Humpty Trump, D. Sat On A Wall

by Christopher Garrou | Our Voice Contributor

The Trump wall will create tens of thousands of new jobs!  Most of which will not be for American laborers.

In an attempt at isolating the United States from our southern neighbor, we will end up using international construction corporations to complete the task.

Some folks will be glad to have a physical barrier to hide behind and even fewer will capitalize off of this fear to enrich themselves by ensuring that suffering of disenfranchised people continues .

Others will recognize and seize  this terrible situation and turn it into an opportunity to unite individuals that see this is not the solution. If you are interested in the latter, keep your eyes and ears on #OurVoice.

Roughly 40,000 laborers will be needed for the estimated five years of wall construction. The majority of these laborers will be people from the Mexican side of the border.  According to The Guardian, the cost of the wall will be roughly $31 billion.  Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto has stated that the wall is, “Against our dignity”.  That may not be enough to stop Mexican cement and steel corporations from profiting off our President’s misguided interest in cutting off Central America from their neighbors to the north.

One positive effect this wall is having on our country is that it is bringing like minded people together in opposition to these reckless anti-immigration policies.  Many musicians have written songs against  Trump’s policies, including the wall, in an effort to remind us that we are not alone.

One musician in Portland, Maine, Marc Chillemi, is currently bringing together 50 professional and student brass instrument players, video artists, and production engineers to create a music video.  They hope the video will go viral and continue spreading awareness of our unified struggle against the border wall.

This 1,889 mile long wall has been sold to us on the idea that it will keep the “bad guys” out.  What it will really be doing is holding U.S. citizens captive.  Throughout history, walls have been destroyed in order to bring people closer to harmony with one another.  From the wall at Jericho to the Berlin wall, each scenario was made infinitely better once they came tumbling down.

Even in psychological terms, we build up walls to ward off things and people we fear, only to have them torn down revealing that the fear was only insecurity within ourselves.  Perhaps Trump would be better off spending some of that money on a psychiatrist, rather than investing our tax dollars in hiding our insecurities.

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