The Beginning of the End for “Mad Dog” Republicans?

By Richard Romine  |  Our Voice Contributor

Could Today Mark the Beginning of the End for “Mad Dog” Republicans?
After the Civil War there was a strong sentiment in the South against the Republican Party. In fact there was a popular saying that Southerners would rather vote for a “Yellow Dog” than any Republican.

Things have certainly changed. But not really. In the 1990’s the Republican Party became the old Dixiecrat Party and all the rats jumped to that ship. The neo-Dixiecrats have all of the trappings of the old. They covertly push re-segregation, separation through economic means instead of using “Jim Crow” laws to enforce their sway. Though that too has begun again. But all of the old hate and irrational emotions are still there. Just repackaged into the new/ old Republican / Dixiecrat Party. But instead of voting for just a yellow dog, they have taken it to a new level of would rather vote for a “Mad Dog”, pedophile, completely morally bankrupt, asshole. Anyone defending him (Roy Moore) should just Google his name for quotes. And if you think I am unfair, maybe so, but probably not.

This special election may or may not be the watershed for the Republicans. That they can’t just run a “Mad Dog” candidate, even in Alabama and win. But trust me they have plenty of more sophisticated “Mad Dogs” in the pipeline, they just play out the net of their siren song of rhetoric, making authoritarianism sound like music to the ears of the angry, as they destroy our nation, end it’s democracy, and rake in the money. But let’s also spread a little of the same to the Democrats. The national party apparatus have sold us out for the comfort of money. Money from the same people that have profited from the situation and don’t want to see a change. So there will be no real change. No real questioning on how the economy works, how it attacks us while rewarding taking our money, paying for the people to take our democracy.

Now is the time to get involved.

The primary process has in recent years been the tool for the Democratic Party to talk out of both sides of their mouth. Because on one hand they talk up the Progressive end of the party. But in fact, as we saw with Bernie Sanders made sure that “Their donor’s candidates” made it to the general.

That’s why it will take a movement to create change.

The fix is in against Progressives. I guess yellow dogs are popular with both parties.


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