatized prison systems are the most effective tool to rehabilitate prisoners.
Strongly Disagree
Immigrants should only be allowed into the country if they share our values and beliefs.
Abortion should be made illegal.
Strongly Disagree
The United States of America should not have to follow International Law from the UN.
Strongly Disagree
The US military and its allies are responsible for increased terrorism activity.
Negotiations are a better path to peace than war fighting efforts.
Strongly Agree
Privatized Education such as Charter Schools or Private Universities should receive no Taxpayer Funding.
Strongly Agree
Humanity has a responsibility to reduce pollution and leave Earth to the next generation in a better state than we received it.
Strongly Agree
We need stricter emissions standards to continue to cut down on pollution.
Strongly Agree
If a substance is unhealthy to breathe, then machinery shouldn't be allowed to release it into the atmosphere.
Religion has no place in government.
Strongly Agree
Transgender individuals deserve the right to use the restroom of the gender with which they identify.
Strongly Agree
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