American Onion: A Capitalist Conspiracy

American Onion: A Capitalist Conspiracy

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American Onion: A Capitalist Conspiracy

By: Marcus Perriello  |  Our Voice Contributor

One of the most difficult tasks in the world is changing an entire collective mindset. It is a journey that most are not willing to take because it is so challenging and stressful. In today’s world of convenience and instant gratification, if something doesn’t deliver fast results, most don’t believe it’s worth the effort. But there are those who understand that bringing about change is not a sprint, but a marathon. It takes courage, tenacity, endurance, resilience, determination, resourcefulness, and most of all, Time. Most who have lit the spark that fueled societal change did not live to see what their efforts produced beyond their years. The ones who still live today that have fundamentally changed society, such as Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Bernie Sanders, are in an elite class of individuals who are witnessing what their actions have inspired people to do, the world over.

However, in a world increasingly divided by economic and social ideologies, we can see the fabric of lies and deceit that has been sown by the economic elites of the world, designed to weave each and every one of the people into a homogeneous tapestry, representing a world built in their own image. This 200 to 300 year-old tapestry has been showing signs of wear and tear for decades; and now, it is finally beginning to fully unravel. That tapestry’s name is Capitalism.

Originally, Capitalism grew out of the ashes of Feudalistic Europe following the overwhelming effects of The Black Death. As more people died, there were fewer and fewer laborers for the wealthy landowners to exploit, which gave the peasants more bargaining power. This was the genesis of what would become the fundamental understanding of Capitalism; where everyone was guaranteed an equal opportunity to build a better life. Two fatal flaws in this ideal led to what was experienced at the turn of the 19th-20th Century with the rise of the industrial monopolies.

First, contrary to the organic nature of the natural environment and human behavior, money was still structured in a strictly rigid formula that forced the printing of money to be limited so as to reduce inflation. This caused fierce opposition among the masses. It still does to this day.

Second, as the life of Capitalism progressed, it became clear that what was being practiced was in fact a life-and-death game where there were to be winners and losers. From this the winners would live in comfort and prosperity, and the losers would be left to die. Invariably, this has left humanity with a toxic social dynamic of the Rich (the Haves), and the Poor (the Have-Nots). The contradiction built within the system of Capitalism is that while it does allow for everyone to build a better life, it also flushes out the reality that those who succeed the most in the game of Capitalism end up controlling everything in society. They control the most resources, territory, economic and political influence, which puts the rest of the people who are left behind at their mercy.

For those who have no power in such a scenario, this realization can lead to them being paralyzed, persecuted, ruined, even killed, all in the name of maintaining the wealthy elites’ grip on power. For thousands of years, humans have proceeded with a certain ignorance about the world around them. This lack of understanding has kept mankind competing with itself, needlessly, often at the cost of innocent lives and environmental destruction. An environment which they were dependent on for survival.

Within the United States, even dating back to 1621 when the first colonists were settling on the East Coast, there was no knowledge of what lay beyond what they had already seen. This is the ignorance that led to the misconception about how to best operate in the world; in a fashion based on competition rather than mutual cooperation. Life for both the Natives and the Settlers was rough and fraught with uncertainty.

While the Natives had the better understanding and respect for the natural environment and had learned to live within nature’s designated parameters, the European colonists had introduced their societal hierarchical infrastructure and religious dogma. Those parameters,  along with their scientific and technical advancements, paved the way for the exploitative and destructive system of Capitalism to shape the foundation of societies all over the world.

For the first several generations, Capitalism’s function and design went unquestioned and was almost universally accepted as the way things were. Everyone trying their best to outperform each other and gain as much in material wealth as possible while simultaneously taking from others their means of surviving, often leaving them to die or simply killing them outright. Even to this day, there are die-hard advocates of Capitalism who tout it as “the best system in the world.” But most people around the world, including in the United States, are discovering the truth about Capitalism and that it must be replaced with one that is far more fair, stable and sustainable.

Even before the onset of the Cold War critics of Capitalism were demonized by the big capitalists in a variety of ways, most notably in the Press. The demonization continued within the Education system, where children were taught to conflate systems like Socialism and Communism as the same horrific, oppressive, strictly-controlled system that would make them slaves to those in power. In recent years, many have woken up to the reality that this was indeed a form of Projection and that those who were conditioning the public to think with the mind of an elitist stood to profit the most from such deception.

Within the boundaries of Capitalism is the inevitable outcome of Monopoly. With everyone thinking as an elitist and only a handful of individuals amassing enough wealth and power to claim such status, the masses find themselves relentlessly competing with each other for the scraps left behind by the wealthy elites. They do this while overlooking the reality of their situation while simultaneously dwelling in the fantasy future of wealth and prosperity. This has proven to be, to date, the most effective method of societal conditioning without resorting to legal restrictions, regulations or demonstrations of force.

But every system has a finite lifespan, and today we are in the Golden Years, if you will, of the system of Capitalism. This is why the United States has produced leaders like Donald Trump. This is why we have an increasingly militarized police force that is growing more oppressive with each passing day. This is why the wealthy elites find themselves struggling more and more feverishly to maintain their economic and political status.

Other than the economic societal conditioning we see fraying before our eyes, we also have the more thorough vein of societal condition that resides within the U.S. political system. Arguably, the most successful act of deception in U.S. history was the solidified, yet slowly deteriorating, belief in the Two-Party system. Economically, the majority of Americans are leaning towards the Left. But politically, the two-parties-only dynamic is alive and well in the American collective mindset and tends to keep voters acting towards the Right. There are some who see this facade for what it truly is, but ultimately the road to eliminating this dynamic from the public consciousness will be long and difficult. It will require unparalleled amounts of patience, persistence and perseverance from all of us.

Though we are experiencing a definite shift in the political landscape in terms of ideology and principles, the advancement of alternative parties into the mainstream political discussion is rather like a solar eclipse; happening only once in a great while. Additionally, unlike a solar eclipse, it goes almost unanimously ignored by the mainstream media. You can chalk this up to the utterly disgusting epidemic of Money in Politics and how the two major political parties have immense control over various media outlets. These continuously consolidating media corporations act on their behalf, keeping alternative parties – as well as Independents – out of the overall discussion so as to keep the two major parties in power. This demonstration of oppression and delivery of misinformation is designed to keep voters in the dark and enable them to continue voting against their best interests.

One key aspect of American society that this tactic plays on is the public’s overall desire to do as little as possible and live with the least amount of stress possible. Naturally, this has led to the big capitalists exploiting that desire with the advancement of technology that has replaced millions of jobs, leaving workers with fewer and fewer opportunities for the future. As we see here, convenience and economic growth does not necessarily relate to societal prosperity.

While the majority of Americans continue to tread water in the senseless game of Capitalism, the big capitalists who obtain the most material wealth, power, and influence continue to stake claim in resources and territories that leave an ever-growing number of people around the world destitute, desperate, and demanding change for the betterment of all mankind. Fortunately, the age-old message of fearmongering about Communism is losing its potency and people are becoming better informed about the reality of the nuances in the world around them. The overall framework of the elitist thought process is comprised of seeing the world as it is compared to what it once was. The growing mindset of people who have woken up to this tapestry of lies and deceit see the world for what it is, what is once was, and how it can be moving forward. We are witnessing social, economic and political innovation and progression the likes of which have not been seen for generations. The Capitalist Conspiracy has been unearthed and as it unravels… and so, too, is the future, woven into existence, that will benefit the people, support our planet, and promote peace.


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