The Suffolk Poll Speaks Harshly on Democrats

by Maris Abelson | Our Voice Contributor

Why has the Democratic Party fallen so far in the polls? According to a new Suffolk University poll, the Democratic Party’s approval rating is eleven points lower than Vice President Pence, and nine points below President Trump.

Millions of people have been anxiously waiting for the DNC to take the lead and offer a truly alternative vision to the dissolution of critical public programs by Republicans in Washington. However, the DNC is using the same failed approach that lost elections across the country- holding big money fundraisers while ignoring the massive amount of grassroots energy that is already pushing forth a sustainable, compassionate, and egalitarian vision for our country and the planet.

We, the citizens need to have our voice heard by running our own candidates, ones who do not accept massive corporate donations. We want real progressives to run for office and vote for policies that serve the people’s interest.

Samuel Ronan, former candidate for DNC Chair, has teamed up with organizers around the country to address this need by forming the group, “Our Voice”. The organization is creating a national database that serves as a resource for candidates running for office without the support of their state or national parties.

Our Voice has an app that provides easy-to-access information on how to get on the ballot, volunteer for campaigns, and other forms of electoral support.

Since Trump took office, Millennials have been working alongside Xers, Boomers and Octogenarians to fight for racial and environmental justice, LGBTQ rights, and a host of other critical issues that threaten our country. Now is the time to find leaders among this movement who will represent us in government and truly speak for us.

Our Voice is designed to serve all citizens, regardless of political affiliation who agree on basic economic principles: Getting money out of politics, having elected officials serve the people’s interest, making healthcare affordable, a living wage, an end to massive military spending abroad, and affordable college. Most voters also support clean air and water regulations and legalized marijuana, among many other fundamental issues. There is more that unites us than the media and the two mainstream parties would want us to believe.



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    Excellent Maris!

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