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Following the unfortunate events of the 2016 primary, the party rift busted open and disenfranchised progressive voters lost faith in the establishment Democratic Party. Floods of voters left the Democratic party and began to seek out other like minded individuals to cultivate affinity groups.

These groups have created an influx of education and passion for the values and ideals of a progressive movement, however as divided factions their voices get lost in a great sea of political opinion.

Our vision is to unite these small groups under one banner with a boisterous voice that will echo throughout the legislative chambers of our local, state, and federal governments.


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Real Progressives

The Young Jurks

Bernie Sanders Progressives


The Liberal Prepper

Raleigh Liberal Moms

Progressives Not Liberals

UMBC Progressives

Young Liberal Society

El Dorado Progressives

Progressive Revolutionaries

The Progressive Party

Progressive Grassroots Alliance

Progressive or Bust

1 Progressive Friends

Progressive Independent Party

Northeast Ohio Progressives

People’s Progressive Movement

Green Party Progressives

Monadnock Progressive Alliance

Ohio Progressives


Progressives Rejecting Status Quo

Brick by Brick Progressives / Socialist building the Future

California – Our Revolution Progressives for Change

Elect Progressives against Neoliberal Politics

Our Progressive Revolution (formerly Occupy DNC Convention)

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