Declaration 2.0

Declaration 2.0

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Declaration 2.0

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

We are living in an era of systemic oppression in nearly every aspect of life. We are made to believe, according to the teachings of the generations before us and those who control the levers of power, that our system is engraved in solid stone and that there is nothing we can do to change it. Those who hold the power work endlessly to ensure their own futures while weakening the foundations upon which this country was built.  They are dragging the people along for the proverbial ride, forcing them into a downward spiral that cripples every part of their lives and leaves them with a feeling of helplessness and life-or-death dependence on the good graces of the rich and powerful.

Ultimately, wealth and power are the two things that mankind has the worst track record of sharing with anyone on any level. Free societies have fallen under the instruments of war by those who sought all the wealth and power they could grab. Today, we are witnessing the fall of a once-free nation that has prided itself for generations on ideals of Freedom, Democracy, Liberty, Opportunity, and Equality.

Those in power feed on the fear of the masses to keep the cycle of tyranny intact. Unity is the one weapon the masses have that the wealthy and powerful fear above all else. Divide-and-Conquer has been a successful military and political strategy for millennia, yet every time unity reaches a pinnacle of belief, Tyranny falls and Freedom is restored.

For years prior to that fateful day of July 4, 1776, when the founding fathers signed the document that created the country we know and love today, the people had been suffering immense oppression at the hands of the British Crown. Accompanying that oppression was the British Empire’s deep belief in the concept of “Free Trade.”

Today in the U.S., the shift towards Oligarchy is accompanied by that very same deep-seeded belief, and those who attempt to disrupt the flow of profits to the top 1% are met with a variety of oppressive tactics with varying, yet devastating results.

Lives are ruined.

Opportunities are taken away.

Rights are rescinded.

The strong-arming of the masses by the authorities keep everyone in fear for both their livelihoods and their very lives. Over the years, the rich and powerful have infiltrated the institutions of government and corrupted their purpose to ensure their own selfish ends of greater wealth and consolidation of economic and political power.  This undermines the founding constitutional principle of self-governance of, by, and for the people… ALL of the people.

Every branch of government (Legislative, Judicial, Executive) have been thoroughly usurped by the wealthy elites and have therefore secured their future of a life of luxury while the masses are left to fight over the scraps they leave behind. For the rich and powerful, this is their ideal utopia; a society where they rule supreme, and the masses are the peasants with limited rights and no voice. To those who still say “It could never happen in America”, the evidence is clear as day: It’s already here!

The time may be upon us to do the unthinkable; to do what our founding fathers did at risk to life and limb on July 4, 1776, and declare American Independence once again. Only this time, it is to sever economic and political bondage from the Oligarchy within our own borders as opposed to a single tyrannical monarch overseas.

By discarding the electoral process of the system of, for, and by the oligarchy and holding our own elections under our own electoral process, we formally declare our ties to the political and economic Establishment to be completely and permanently dissolved. A new government of, by, and for the people emerges and immediately poses a threat to the power of the oligarchs. As such, it is a sure bet that The Establishment will consider such an undertaking an Act of War. But the truth is that The Establishment, controlled by the oligarchs, declared War on us long before the Progressive Movement was initiated.

A class war has been ensuing in this country for almost its entire history. This is largely due to the loopholes within the Constitution that the oligarchs used to their advantage, exploiting them at every turn and leading the mass of people into putting nooses around their own necks using all manner of methods, both obtuse and deceptive, yet always devious. One of the key factors involving the abandoning and outright persecution of the people is the power and economic appetite of the Military Industrial Complex, which encompasses a collage of industries, separated by their individual pursuits in public relations, but united in their quest for greater wealth and power.

Partnering with the media, the various elements of the Industrial War Machine uses advertisement and false red flags to boost public confidence in these institutions. Over the years the M.I.T. has built up a domestic image that is all-but absolutely revered and admired by the elites as they use this heavily diverse platform to deceive the public. At the same time they’re confusing and bedazzling them long enough to carry out their infamous plans. By the time the dust settles, the damage is already done and any information that is uncovered which could have led to a formal pursuit for justice is passe.

At this point, the solution to declare American Independence from this unjust and criminal collection of enterprises that have seized the reins of government power becomes obvious. The Establishment is only as powerful and effective as We, The People allow it to be. We as a people are generally united on public policy and in our desire to live in peace with one another, even though we may disagree on how best to go about achieving those goals. But as we experience the growing unrest and greater amount of violence against Establishment dissidents, even though we find ourselves achieving victories in many cases, The Establishment learns from their losses and infiltrate even deeper into the fabric of America’s foundations.  This show that eventually, because The Establishment uses military force (including Law Enforcement) to squash dissent, there will be no resource left to us but to recognize the situation for what it is and start fighting back.

The Establishment uses our anti-war principle against us because they know we as Progressives will not respond with force if we don’t absolutely have to. This is yet another example of the oligarchs using loopholes both legally and in societal consciousness to their advantage. By continuing their string of violence against us, we are forced to confront our own principles and ask ourselves how we can stay principled and still defend ourselves; for if we are all eliminated, The Establishment wins and the Oligarchy reigns supreme. If we go against our anti-war principles and fight back, we become no better than those who perpetrate violence against us. This type of situation reveals an indecision that could immobilize us and widen the window of opportunity for The Establishment to sweep in and finish us off, physically, economically, and politically.

One critical piece of information that usually goes unnoticed is that corporations do not actually “own” the materials used to develop the products that drive their businesses. Those materials require that access be granted by local and state governments, who are elected to represent their respective municipalities and states. The deception in this case is that corporations claim to own these materials, when in reality they merely have legal access to them through an intermediary. By declaring American Independence from The Establishment, we can nullify all contractual agreements granting corporations access to our resources and run them out of town. We can then use our resources to move towards a Green Energy grid, creating millions of good-paying jobs and instituting the policies and practices we desire (and need) to ensure a bright and prosperous future for all of us.

Solutions like Medicare For All, Tuition-Free College, Universal Basic Income, Equality For All People, Ending Mass Incarceration, and permanently abolishing Wars For Profit, can finally take center stage without the hindrance of Establishment cronyism and corruption. This is a measure that is certainly extreme in nature and should not be taken lightly. But with The Establishment using every dirty underhanded tactic imaginable to stop the people from having a voice, violating our civil rights and undermining the very principles which we as a nation represent, at what point do we step back and recognize that the cycle of oppression will never end, so long as the levers of power are controlled by the oligarchs?

Though we still have a fighting chance for change in our present course, more and more people suffer needlessly every day. Those currently in government have never…AND WILL NEVER…represent the will of the people.

Decision 2018?



Decision 2020?



….or Decision INDEPENDENCE?


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