Bernie And Tulsi Are The Dream Team

Bernie And Tulsi Are The Dream Team

Bernie And Tulsi Are The Dream Team

By: Matthew Bump  |  Our Voice Contributor

In 2016 Tulsi did something that was extraordinary when she stood up against the Democratic Establishment out of respect for Bernie’s attempt at a political revolution. She brings those same principles to her campaign every day and I am proud to say I have donated to both her and Bernie this time around. I felt like I needed to do my part to get their ideas the best representation. I wanted to get them both on the debate stage with donations and help them float along in the already hectic and CROWDED political season. Over 20 people are running in this primary – OMG, DNC put some caps on this crap!

Here’s the initial anxiety of posting: I don’t want people to feel slighted or think I doubt Tulsi as a human being to be capable of being a damn good President. I also do not want people to suggest I just want her to wait her turn or something demeaning like that.

Here are my ideas and hopes for the best possible outcome

If Bernie and Tulsi can control the narrative enough they can buck off a good number of these out of touch politicians like Biden and Klobuchar or any entitled billionaire who thinks he can win by calling himself a Democrat. They keep the argument about progressive choices and responses. I worry that the media will completely mold people to not ask important questions about who is running, so it is best for us to do it ourselves. We must have these political discussions.
They both share the same idea about so many issues that it’s hard to put it on just one fixed issue.

Bernie could be President for 4-8 years, and Tulsi could keep the progressive dream alive if she remains her rebel self, another 4-8 years.
It doesn’t make sense to divide us up as if we can only be for one or the other, considering I strongly support both of them. If something happens to Bernie, she would be looking at the outlook of basically 3 terms.

Random fact: The scientists say we have 12 years left to fix this climate debacle, yo. Coincidence?

These words I write are just the thoughts of a millennial progressive witnessing pointless division. With that in mind, I don’t think this scenario could go wrong. It will keep moderates with the Democrats – especially with the cross-appeal pulling over some Republican voters that trump pissed off. Tulsi, with her military record, may benefit big time from that experience as she lays out a plan for a foreign policy of the future with Bernie. Their brand of domestic policy is definitely going to be a great change for our country. For once, people could actually say they felt the government had a conscience.

I just ask that they do it together on that debate stage and then together in the white house in 2020 and beyond. Don’t ever lose your sense of outrage.

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