Abrian Velarde

Utah, United States
Unnamed Road Orangeville Utah 84537 US

Common Sense: Do we really need signs that tell us what is a bar or restaurant? With so many other issues that need our attention, we can not waste our time on frivolous laws.

Recycling: Lets make recycling easier and simple to do, I want to bring redemption centers to Utah. A vending machine where you deposit cans and bottles for a cash voucher.

Energy: I would like to see our state government to take the lead in utilizing renewable energy. All state buildings should switch to solar energy.

College Affordability: An educated work force benefits us all and strengthens our economy and our communities, we should not bog down our future with crippling debt. We cannot punish those who want to build a better future!

Gerrymandering: This act fly against the very meaning of free and open elections, If elected I will fight to abolish this practice which only serves to exclude and disenfranchise the voters!

Health Care For All: Healthcare should not be for profit, our health our lives should not be just numbers in a ledger book! We need a single payer system that will make healthcare affordable for all

Small Business: We need to help grow small business. If they succeed then our communities prosper, It creates local jobs and a strong sense of community

District (Number)
Political Party Affiliation
Green, Grassroots
Filing Status
New Candidate
Date of Primary
June 26, 2018
Date of General Election
November 6, 2018
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What do I believe? I believe in economic justice. I believe Social Security and Medicare/Medica...
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