Bolton Is Out

Bolton Is Out

Bolton Is Out, and That’s a Good Thing

By Ted Beust  |  Our Voice Contributor

And he’s outta here! Former National Security Advisor and Neocon extraordinaire, John Bolton, has been fired by President Trump.

Bolton is notorious for being extremely hawkish and always wanting to invade every country. He is so hawkish that he makes Dick Cheney look like Gandhi.

Bolton is still, to this day, a fervent supporter of the Iraq War and has said that the killing of Saddam Hussein was a good thing. His lust for military intervention has been somewhat of a punching bag for the current president.

In a meeting with President Trump about Iran, he said, “OK, John, let me guess, you want to nuke them all?” Another glaring example was when he was discussing Venezuela in a press briefing, he brought a notepad that only said “5,000 troops to Columbia.”

His firing drew praise from even some Republicans. Among these Republicans is Kentucky Senator, Rand Paul. After learning of his firing, Paul said, “the chances of war go down greatly with Bolton leaving this administration.” With Bolton out of the way, war does seem to be less likely.

But the big question that needs to be asked is why Trump hired him in the first place. However, with the smart decision of firing the now former National Security Advisor, America can at least stay out of invading yet another country for another day.

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